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   Chapter 8 Care From Lionel

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"Yes. Mr. Darren and Rose sang a lot last night. Would you like to hear them? I want to share with you." Someone said with a smile.

But She ignored them and went straight back to his seat. She found out that there was no use in forcing a smile. Kindness couldn't solve any problems. There were many bruises on her body. They were all caused by what Darren had done to her yesterday.

"Amanda, Mr. Lionel wants to see you." An unusual secretary came over and said.

'Lionel? What does he want with me?'

There were two French windows scattering in Lionel's office on the other side of Darren's office. He was in a white suit, leaning against a leather chair, with a signature pen in his hand. At the sight of Amanda, he said to her directly, "Miss Lin is going to study abroad. Would you like to be my secretary?"

"What?" Alison opened his mouth wide.

Seeing her response, the corners of his mouth lifted into a smirk. "I don't have much work to do here. Are you okay with it?"

"No problem." But why did you help me? "

"You're not stupid, but don't worry. I don't have any other intentions for now. I just don't want to see them go too far," he said, his dark eyes staring at Amanda.

In no time, the news traveled fast in the company. And soon, Darren also heard it. With a frown, he gave a cold smile and thought, 'Amanda, you're not as simple as I thought.'

"Lionel, I heard that the project in the UK is about to be completed. When you leave in a few days, I guess you can make it to the mourning ceremony." He looked at the man sitting across the table and seemed to be enjoying his coffee quietly.

"I've sent Thaddeus to mourn. I don't want to go back to the UK for the moment." Lionel smiled faintly.

At noon, it was rare for Darren to go home for lunch. Amanda was a little surprised by Darren. After lunch, she carefully tidied up her hair and clothes, and went out happily with her bag.

"Stop! Where are you going? Don't you need to go to work this afternoon? "Seeing her dressing so nicely, Darren frowned and asked.

"I have taken a leave this afternoon. What's the matter?" Amanda didn't want to say anything to Darren now. He already had Rose, but he still tried to bully her. The very thought of being bullied by him that night made her sick.

"Who approved the leave?" asked Darren.

"Lionel. You can turn to him for help." She then carried her bag and left the hall.

'Today is Sheryl's day. When she arrived at the hospital, she found that Sheryl was still sleeping on the bed. Then she sat on Sheryl's bedside and looked at Sheryl.

When she got home at night, she found that there was no one in the house and the lights were off. Then she turned on the lights and found the room was a mess. he leaned against the sofa, looking at the bottles on the table. 'Is he trying to drown his sorrows in wine?' she wondered?

The truth was, Amanda didn't want to talk to him at first. But she saw that his shirt was stained by alcohol and Darren was sleeping sound. He looked like an innocent child when he was asleep. She sighed and walked him to the bedroom, helped him take off his coat and wiped his face with a towel.

In a trance, Darren grabbed hold of her hand and murmured, "Please don't leave me alone."

All of a sudden, her hand was grabbed and thrown away. He opened his eyes wide and shouted, "Damn woman! What did you do to me?"

"What?" Before she could react, she was already under the weight of Darren. "Don't be crazy, Darren. I'm not Rose!" she shouted hurriedly.

Darren was totally drunk. He only knew how to vent his pain by having her in his arms like crazy possession. She pulled his hair and cried, "Asshole, let go of me." However, it was in vain. The power of drunken men was something she couldn't resist, but she couldn't really do anything to hurt Darren. If she hurt him, the an family and the Cheng family would not let her go. She was just a bargain chip.

In the day, Lionel sat in his leather office chair with no expression on

his face. After he handed over the following work, he saw Amanda standing dully with a folder in her arms.

"Amanda?" There was a trace of inquiry in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lionel. I shouldn't have lost my mind." she apologized, as she came to her senses.

"You didn't sleep well last night?" The man asked casually. But the next second, he remembered that Amanda stayed with Darren alone, which made him upset.

"Yes, it is." However, what was troubling her was that she didn't sleep well. When she woke up, there was a check of 500000 on the bedside. He took her as a woman who could sleep with money.

"Go to the lounge." The man replied.

The office was divided into guest rooms and lounges, and there was small bed in which people could have a rest. Amanda murmured, "Mr. Lionel, I'm fine. I'm full of energy."

"How can you be responsible for the follow-up later when you are in such a state? I don't want the people I pick out to make stupid mistakes in their work." "There's only half an hour left. I'll wake you up in half an hour," he answered with a frown

"Are you blaming a child?" Amanda listened carefully to his words and complained.

"Yes, a little. Do you want to add one more kick?" he asked as if he just remembered something after saying that, he chuckled.

She went inside and closed the door.

Lying on the bed in the lounge, Amanda recalled what Lionel had told her, and her face turned red and her heart beat faster. She didn't expect that Lionel would be such a nice person. Since they met each other the first day they entered the company, he had been taking care of her and taken good care of her. In this place where he kept bullying the so-called Mrs. Amanda, he was the only one who gave her tenderness.

And he even asked me to be his secretary. Although I don't care where I am, no one in this company dares to bully me so blatantly, 'he thought to herself.

At the thought of what Lionel had said to her, Amanda couldn't help but burst into laughter. But then she felt a sharp pain in her body, which reminded her not to forget her identity. She was just a bargaining chip. She didn't have the power and qualification to love? She had no other choice. She couldn't get involved. She had to protect Sheryl.

"For the advertising of that Fei ChenLin lipstick, you go and follow it up. After the financial statements, give them to me." Lionel said.


He asked with concern, "didn't you sleep well? In fact, we can rest for another half an hour. It doesn't matter even if we knowledge the requirements during the shooting."

"I'm fine. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Lionel." Then, Amanda left Lionel's office in a hurry. Bitterness engulfed her as she gritted her teeth. 'I can't be more careless, Amanda. You have to keep a distance from him because you have no right to love anyone now, ' she told herself inwardly.

He frowned and took out a stack of documents from the drawer. On the first one was a photo of Amanda. In the photo, the girl's eyes were full of color and her smile was as sweet as a daisy.

Amanda was the eldest daughter of the former chairman of Cheng group, Frank. Seven years ago, Frank died in a car accident, and then Amanda was sent to the UK by the Cheng family. Although the Cheng family had a strong fortune, she had a life as a Cinderella in the UK. She was doing all kinds of part-time jobs and wrote some notes about poor tour. It was totally hard to imagine that she was a woman of the Cheng family.

Her parents died when she was a little girl, and she was sent abroad alone. Looking at the document about Amanda, Lionel felt sorry for her. Thinking of that Amanda ran back and forth with the leaflet in her arms, she believed that she had gotten used to smiling instead of feeling painful.

Amanda carried the files into the photo studio. What the hell! It was an advertisement cast by Rose. She wondered why he didn't marry her earlier if he liked her so much, and why he needed to send someone to marry her.

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