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   Chapter 5 I May Be Pregnant

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Amanda came to the studio. The shooting was supposed to start at half past two in the afternoon. Now everything was in a mess.

"Clean these boxes first," Some of the boxes were wrapped in large boxes which occupied a lot of space. She folded all the boxes, put them together and piled them up. Then she lifted them out of the room. Someone said in surprise, "how can you collect these boxes in this way? This is the first time I've seen them."

"It's not surprising at all. The rubbish collectors are all like this,"

"Isn't she the wife of Mr. Darren? After all, the Cheng family is a rich and powerful family. Why would she do that? "Someone laughed maliciously.

Amanda could hear them teasing her, but she didn't take them seriously. She was able to move a lot in England, and it took her only a few minutes to get everything ready. .

"Hey! Watch out!" A scream came from ahead, which pulled Amanda out of his trance. Seeing that Lionel made a narrow escape from her, she asked worriedly, "are you okay. Sorry, my mind was drifting just now. "

Looking at the mess, he couldn't believe his eyes and asked, "what's this?"

" They told me to throw the cardboard boxes." Amanda proposed.

"These are trash boxes directly put at the stairs. Someone will clean them up later," he added

Amanda pressed her lips helplessly. "They said that Rose would come to shoot the advertisement this afternoon. It's not beautiful there and they asked me to pack it to go downstairs."

"You really believe that?" 'That's a lame excuse, ' he thought, shaking his head. He wondered, 'are they under Darren's instruction to bully Amanda like this?'.

"I'm not a fool. I won't believe it. If that's true, everyone doesn't need to go to the washroom after she comes here because I don't want her to be blacked out when she goes to the washroom. But I want to take this opportunity to go out for a walk. I didn't digest the food I ate before. Bye."

She didn't make any noise, but Lionel was standing in the corridor, looking at her coming down the stairs with a basin in her hand. He didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

She threw the cardboard boxes away and saw a lengthened Lincoln. Charles got out of the Lincoln car. While Rose wore a white off the shoulder long dress, and her seaweed like curl made her noble and elegant. She held Darren's hand and walked into the an's group like a noble princess. Everyone was looking at them and they made a perfect couple.

No one would notice that she was the real Mrs. Amanda, since Amanda was standing beside the garbage bin. Although she disliked Darren, she felt uncomfortable to slap on Mrs. Amanda's face in front of so many people.

"Rose, please have a seat," The director Zheng of the movie, who was shooting the advertisement, welcomed Rose into the studio with a flattering smile.

After she put the paper and box into order, she went back to the studio. Looking at Rose and Darren, who were the focus of the group, she leaned against the door and sat down.

"Amanda, what are you doing here? Don't you see that everyone is busy?" Everyone looked in the direction of the hall when they saw Amanda. When Rose caught sight of Amanda, a sweeter smile appeared on her face. She remembered that day when she was humiliated and driven out of the hotel. She had to pay the price. Now, driven by the shameful fact that she was with Darren, did you feel worse? And even Mrs. Amanda? And she got married, but so what.

Amanda stood up and covered his stomach with his hand, "Nancy, I'm not feeling well. I want to ask for a leave."

"You're the first day to work here, and I hope you can do a good example. Don't ask for leave again and again. People here want to ask for leave, but as for those who want to ask for le

ave, the company can't go on." Said Nancy in a serious tone

"Nancy, maybe Amanda really doesn't feel well. Why are you so mean? My car is just outside. Amanda, would you like to take my car to the hospital? " Asked Rose in a gentle voice.

"Okay, since you say so, I will save your face. There is only two hours left for you, Amanda." Said Nancy.

"Two hours are not enough." She glanced at Darren, who was tight lipped and watching coldly what trick she was playing?

"It's enough to wash your stomach for two hours. What's wrong with you?"

"I think I might be pregnant." Then she waved at Darren and added, "honey, I might be pregnant and my health condition is not good. I want to go back and have a rest now. My body is not in a good condition. If my grandfather's grandson is injured, we will be in a dilemma. Goodbye, Nancy."

In the studio, it was so quiet that even a pin dropping could be heard.

Surprised by what she just said, Rose looked at the Darren and thought to herself, 'is Amanda pregnant? 'She must not be his daughter since she just came back from abroad. How dare she cuckold him in a broad daylight way?' Was she crazy?

Darren frowned. Damned woman! They just went to bed the night before yesterday. How could she get pregnant so quickly? The lie was spread to him. But he couldn't expose the lie. After all, they were legally married. It would be a cuckold if he didn't make Amanda pregnant?

"Mr. Darren." "Should we stop her?" said Nancy, looking at Darren in confusion

Darren was in a bad mood. He said with a dark face, "Let her go back and have a rest." After she finished her words, Darren walked straight out of the studio. Behind him, Rose clenched her fists. Amanda, do you really think you can escape this easily? The insult you gave me, sooner or later, will be returned to you in ten times.

After she made her escape from the an group, she was about to award herself a golden man. While she was waiting for the bus, Darren stopped the car in front of her and said coldly, "get in the car."

"What are you doing?" the Amanda asked carefully

"If you don't want to be thrown onto the car, you'd better get on the car obediently." Darren's tense expression suggested that he was in a bad mood.

"All right." Then she opened the door and got into the passenger seat. The car was speeding, which frightened her a lot. "What are you going to do?" she asked in surprise

"Aren't you pregnant? Let me have a check. " Darren said coldly.

"No, I'm not pregnant. I just ate too much at noon." I'll let you go if you don't mind. ".

But Darren dragged her into the hospital.

"Are you out of your mind? I told you I wasn't pregnant." Amanda struggled to get rid of his hand.

"Amanda, it seems that you haven't learned much from the last experience. How dare you be so bold this time?" He looked down at her coldly.

"I don't care who can bully me when I'm in the company. I don't care who you are. If I irritates you, I'll leave the company for half a day. It's a good deal." I have already told you that there are some things that have a bottom line. We have a contractual marriage, and I am your nominal wife. It's too impolite for you to show off your love with Rose in front of me like this. "

"Do you think you have the right to mind my business?" Darren said coldly.

"I have no right and I can't control it. But I don't want to see or listen. I don't want to stay there anymore. No matter how you revenge me, I will still do it in the future. Even if I am not as capable as you and I am under your control everywhere, it doesn't mean that I have to give up my dignity." She rubbed her red wrist, turned around and left.

Standing beside the car, Darren gave a self-mocking and self-righteous smile.

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