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   Chapter 6 Charity Dinner

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Amanda did not know what a bad place she was taken to, and Darren had gone directly. She had to crossed the route between the bus for more than an hour, and she did not know where she was.

"Oh my God! Did I waste my whole afternoon on the bus?" Amanda was on the verge of being freaked out when she hailed the fifth bus. As soon as she stood in front of the bus, she suddenly saw the familiar campus. On a whim, she got off the bus. It was the first middle school she went to before she went abroad. The gate of the school had been expanded and the buildings in the school were all new.

As She was about to step inside, the green vines were still covering it shady surface while the air was chilly under them. A woman teacher who was passing by with a book in her hands looked at her curiously and asked, "Are you Amanda?"

"Em?" Then she looked at the woman whom she had met a long time ago. She called, "Maggie, is that you?"

"Oh my God! It's you, Amanda!" The female teacher covered her mouth with excitement.

They sat at the coffee shop outside the school. Maggie was her desk mate. When she went abroad, she was in a hurry and couldn't contact her. She didn't expect that she would become a teacher in a grade one after so many years.

"At that time, I was very worried about you. I went to your home to look for you. Your uncle told me that you had gone abroad, but he didn't give me your phone number. I thought that I couldn't find you." Maggie sighed when she recalled the past, but then she smiled. "Fortunately, you're back. You're still so beautiful, but why are you here?"

"I have just returned from abroad and lost my way," Amanda smiled sheepishly.

Maggie still had classes to attend. She told Amanda the route, left her phone number and hurried away.

When Amanda came back home, it was already seven o'clock in the evening. The servants had already prepared the dinner. Since Darren wouldn't come back for dinner, she was at ease eating alone.

When she got up at midnight to drink some water, she found that the lights in the living room were still on. Darren was sitting on the sofa in the living room and talking to someone in the computer. When he was at home, he changed his clothes into a light coffee brown house clothes. He didn't look as arrogant and cold as he usually was in the day. His face was covered by the warm apricot lamp, which made him look warm and sweet.

"There's a charity dinner the day after tomorrow. Get you prepared," he began

"Me? The party and the people there should be prepared by Rose." She couldn't believe her ears.

"Who do you think you are? You scared? "

"I don't care what you do as long as you are not in front of me and don't interrupt me." Amanda proposed.

"Amanda, you must attend the dinner party. Don't ever let me hear these craps again." Then he stood up, closed the laptop and went upstairs directly.

Before the dinner, Amanda was picked up to the salon to have a haircut by people sent by Darren. When Nancy saw the Secretary of the president come to pick up her, she didn't dare to stop him. But she was so unreasonable to ask her to finish her work that day.

Then he drove the car to the hotel where the party was to be held. The Secretary to the CEO said to her in a serious tone, "Mr. Darren has something urgent to deal with. Please wait here."

Amanda pursed her lips. She only clapped her hands when Darren wasn't here.

"I didn't expect you to come here, Amanda," A girl in a light purple dress came over with a glass of champagne in her hand. She was no stranger to this girl. She was Uncle's eldest daughter Susie. She had met her on her wedding. But at that time Susie only had eyes for Darren, not her elder sis


"Where is Mr. Darren?" Susie looked around and asked," why doesn't Mr. Darren come here?"

"How would I know?" Amanda chuckled, "thank God he didn't come."

Susie looked at her with disdain, "although you're only a bargaining chip of our Cheng family, you should also realize that if you piss Mr. Darren off, we can't help you."

"That's none of your business." Amanda said.

Susie sneered," You are just a girl brought up at a low price by my family. Don't think you become a rich man just because you married Mr. Darren."

"Welcome to attend the charity party organized by Mr. Noah, the CEO of H country. The purpose of this party is to raise money to donate charities to students in mountainous areas..." The host of the party said.

Susie came over holding a lady's arm. She snorted and said, "Mom, Amanda is here too."

Mrs. Li nodded and said arrogantly, "Amanda, although you've become Mrs. Amanda, you're still a member of our Cheng family. Now that Mr. Darren doesn't come, you can sit with us. Otherwise, you'll make a fool of yourself and our family."

She didn't want to stir up trouble and took a seat with the Li family. People around the Li family looked at her. They were all acquaintances. This was Mrs. Amanda, Mr. Darren's wife, but Mr. Darren didn't come. It seemed that the news that Mrs. Amanda was disliked was true.

It was reported on the stage that how much a group had donated. Someone said with a smile, "Mrs. Amanda, since you have come here for Mr. Darren, I'm sure you must have made a generous offer."

Susie chuckled, "you are so bad. It would be nice of Amanda to come here. Don't trying to get her things."

"It's no big deal. All the food and drinks at this dinner party need money. Who has the nerve to come here for free? "

When the people in the audience were giving a speech about the process of raising money, Amanda turned a deaf ear to what they said.

After the introduction, Amanda made a salute and everyone looked at her in surprise.

"Mrs. Amanda, what do you want to say?" After making preparation, Mrs. Andrea smiled politely.

"I think it's a great idea. I'm deeply touched by what I've seen. I thought it's just an ordinary dinner party to donate some money to express our sympathy. But I am willing to join and contribute myself to it," she added

As she spoke, she walked up to the stage and took out an exquisite box from her bag before the microphone. She opened the box and saw a jade bracelet, which was glittering and translucent under the light. It was a rare item at first glance, making people marvel at it.

She took out the bracelet and said, "This is a gift for me from Grandpa Nicholas. I'm willing to donate it. The money gained by the auction will be used as fund."

The Secretary led Darren in. When he just entered the room, he heard what Amanda said. With a flash of surprise in his eyes, he stood still.

"This is too expensive. Mrs. Amanda's jade bracelet was bid at an auction of Cary Su a few years ago. I remember the price for the bracelet was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars." Mrs. Andrea was a little shocked.

"It's just an ornamented stone in my hand." I once took part in the school plan in Britain for education in Africa or India. I know kids are eager for education. If they can learn something, then it's meaningful for me to donate it. People should think the same with me. "

In the lamplight, Amanda, wearing a long, fragrant dress, smiled quietly and naturally. She had put on some makeup and looked very simple without any jewelry. Compared with other distinguished ladies around, she seemed to come here for charity.

All the reporters were keenly aware of Amanda, and kept flashing lights.

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