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   Chapter 11 That Baby

Count On Your Love By Sakakawea Characters: 6706

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"Amanda, wake up. It's your favorite food, the steamed egg custard." A gentle voice said to Amanda. It was so familiar and she searched in her mind carefully. Finally, she found it was her mother's voice in her sealed memory.

In the sunshine, her mom wore a floral apron, standing beside her bed with a smile. Although they had servants at home, her mom still liked to cook breakfast for the whole family. The steamed egg custard she made was Amanda's favorite.

Amanda slowly opened her eyes and saw the dazzling white light.

Sitting on the bedside and seeing her wake up, Lionel asked softly, "How do you feel?"

Amanda tried to move her body but only felt like all bones would break into pieces. Lionel said in a hurry, "You just lost a baby. You're still very weak."

A baby? Suddenly, the sharp pain in her belly and the blood under her body came to Amanda's mind. Was that the pain of losing her baby?

"The doctor said it had been a month. Was it Darren's?" Lionel asked.

One month. Was it their wedding night? Although Amanda had never expected the existence of the baby, it was a part of her body after all.

With tears in her eyes, she just blinked without saying anything. Lionel didn't go on asking, but said, "I'll call Darren to pick you up."

"No, don't tell him." Amanda said in a hurry, "Don't let him know."

Lionel glanced at Amanda suspiciously. Amanda lowered her head and said, "We have a contractual marriage. The child was an accident. I don't want to get involved in this accident, so please don't say anything about it, okay?"

"Are you going to hide it from him?" Lionel asked.

Amanda nodded. She was just tired. After taking the medicine, she stood up and was about to go home. Seeing her weak body, Lionel picked up his coat and draped it over her and said, "Let me send you home."

"No need, I'm fine." Amanda had already wasted a lot of Lionel's time, so she felt sorry.

"You can't go back by yourself now since you are so weak." Lionel lifted Amanda in his arms. Amanda widened her eyes in surprise. It was the third time that he had carried her in his arms like this. First time, he had carried her out of the studio; the second time, he had carried her out of Cheng family who abused her; the third time, he had carried her out of the hospital bed. Why was it always Lionel who had helped her when accident happened each time.

Feeling sore in her eyes, Amanda said in a low voice, "Mr. Lionel, you don't have to be so kind to me. It's my own business."

"I just know that you need to show respect to your subordinate. Don't overthink it. I would do the same if it was someone else in the company." Answered Lionel straightforwardly.

"Mr. Lionel, thank you." Amanda said.

"Your thanks is too simple. When you get better, you can help Secretary Lin with work. I invited you to work. Her work will be double as long as you're sick." Lionel added.

Amanda nodded immediately, feeling warm inside. She promised seriously, "I will, Mr. Lionel."

Lionel bent down and put her on the back seat of the car. He leaned so close to her that she could even see the marks of his stubble. The faint smell of his perfume also bothered her, making her heart beat faster.

After Lionel put her down, he said, "I will give you a month's vacation to rest. Although I don't kno

w much about this, losing a child is not good for your health. As for the rest, as your boss, I can do nothing for you."

"No, thank you, Mr. Lionel. I'm grateful for your help. If you weren't here, I wouldn't have come to your rescue," Amanda said. Her eyes reddened and she whispered, "No one cares about me."

Lionel frowned and asked, "Isn't Cheng family your uncle's family? Why are they so cruel to you? They are not like family at all, even more ruthless than enemies."

With a bitter smile, Amanda said, "I don't know exactly the stories within them. But they regarded me as a pawn and a chip for them. Even so, I didn't expect things to get so serious today. But it's all over, and I have nothing to do with them in the future."

Lionel nodded and said, "That's good. Everyone acts like a beast that eats human beings when it involves interests."

Amanda stared at him with her big eyes. She tilted her head to one side and asked playfully, "Are you a beast, too?"

Lionel was stunned and stared at Amanda.

The girl sat on the backseat of the car and looked at him with her bright eyes, tilting her head. Although she didn't look good, she was still full of energy and looked like a weak lily.

Lionel moved her eyesight away, and said, "I've told you, everyone."

On the way, Lionel didn't say a word. He looked as if he was surrounded by cold air. As the air conditioner was on, Amanda felt a little cold in her hands and feet. She leaned against the car and dozed off.

When the car stopped at the gate of An family, Amanda woke up. Looking at the brightly lit villa, Amanda didn't feel happy or relieved. It was just a cold place, and there was a demon that always had the thought of hurting people.

Looking at her hesitantly, Lionel asked, "Do you need my help?"

This was An family. After all, she was the wife of Darren. Lionel really did not have a position to interfere.

Understanding what he meant, Amanda smiled and said, "Thank you. I'm fine." Then she slowly moved out of the car. She still felt a little painful when she was walking. But Amanda tried not to think about it and she opened the door.

The light was still on in the living room, but Darren wasn't there.

When Amanda went back to her room to look for clothes, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Darren leaned against the door and sneered, "It seems that I've made a couple."

Amanda said unhappily, "I don't know what you are talking about. I need to change my clothes. Get out!"

With a cold smile, Darren walked up to Amanda, grabbed her chin and looked at her condescendingly. His handsome face was as cold as an ice sculpture, and his eyes were so cold that they could make people tremble with fear. The smile on his face was as if a hunter was looking at a prey with a bloodthirsty taste. He said, "Amanda, you seem to have forgotten your identity."

Darren pinched Amanda's chin in pain. She raised her hand and tried to push him away, saying, "Don't be crazy, Darren. Go to Rose's place, and don't try to make trouble with me."

"I have known Lionel for a long time. Why didn't I find that you would be his cup of tea?" Darren looked her up and down, as if he were looking at an item. He lowered his voice and whispered in Amanda's ear, "Is there anything special that I haven't tasted on you?"

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