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   Chapter 4 10000 Leaflets

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"Wow, the wedding of the president of the an's group. All the entertainment headlines were all about them. The wedding looks so splendid." A few nurses in the hospital sat around the desk, reading newspapers. The couple in the newspaper all wore a smile on their faces. The man was handsome, while the woman was elegant and tender.

"Excuse me, where is the elevator?" A woman in a simple dress appeared in front of the counter with a large bouquet of lilies in her arms. The nurses were kind enough to show her the direction.

Then she walked to the elevator with the flowers in her arms. She was a little excited because she finally could see Sheryl after seven years.

"Wow, the woman just now looked so familiar." A nurse who had just raised her head from the entertainment page muttered.

The young man in the bed was lying quietly with his eyes closed. His skin was as tender as white porcelain, and the hidden blue veins could be seen under it. It was because he hadn't seen the sun all the year round. His features were slightly open, and his soft hair was like a little sunflower to protect his little head.

She sat on the edge of the bed, eyes full of tenderness.

Since her parents died in a car accident, Sheryl had been her only family. Unfortunately, she was not a good sister. In order to let Sheryl get treatment, she had to accept the arrangement of the Cheng family to go to England. She could not take care of Sheryl.

"Sheryl, I'm back now. I promise you that I'll never leave you again," Holding the young man's slender and feeble hand, Amanda shed tears slowly.

"This is the an group. The employees are all experienced and carefully chosen. The CEO said that they will be treated equally in the company. You will have no objection, right?" The manager, Nancy, crossed her arms and said proudly.

Amanda nodded.

"There are rules that a new comer should follow. I hope you can follow them. Here are the leaflets just issued by the company, you hand it out first."

Then, Amanda walked out with a stack of half height leaflets in her arms.

After she went out, several female employees gathered around her and laughed, "Nancy, you are great. As soon as she came in, you gave her a hard time and let her know that an group is not that easy to bully."

"But after all, she is Mr. Darren's wife. Is it really appropriate for us to do so?" A female employee said uneasily.

"Don't listen to her bullshit. She is not a madam to Mr. Darren. It's just a pawn sent by the Cheng group. We can bully her to death, and Mr. Darren won't care about it, let alone the Cheng family. Rose is Mr. Darren's woman. Don't get it wrong." "Hello, Rose. This woman named Amanda has entered the company."

When she was reading the script while Darren was drinking tea in front of her, she stood up and walked to the balcony, saying with a smile, "help me take good care of her." After hanging up the phone, Rose sneered, 'Amanda, do you think you dare to challenge me in the name of Mrs. Amanda?'

Amanda held a large pile of leaflets in her arms and started handing them out with a smile.

A black Cayenne slowly came over. Amanda quickly handed over a leaflet and smiled, "Hello, please have a look."

The man coming out of the car was about 25 or 26. Wearing a light grey suit, he had profound facial features and tall nose. He took the leaflet, looked at Amanda and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Do you know me?"

The man frowned. "I attended the wedding the day before yesterday, Amanda. But why did you give out leaflets here instead of working in the an group?"

He was a friend of Darren and Amanda said, "I am at work. Nancy said these leaflets need to be handed out by new staff."

Daniel took a look at the leaflets and said, "I have printed out 10000 copies of the leaflets. Did you post them alone?"

Millions of leaflets were piling up on his desk. She nodded her head.

The man didn't say anything and drove away directly.

By noon, everyone was ready to get off work. By the

time she came back to the company, there were a lot of people coming to and fro at noon. Nancy stopped her and said, "the traffic flow is the most between noon and evening. And this time it will be the best time for us to hand it out. Please make it done today."

At noon, when she went to the mall and got back to her office, she was so hungry that she had nothing to do but rubbing her sore arms. Then she went to the water cooler and drank four glasses of cold water, picking up a pile of leaflets and went out.

Darren stood on the other side of the French window and watched Amanda walking out of the an's group with a pile of leaflets in his arms. He grinned and turned around to ask, "Lionel, how long are you planning to stay this time?"

Sitting on the black leather sofa, he held a few business proposals of the an group in his hand. "For half a month, I met Amanda downstairs. Unexpectedly, she asked her to hand out leaflets.

"Do you really think that she is my wife? I want her to know that even if she marries me, she is just an ant in the an group." Darren snorted.

Lionel didn't make a response. He started his car and drove away. When he got out of the car, he saw a man throwing out leaflets on the street. He pulled over involuntarily.

Seeing the car stop, Amanda ran to it and said with a smile, "Hello, please have a look." As a result, when she saw Lionel in the car, she was stunned. She smiled and said, "it's you again."

"Lionel." The man gave her his name briefly and then asked, "this is a long way from the an group. Why are you here?"

"Because our flyers are all around the an group.. In order to make it spread farther and without wasting it, it would be better to go farther." Amanda proposed.

Staring at her, he continued, "you know this is just a trick. Why are you so serious?"

"Don't you think it's funny to hear this answer when a hostage asks me why I should enter the an's group?"

"Get in the car," he instructed with a smirk

"What?" Then she got into the car. At the same time, Lionel drove her to a shopping mall. He put a pile of leaflets on the counter. The manager respectfully said he would finish handing out the fliers.

"Is this shopping mall yours?" Amanda asked.

"Don't you know that glory commercial city is a subsidiary of the an group?" he asked in a surprised tone and cast her a glance

She shook her head. "I don't know."

"You don't even know your own husband's property when you get married, it's amazing." The corners of his mouth curved into a mocking smile.

As the problem on the leaflets was solved, she let out a sigh of relief. Seeing that Lionel laughed at her, she laughed at herself. "I've been in the UK all the time and I'm not familiar with H City," she added.

"I have something else to do, so I can't drive you home. The leaflets have been handed out. You can learn how to work this afternoon," he added

Amanda nodded her head and said to him with a smile, "thank you. I'm going to have dinner. I'm starving to death." Then she dashed into a restaurant next to his and saw her running happily inside. Seeing her like that, he couldn't help but give a little chuckle. What an interesting Mrs. Amanda was.

"Nancy, the leaflets have been given out. What can I do for you?" In the afternoon, Amanda went to find Nancy and told her.

"Are you sure? Ten thousand!" said Nancy in surprise

"How did you make it? Are you alone or with friends? "

"We have a lot of supermarkets and they have a lot of traffic." So all you have to do is put the leaflets on the counter." Amanda said with a smile.

"There is nothing to do.. Miss Rose is going to shoot in the studio this afternoon. Not having got enough hands. Go to the studio and make some preparations. Be smart and quick!" Nancy said with smile.

"Miss Rose? Which Miss Rose? " She had a bad feeling.

As expected, she turned on Nancy's red lips and said, "Oh, Miss Rose. Of course she is the spokesperson of our an's group, who is called beauty Rose."

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