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   Chapter 13 A Guilty Conscience

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Taking a rest? Amanda was shocked, and asked carefully, "How do you want to take a rest?"

Darren said impatiently, "How do you think a husband and a wife should take a rest together?"

Amanda didn't reply. But Darren just smiled coldly. He teased, "What? Do you hesitate when you think of your lover?"

"I didn't." Amanda explained with anger, "I need to explain to you clearly. I have nothing to do with Lionel. Don't insult us like this."

Hearing what Amanda said about Lionel, Darren said coldly, "Get out of here."

With her eyes fixed on Darren, Amanda said, "I understand how you think of me, but I hope you can stop thinking about Mr. Lionel this way. He is always courteous to you, but you speak ill of him behind his back. You are going too far. Perhaps in your eyes, I am just a poor Cinderella who doesn't deserve to live a rich life like you and I don't have any good manners. But you should know that at least I have the basic moral quality to behave myself. I should tell you even if you ask me to get out of here."

"Do you think I'm a bad guy? Am I immoral?" However, Darren was not pissed off but burst into laughter. He said, "I beg you, Amanda. Get out of here right now. Don't stand in my way. You are much more disgusting than the 70-year-old lady sweeping the toilet in the company."

"Okay, I won't say anymore. I'll do anything for you as long as you don't withdraw your investment on Cheng family." But it suddenly dawned on Amanda that what she said was all nonsense. Darren was a narrow-minded man. To him, these words would make him laugh. After all, he thought that she had a premeditated plan to be with him. How much worse could it be for him to think of her?

While Darren was working on his laptop, he didn't answer her.

Amanda walked to Darren and stood in front of his laptop. She said, "Darren, don't withdraw your investment on Cheng family. I promise I will never interfere in the business between you and Rose. I'll make a detour once seeing you two in the future, okay?"

Darren glanced at her and said in a cold and low voice, "If you don't want me to withdraw the second case, you'd better leave before I lose my temper."

How could Amanda leave? When she saw the time on the laptop was eight o'clock in the evening, she was so anxious that her eyes turned red. She blocked Darren's way and said, "Aren't you going to sleep with me? I promise you. Don't withdraw money on Cheng family again. You are forcing me to die if you do so!"

Amanda yelled, and tears were running down from her eyes without caring how Darren reacted. She slowly crouched on the ground, turning her head away. If Darren continued to withdraw his investment, her uncle would soon issue an critically ill notice for Sheryl. Sheryl had been lying on the bed for such a long time, and there were so many people who wanted him die before he could open his eyes to see the sun.

She was not a good sister. She couldn't take good care of Sheryl. Now that Sheryl had been forced into such a bad situation, there was nothing she could do. Moreover, she was being humiliated here. She couldn't do anything at all.

Burying her head in her knees, Amanda started crying.

Darren was surprised to see her crying. In his memory, this woman was always fearless. Ho

w could she cry out so easily after being humiliated by him? He kicked Amanda and said, "Amanda, get out if you pretend to be poor. Don't affect me."

Amanda raised her head and looked at him, "What can I do to stop you from withdrawing the capital?"

Darren raised his eyebrows and said, "Is this your attitude to ask for help?" Seeing the tears on Amanda's face, he looked away and said coldly, "If I see you flirt with other men in the future, it won't be that easy as just withdrawing investment."

He looked at Amanda, then added, "You'd better remember your identity as Mrs. An. Just imagine how great the honor of this identity is. If you couldn't bear its weight and get hurt by it, you deserve it."

Amanda nodded her head and replied, "I will."

Darren said, "Get out."

"No, you haven't promised me yet." Said Amanda. Darren was still urging her to leave.

"I have to attend a phone meeting, you must wait for me to finish my work." Said Darren.

"What if you forget it later? It's too risky." Then Amanda added, "You'd better make a call first before attending the meeting. Don't delay it on both sides."

Darren said calmly, "I'll change my mind at any time."

"Then I can't leave now. I will feel at ease after you call." Then Amanda sat on the sofa and didn't move anymore.

But Darren didn't answer her. He had just left a few words to people on the phone meeting, and then he found that Amanda had already fallen asleep on the sofa. He saw her red and swollen eyes with tears on her face. Even as cold hearted as him, Darren shook his head helplessly, and held her up and took back to the guest bedroom.

"You're late, Amanda. I've already signed the critically ill notice on time." Uncle Simon raised the sheet in his hand and gave her a sinister smile, "It's all your fault. You killed your brother. Your father, mother and even your brother won't forgive you. You are such a devil!"

"No, I didn't. I didn't. Sheryl, I didn't kill you." Amanda shook her head hardly and cried. All of a sudden, the light in front of her eyes lit up. She opened her eyes and sat up immediately. She was relieved, because it was just a nightmare.

Suddenly, she picked up her phone in horror. It was already two o'clock in the morning. A chill swept over her, and she trembled with fear, "Why did I fall asleep? Why did I fall asleep?"

Sheryl, Sheryl...Amanda's face turned pale. All of a sudden, she jumped off the bed, grabbed her purse and ran outside. When Darren heard the noise and came out, he just saw the door was closed. Darren's face became cold. He took out his phone and called Amanda. Her phone rang in the guest bedroom. He stamped his foot and murmured, "Amanda, you'd better explain it clearly when you come back. Otherwise, it's not just a beginning."

Amanda ran out in a hurry. There weren't many people in this area, so she was out of breath when she reached the intersection where there was a taxi. She didn't have time to rest. She got into a taxi and rushed to the hospital as fast as she could.

In the ward, Sheryl was breathing steadily. His face was slightly red and looked very healthy and natural.

Amanda finally relieved. Just then, someone called her name in confusion. She looked up and saw Lionel standing outside the ward.

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