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   Chapter 9 Rose Was Injured

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The minute Rose just finished shooting, she was surrounded by a crowd of people, who kept asking how she was, making her look like a princess.

Rose looked up and saw Amanda. With a smile on Rose's face, she said something to Nancy, who then came over and said, "Amanda, come here and help me."

"Nancy, I have some projects at hand to follow up, so I can't hand them over." Amanda wasn't stupid. She wouldn't let herself be bullied that easily?

"Oh, Amanda, do you think now you have a backing after you hooked up with Mr. Lionel? Everyone is working for the new advertisement, and you don't care about anything standing aside holding stuff in your arms. How dare you? Mr. Darren pays great attention to the advertisement. If it turns out not good, can you be responsible for it?" Nancy said.

Hearing what Nancy said, to avoid any trouble for Lionel, Amanda asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"Can you help me take the rest clothes to the lounge?" Said Rose, smirking and gently.

Amanda walked towards the lounge with a pile of clothes in her arms.

Nancy smile, "She is very obedient now. Rose, you can order her as you like."

Rose waved her hands, "Don't say that. Everyone is just for the interests of our company. After all, we all want to shoot the advertisement well this time. By the way, I have some questions about the time on the contract. You go to invite Mr. Darren here, and I'll talk to him later."

Nancy left in a hurry, while Rose turned around and went into the lounge to take something.

Amanda hung the clothes neatly on the clothes rack in the lounge. When she turned around, she found that Rose was sitting on the sofa and looking at her leisurely.

"Miss Rose, I have hung up your clothes. If there is nothing else, I will go out." Amanda proposed.

"Mrs. Amanda, don't be in such a hurry. You should have at least some time for a cup of tea." Rose poured two cups of hot tea and put them on the tea table.

Amanda didn't move, but said instead, "What do you want to tell me? Just directly say it."

Hearing that, the smiling face of Rose's turned to a cold one, "I don't have anything to say. Now I'm admired by everyone of An Group, and almost all the spokespersons of An Group are me. Everyone knows that Darren and I are perfect match and you're just an decoration bought by An Group." She said.

"But even as a decoration, I can still kick you out from Darren's bed. And if I can get you out once, of course I can make it a second time." Facing Rose's sarcasm, Amanda inclined her eyes and said.

Rose got upset, saying, "Amanda, you know what? Men only care about their own interests. You came to the hotel to make a scene on the wedding night, and Darren did it just to avoid troubles. Do you think it was for you?"

"I don't care whether he cares about me or not. What's your relationship? I don't care. We won't interfere with each other from now on. You know I'm Mrs. Amanda An, so please at least respect the title of Mrs. Amanda An." Then Amanda stood up and walked away.

"Unfortunately, the one I'm looking for is Mrs. Amanda An." Rose smiled, and suddenly screamed and fell down to the ground. Then Amanda turned around in surprise, and saw Rose shove the tea table aside. The hot tea spilled on her body, and her knees were already red and swollen.

"What's wrong? Oh my God!" Nancy was the first one who rushed into the room, and Darren was behind her. When he saw that Rose fell to the ground, he rushed over to Rose and lifted her up.

Then Nancy grabbed Amanda's arm and bellowed at her, "Hey, Amanda! What have you done to Rose? Don't you know she's going to shoot an advertisement later? Even if you don't like her and call her a bitch a home wrecker, we tolerated since thinking about working at the same company. We didn't expect you getting even worse and beat her up. "

"Nonsense. I never scolded her in front of you. You have bullied me enough in the company, and now you even made up lies to me. Who got even worse?" Amanda reached out and stopped Nancy's hand, and got infuriated, "Rose, you'd better choose the right occasion for your performance before you real

ly put on an act. Outside should be your stage. What if you hurt yourself and can't stop what you're doing right now."

Rose bit her lips, pitifully looked at Darren and said, "Darren, I know it was my fault. Don't be angry. Amanda didn't mean it."

"Amanda!" Looking at Rose's injured knees and hurt arms, and listening to Amanda arrogant words, Darren's eyes were filled with anger. He went up and grabbed Amanda's hand, "Do you think I indulge you too much? How dare you hit her?"

Just then, Amanda realized that she had been set up by Rose. Darren grip on her hand was tight and painful, she couldn't help but struggle, "Darren, let go of me. I didn't push her."

"Take her to the hospital." Darren asked Nancy. Nancy helped Rose out, who then threw a gloating look at Amanda before she closed the door and left.

Amanda was staring at Darren coldly, then she said angrily, "Darren, you'd better release me now."

"Release you? Like this?" A disdainful look appeared on Darren's face. He raised his hand and threw off Amanda's hand. Amanda hit the table and the pieces of glass hit her hand. Her palm was bleeding. Feeling the pain, Amanda laughed at herself, "You don't believe whatever I say, but you only believe in Rose. So what will you do to me if I push her?"

Looking at Amanda's bloody palm, Darren took a deep breath to calm himself down. Then he said, "It seems that the work here is not suitable for you. You'd better not come to work for some time."

Not going to work? That was good news. Amanda put on a smile and said, "Thank you, Mr. Darren."

"Damn it! What are you doing here? We can't even shoot a commercial." The director had been ready, he cursed when he saw Amanda's out.

"Yes, we have to work overtime again. She brought bad luck to our company."

Amanda stumbled out of the lounge and giggled as she heard people's complaining. All of a sudden, someone lifted a leg and tripped her. As a result, Amanda lost her balance and fell to the ground. Her wound became more severe after the collision, and Amanda was unable to stand it anymore. The air around her was full of laughter.

All of a sudden, the laughter stopped. A hand reached out in front of her. At the sight of the worried look on Lionel's face, Amanda's nose twitched. She felt like all her efforts to hold on were going to be in vain.

Lionel rushed here when hearing the noise. When he came in, he saw Amanda falling on the ground. Her hand was bleeding, and everyone around her was laughing. No one came to help her. She curled up carefully, like a sheep was thrown into a pack of hungry wolves. Lionel raised his arms, held Amanda up and took her away.

"What are you doing, Lionel?" Said Darren with anger in his voice when he saw Amanda held by Lionel in his arms.

"I'm sending my secretary home. I have no case of conniving at employee hurting." Lionel turned to look at Darren and said in a low voice.

"Amanda made a mistake and she deserved to be punished. As Mrs. An, she should be responsible for the company's employees. However, because of her own mood, Rose was injured. She wouldn't be punished even if she didn't receive a lawyer's letter and let alone caused the loss of shooting for the company." Darren said coldly.

"I didn't know where Mrs. An was. I only saw Amanda, who has been bullied since she joined the company. And I believe my employees won't do such a thing. It's not my business that what the company will deal with it. As for my people, I will certainly protect them. If you want to send a lawyer's letter, please send it directly to my name." Lionel added. Saying that, Lionel took Amanda and left.

Amanda leaned in Lionel's arms and wriggled a little. She said in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

"Why should you say sorry?" Lionel asked.

"I didn't want to cause you any trouble, so I agreed to help. But I didn't expect that I got into even bigger trouble. In fact, you don't have to care about me." Said Amanda, lowering her head.

"It's not a bother. I just did my duty as a gentleman." Hearing her explanation, Lionel smiled and said in a low voice, "I'm willing to accept it even it's a trouble."

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