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   Chapter 10 Fighting With Cheng Family

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The more Amanda thought about it, the more confused she became, "Why?" she asked.

Why? He didn't know why. Maybe he was crazy.

I've never seen a girl so real and strong. Thinking of Amanda running in the sun and spreading out the flyers, a faint smile crept onto her face; thinking of her falling asleep at the table side; thinking of her running out of the dark storage room.

Lionel replied with a smile, "Because I want to."

Amanda lowered her head. The doctor cleaned the wound with alcohol. The wound made her shrank with pain, but she didn't scream. After the treatment, the doctor told her not to get wet. Lionel frowned and asked, "Are you used to living there?"

"What?" Amanda asked surprisingly, raising her head.

"The wounds need to be carefully healed these days. If you don't want to live there, I can arrange..."

"It's okay." Amanda interrupted immediately, "I'm fine." She lowered her eyes. She was Mrs. An, and it was improper for her to move out. She didn't want to have a quarrel with Darren because of this. Then, Amanda's phone rang, and from the phone came the angry voice of Aunt Li, "Amanda, come home right now."

"What happened?" The phone was hung up, Amanda looked at it in astonishment.

"What's wrong?" Sitting next to her, Lionel could hear the woman's roar on the phone.

"It was my aunt, I didn't know what happened. She just wanted me to go back to Cheng family as soon as possible." Amanda was about to rush out, Lionel grabbed her hand and said, "Don't run around. I'll drive you there."

Amanda looked at him and said in a low voice, "I don't know why, but I'm a little scared."

It was the first time that she had shown such a panic expression in front of him. Lionel's heart softened and he consoled her, "Don't be afraid. I'm here, and nothing will happen."

When Lionel drove the car to Cheng family, Amanda asked him to wait at the gate. For some reason, Amanda didn't want Lionel to see her awkward situation in Cheng family. No matter how confident she was in front of Lionel, she would lose her self-esteem once she entered Cheng family.

As soon as she stepped into the house, Susie stood up from the sofa and shouted at her, "Amanda, look at what you have done! How did you offend Mr. Darren? Now he is going to withdraw the investment from my father's new project. Do you know how much influence it will have on us?"

Mrs. Li was also angry. She stood up, grabbed Amanda's hand and scolded, "You damn girl! Didn't I tell you to pacify Mr. Darren? Did you put on a poker face again? I'm telling you, if Mr. Darren withdrew his investment, I won't let you go!"

"Yeah, Amanda. How could you ungrateful bastard, keep torturing us since we had brought you up for more than ten years?" Cousin Charles was too angry that his eyes turned red. This case was his responsibility. An hour ago, the Secretary of Mr. Darren called to withdraw the investment, but Charles couldn't get in touch with Mr. Darren no matter how many times he contacted. Thinking for a while, he thought it must be Amanda who irritated Mr. Darren.

Is Darren going to give her a hard time by withdrawing his investment from Cheng family's case? In order to vent some of his anger to Rose.

Amanda chuckled. He really is Darren. Knowing that it was useless to torture her, he started from her family.

"Amanda, apologize to Mr. Darren if you do something wrong. Do you

hear me?" Mrs. Li yelled.

"If it were not for Sheryl, I would never agree to marry Darren. Now that I have married him and I have sacrificed my marriage, what else do you want me to do? Do you want me to kneel in front of him and beg for mercy?" Faced with a group of people who behaved in the name of family members but treated her as an enemy, Amanda felt cold in her heart. The wound on her hand was still hurting. When she was injured, her family didn't care about her, but pushed her to the side of the devil for their own interests. She couldn't stand it anymore.

"Amanda, you'd better kneel down and beg Mr. Darren to forgive you. Otherwise, we can't guarantee what will happen to Sheryl." Susie said coldly.

Amanda said, "What did you say? Dare you say that again?"

Mrs. Li chuckled, "We have raised your brother who is in a coma for so many years. You know, it's not easy to take care of a human vegetable. If there is an accident, it's normal. Many patients in a vegetative state will finally die. After all, we are his family. Who will doubt us?"

"If you dare lay a finger on Sheryl, I will not spare you!" Amanda was trembling with anger.

"So what?" Susie was happy to see Amanda's angry face. She was jealous of the jade bracelet which was previously owned by Amanda and made her a focus point in the charity party. This damn girl donated it without hesitation, but she didn't want to give it to the Cheng family at all. So Susie continued, "You don't know what I did when you left the country, do you? I went to find Sheryl. I slapped him and pinched his ear, but he didn't wake up. How fun it was!"

How dare she hit Sheryl. Amanda screamed and pounced on Susie, caught her hair and slapped on her face heavily. Susie was dumbfounded and cried out, "Mom, brother, help! This bitch hits me!"

And then Charles gave a hard kick on Amanda, who was still grabbing Susie's hair. She cried and cursed, "Susie! How dare you hit Sheryl! I'm going to kill you!"

Sheryl was her dearest little brother. When her parents had a car accident, Sheryl's head was injured and he became a human vegetable. For Sheryl, she had to sign a company share transfer agreement and transfer her parents' shares to her uncle. She didn't ask for anything in England. She wanted nothing. She just wanted Sheryl to be taken care of in China. But when she was away, Susie dared to hit Sheryl.

Seeing Amanda hits Susie, Charles grabbed Amanda and scolded, "Bitch! How dare you hit my sister!"

Mrs. Li also came forward and slapped on Amanda's face. She scolded, "Amanda, how dare you hit her? I'll teach you how to behave yourself."

Charles's kick stung Amanda. Her face turned pale. She release her hand, lying on the carpet and held her stomach tightly.

Susie stood up awkwardly, ran to Amanda, kicked her belly and scolded, "How dare you hit me, Amanda?" Suddenly, Susie let out a scream. A large amount of blood was coming out from Amanda's body, forming red peonies on the carpet.

Suddenly, Amanda felt a sharp pain in her belly. It was like her body was a tap which was turned on. Warm liquid kept running out. She saw the blood under her body. Susie's scream was still ringing in her ears.

At the last moment, Amanda saw that Lionel was running to her. He looked shocked and worried. She reached out a hand to him and said weakly, "Take me away." Then she lost her consciousness and fainted.

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