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   Chapter 12 Mrs. An's Chip

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Amanda was trembling with rage, and her voice was full of humiliation, "What do you mean by that, Darren? What do you take me for? A promiscuous woman?"

"You, Miss Amanda Cheng, are not that kind of woman who is willing to make out with others casually. Ordinary people can't afford to have sex with you, right? I spent so much to get you. How much should Lionel pay me so that I won't lose my cost?" Seeing that she was angry, Darren said with more anger.

He just stood behind the glass window and saw that Lionel drove her home. She specially asked leave and carefully dressed. What made him more unbearable was that she came back with her clothes changed. Who dared to touch his woman? He wouldn't allow his wife, even though just a title, to break the rule. He thought it was necessary to let her know what the rule was.

"Lionel is not as despicable as you are. Don't think that you can get all the women in the world by money even if you have Rose already. I'm not one of them. I'm not interested in your dirty thoughts at all." Amanda tried to shove Darren away. But her hand hit his heart unintentionally. This made Darren feel a sharp pain in his chest. By reflex, he got rid of Amanda.

Amanda fell on to the cold and hard ground. This feeling was like being thrown to the ground at Cheng family as well, The sharp pain didn't make her feel painful, but made her laugh.

The An family and the Cheng family had been trying to swallow her in one gulp.

Darren frowned and asked in a bad tone, "What are you laughing at?"

Amanda stood up and felt a stream of heat coming out of her lower body. She immediately pushed Darren away and rushed to the bathroom.

Darren kicked the door of the bathroom and said, "I haven't finished yet, Amanda, come out now."

Amanda collapsed into the toilet, covering her aching belly. As she listened to the door being kicked by Darren, she couldn't hold back her tears any more. The pain all came from the little baby who wasn't protected by her. Outside the door, the person who was humiliating her with words was the baby's father.

Maybe the child didn't want to experience such a tragedy, so he chose to leave in such a miserable way.

All of a sudden, Amanda's phone rang. She took out her phone and found it was from her uncle. Although Amanda was full of resentment, she had to take it.

Her uncle said in a deep voice on the other end of the line, "Amanda, I just got a call from the hospital and said that Sheryl's condition was not very good. Do you want to sign the critically ill notice, or want us to do it?"

She clenched the phone and said through gritted teeth, "I'll figure it out. Be good to Sheryl, or I won't let you go."

"I've heard too much of this. Amanda, as you know, Cheng family needs me to handle so many documents. The withdrawal of investment from Mr. Darren has increased our workload. Please understand me. After all, we are a family. We should have the answer for hospital before 9 o'clock tonight. Don't give me a hard time." Simon sighed on the phone hypocritically.

Amanda hung up the phone. Her heart ached every time she thought of Sheryl, who had been struggling for life. She would do anything to save Sheryl.

She walked to the mirror and looked at the woman's pale face in the mirror. Her eyes were deadly quiet. She smiled slightly, but the tears in her eyes were pulled. Then Amanda filled the wash basin with cold water and washed her face.

When she opened the door, Darren had left, so she was alone in the room.

The light in the study at the end of the corridor was dimmed. Amanda went to find Darren, knocked the door, but there was no response.

After waiting for a while, Amanda knocked at the door again. There was no response

from the study.

She said through the door, "Darren, I have something to talk to you."

No matter what she said, there was no sound in the room. Amanda tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. She got anxious and kicked the door as hard as she could. Then she complained, "Wasn't it you who kicked the door just now. Why do you hide like a turtle now? Come out and compete with me if you can!"

"What's your competition?" Suddenly, a voice came from someone behind her. At that moment, Amanda got even more nervous and found that the lights in the corridor were apricot warm lamps. In the dim light, she screamed and stepped back. She stepped on Darren's foot, which hurt him. Darren was about to shook her off, but he hesitated for a moment and cursed, "Damn it! What are you shouting for? I'm not a ghost."

As soon as Amanda came to her senses, she took a few steps back, "Aren't you in the study? Why are you behind me?"

Darren raised the glass in his hand and looked at her as if she was an idiot, "There's no water in the study."

Suddenly, he reached his hand to the little button of the study. After finger print, he unlocked the door and pushed the door open. Amanda followed him and entered.

Then Darren turned around, sat on the leather chair, looked at Amanda and asked, "What's the matter?"

"I have to tell you, it was not me who pushed Rose, you can't frame a good person." In the final analysis, the whole thing was because of the fall of Rose. Amanda was set up by Rose. In order to protect Rose, Darren had to withdraw his investment on Cheng family because of that. Amanda's uncle had threatened her to yield to Darren with the safety of Sheryl. Amanda had no choice but to tell Darren about it from the very beginning.

"You said, it was her who framed you. Do you have any evidence?" Darren asked indifferently.

"There should be CCTV in the room." Amanda added.

"The daily monitoring and maintenance report of our company is posted in the tea room." There was a flicker of contempt in Darren's eyes. "Do you have anything else to explain? If that's all, I'm busy. Get out."

Tossing her eyes away, Amanda said, "I know you don't believe it. Rose has a good relationship with you. Of course you believe her."

"Get out." Said Darren flatly while turning on the computer.

"You withdrew your investment on Cheng family was just to force me to compromise, didn't you? Now I come to you. We can negotiate on whatever terms you want. Let go the Cheng family." Amanda proposed readily.

Darren's hand paused. He raised his head slightly to look under the light near the computer. There was a hint of playfulness in his smile, "Well, what can you offer then?"

"I don't know. Comparing to you, I have nothing to offer." Lowering her head, Amanda added, "I can't be free myself."

"That's right. You have nothing. How can you negotiate with me?" Darren said coldly, "And you'd better make it clear, Amanda. I don't want to negotiate with you, and I don't care about your compromise. I just want to use the fact to prove that both your life and Cheng family's lives are under my control."

"I don't need a proof. I always know it." Biting her lips, Amanda hesitated for a while. Then she said in a low voice, "Then, Mr. Darren, I apologize? Don't withdraw the investment."

Darren looked at her and smiled, "Why should I?"

"My request is not to withdraw capital. As for why, I don't have anything to reply on. I can only propose this request to you. This is the most urgent request I have. As long as you ask, I will do it." Amanda said.

"If so, Mrs. An, we can have a rest now." While his fingers were slowly tapping on the smooth table, Darren was staring at Amanda, with his sharp black eyes.

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