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   Chapter 3 A Dutiful Husband

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When Rose left, she closed the door and there were only the two of them in the room.

Darren sneered, "You are really something. Amanda. How could you find me here?"

She took out a piece of newspaper, tossed it on the tea table, and said with a smile, "I have no choice. It's great to have the name of Mrs. Amanda."

When she wanted to go upstairs, the saleslady downstairs stopped her. But she threw today's entertainment newspaper with the picture of her and Darren' wedding on the cover. When the general manager saw Mrs. Amanda coming in person, he immediately apologized for being careful.

"Or, let me go upstairs. I'll have a good talk with my husband. Or, your shop will hit the headlines like us tomorrow." The next minute, she was brought here.

Noticing that Darren still wore his bathrobe, Amanda looked away in disgust and then said straightforwardly, "Darren, I don't want to care about what you are going to do. In fact, I hate this marriage with a deal more than you. But since you have agreed to get married, I hope you will be more conscious. We all showed respect to each other. You made a big trouble tonight. You came out on your wedding night and stayed with other person. Do you think I'm an easy target? "

She looked at him provocatively, "go back, honey!" Amanda said maliciously, gnashing her teeth.

Darren raised his eyebrows and laughed when he saw his aggressive face. He stepped forward and approached Amanda. As he got closer, she stood up and hid herself behind the sofa. "What are you doing? Do you want to kill me to keep your secrets?" she shouted.

With a sinister smile, Darren approached her and said, "Amanda, what you said makes sense. I sincerely apologize to you."

"Asshole, are you apologizing? Don't come any closer. " She looked flustered.

"Of course, since Mrs. Ann doesn't want to be alone, I'll be responsible for you."

He smiled ironically and raised his hand.

She had never thought that she would come all the way to catch a female prostitute and ended up like this.

She had no choice. Looking at the mocking eyes of Darren, she said hatefully, "Darren, how can there be such a bad person like you? You can have any kind of woman you want. I just want respect, which is just a respect for the partners. Do you need to be so excessive?"

"The premise of showing respect is that the two of them are in equal status. Don't forget that you are just a plaything that the Cheng family gave me, a toy that even can't be counted as a chess piece. Why should I respect you?" said Darren scornfully.

"Do you really dare to do this to me, Darren?" Amanda asked eager to know the answer.

"Guess!" Darren chuckled.

"I know you dare. You are the eldest son of the an family." Realizing that she couldn't escape, Amanda started cursing straightforwardly. "You're such a selfish, cold-blooded person. You don't care about what others think of you. People like you are surrounded by gold diggers. I'm really curious about what kind of weird method your mother has used to cultivate such a magical existence," she seethed.

Darren' eyes turned cold. "What did you say?"

She grabbed the curtain and quivered the curtains with a scream. He whispered in her ear, "Amanda, I'll see what you'll pay for saying that."

The starlight outside the window was very gentle and romantic. The quiet was like a beautiful dream.

However, this beautiful starry night was only a nightmare for Amanda.

She shrank in the corner and heard the cold voice of the man. "Someone will pick you up to the a

n family later. Don't do such things beyond your ability. Although it is not a trouble to crush an ant, I don't like it either."

This man bullied her and said these words openly.

Then she raised her head and found that her makeup was messed up by the tears. Her lips were pale and her eyes were full of resentment. "I see," She said calmly and carefully.

Then she composed herself and went to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she recalled the man who had been driven mad just now. She thumped on the washstand and tears slowly rolled down his cheeks. She began to cry bitterly.

This was her wedding night, with such a devil like man.

The house of the an family was located in the villa district outside the city. Nicholas was the largest shareholder of the real estate group in H city. They had met him once when they were children. At that time, when her father talked about Nicholas, he was very impressed by him. The stock of the an family had plummeted in the past few years, but Nicholas didn't make any mistakes in making a decision, while the business of the Cheng family was more likely to go wrong. However, they stumbled on doing business. What was worse, she almost ruined her marriage.

Amanda leaned against the window to appreciate the view outside. She propped her chin up with her elbow and leaned against the window quietly as if there were no one else.

Looking at the hysterical young lady, Darren found her bland. In fact, he didn't have to force her to do what she didn't wanted to do, but this woman was so lawless. Did she think that as soon as she became Mrs. Amanda, she would dare to go against him and drive away his woman?

This time he was going to teach her a lesson and let her know what it meant to be well behaved and stay out of his business.

"Darren is married. He will be an adult in the future." Though Nicholas was in his sixties, he was always in high spirits and always looked energetic. He patted Darren on the shoulder while talking to him, smiling. Then he told someone to take out a brocade box from the table and handed it to Amanda, saying it was a gift for his granddaughter in law.

She opened it and saw a shiny green and emerald bracelet. The jade bracelet was exquisitely made out of blue. It was definitely a rare treasure. She put it away, smiled politely and said, "thank you, Grandpa."

On their way back, Darren said coldly, "It was just a show. Don't think too much about it."

Without casting a glance at him, Amanda leaned against the window and said, "Me too. Don't think too much."

Darren sneered. This bracelet was the first imperial jade bracelet to be sold at the auction house of super-rich previously. Many people were not qualified to see it at first glance. Now she could say it so easily. When she knew the value of the bracelet, she might be jealous of the bracelet.

"Clap." He threw a contract to Amanda. Darren said coldly, "sign it."

The marriage agreement? Amanda opened it with suspicion.

Darren said, "You'd better know who you are, Amanda. I don't want to see what happened last night again. Do your best to be Mrs. Amanda, or you and the Cheng family will regret."

Biting her lower lip, Amanda thought of the crazy night last night. She signed her name with a pen and threw it to Darren. "I don't even want what happened last night. If you can be Mr. Darren, I will be Mrs. Amanda."

Darren picked up the contract. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. "You can pack your bags today and go back to the an group to work tomorrow."

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