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   Chapter 2 Wedding Night

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"Dummy? What dummy? " Asked Rose doubtfully.

"I made one. It's too ugly.  I don't like it, so I throw it on the ground. " said Darren flatly.

"Son of a bitch! You can't do that! Do you know that? There is a bottom line for you to play with me!" Amanda clenched her fists, regretting that she was too tired to stand up and beat up this hateful man.

"Can't you tell the difference between true and false?" The light in the hall shone on his handsome face, which made Amanda lose her mind. She looked away and asked, "what if I was dead? What if I was suffocated to death? Do you think a simple woman's death means nothing to you rich people? "

"We have doctors and emergency personnel as well." "Miss, I'm really sorry, but your life isn't in danger." said Rose.

"Don't waste time with her. Let's go." said Darren.

A shoe flew over. One of Darren's bodyguards knocked the shoes off.

Deep inside, she sighed how bad she was at throwing lead balls. How could she be stopped?

"Bastard! You'd better pray that you won't fall into my hands. Otherwise, I will punish you!"She rushed at him, but was stopped by the bodyguards.

After making so many troubles in the middle of the night, Amanda directly changed to another hotel and went away with her luggage. After being exhausted, she slept even more sweet.

"Amanda, your assistant Julie will take you to try on the wedding dress today." It was the call from the Cheng family when she was still sleeping.

Sitting drowsy in the shop, Amanda ordered Julie to match the dresses.

The wedding dresses in the shop were all pure and holy. The new couple who came to try on the wedding dresses wore a happy smile on their faces. It didn't matter whether they would hold a wedding ceremony or not, because she just wanted to hold a wedding ceremony for the Cheng family. And the latter, who was sitting here with black eyes, was yawning here.

"This is the profile of your husband. You can get familiar with it first." But Julie wouldn't let her stay there, so she gave her a pile of files.

She was also curious about her future husband, although it was just a business marriage. But when she saw that it was Darren from the front page, she pulled Julie's hand and said, "did you take the wrong page?"

Julie frowned. "Miss Amanda, do you doubt me?"

"But how could it be him?" Her husband was such an asshole!

Julie reprimanded, "Miss Amanda, the marriage between the Cheng family and the an family has long been arranged. No matter who you are, you just need to be responsible for the marriage."

Her lips curled to show her dissatisfaction. She went on to watch the couple getting married. After all, she was an outsider of the Cheng family.

On the wedding night, the bed was covered with sweet rose petals. After it was a social engagement, Darren came in. Amanda was sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with his mobile phone. He pinched her chin suddenly. Feeling a pain, she looked up at Darren' angry eyes.

"Are you crazy? Let go of me!" Her chin was about to be pinched off by Darren. She attempted to push him away.

Darren shook his hand and sneered, "What are you pretending? You have already been scheming to get close to me at the airport."

This woman was full of threats. Why did she happen to live in the same hotel with him? The Cheng family was really willing to do anything for business, but he didn't like to be fooled!

As she rubbed her aching chin, she recalled what had happened in the hotel. She said with anger, "Darren, think about it carefully whether I'm lucky or not to meet you. If I knew I would marry someone like you, I'd rather marry a scum."

Approach him? If she had known that the man was her future husband, she would have beaten him to death at the airport and forced him to break off the engagement. Even if she had known that the man wasn't her husband, she would have strangled him when she thought

that mischief he had done in the hotel.

Looking at the hypocritical woman in front of him, Darren suddenly turned over and got on top of Amanda. The smell of alcohol took her breath. She stared at Darren who was getting closer and closer to her. What did he want to do? It was their wedding night. If he kept doing this, was it a rape.

Looking into her dark eyes, Darren felt a surge of agitation. He sneered, "woman, you'd better behave yourself." Then he turned around and walked out.

As soon as she came to her senses, she covered her chest and stared at the door in shock. This man was simply a madman.

After sitting for a while, Amanda stood up and went to the bathroom. On their wedding night, there was no playful banter, no playful companion, no warmth and romance. And the roses on the bed were bright and cold. Was this her future life?

"Hey, did you see Mr. Darren's wife? She is pretty. She is lucky to get married to the son of the an group. "Suddenly, Amanda heard someone talking about her in the corridor.

"What wife? It's just a token." Someone said disdainfully, "even on the wedding night, Mr. Darren just left."

"Hey, where is Mr. Darren going downstairs?"

"Where else can he go? I think he must stay with Rose. How could jack spend his wedding night with a young star?"

However, she couldn't listen anymore. She went back to her room, closed the door, clenched her teeth and shouted, "Darren, you've gone too far!"

She could tell that Darren didn't accept the marriage. She didn't want to get married either. It was just a trade between the Cheng family and the an family. She had already married him because of the business of the family. What qualifications did he have to be angry with? He could have said earlier that he didn't want to get married. Instead, he stayed with another woman on his wedding night.

Then she took off her wedding dress, took some casual clothes from the wardrobe and put them on. She threw the bride's head jewelries off the dresser, washed her heavy makeup and went out.

When Darren arrived at the hotel, Rose had already changed into her pajamas and was lying on the bed. Seeing him coming, she wore a big smile and made a more alluring posture.

Then he went to take a shower. He was annoyed by Amanda. He had thought that the woman could interest him, but now he just felt sick.

"Mr. Darren." She put her arm around him and slowly kissed him. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted them.

Darren's mood got worse. He stood up and walked to the door to see who dared to do that. After he opened the door, he found it was Amanda.

But she was not afraid of this nameless Miss Amanda at all when she had his company.

"Fuck off." Darren said coldly.

"Miss Rose, please go out first." Amanda looked at the two person in bathrobe and felt disgusted. She turned her head and said coldly.

"Miss Amanda, is Mr. Darren talking about you?" Said Rose with a smile.

"He can only say it. Are you sure you want to fight against a woman who is recognized as Mrs. Amanda? Do you think we should make it a big deal? Are the Cheng family and the an family helping you or me? "Amanda said aggressively.

Hearing what Amanda said, Rose's face turned pale. In order to get the fame of the two clans, if Amanda made a scene, the two clans would surely give all the blame to her. She still had to work in the entertainment circle and her reputation couldn't be ruined. However, she was not reconciled to it. She looked at the whole thing with a pitiful look on his face, hoping that Darren would teach her a lesson.

"Miss Rose, I have made it clear to you. Although I have just returned to China, I know a few media friends. Why don't we meet later?" Seeing that she was still in the room, Amanda suggested.

Darren had not said a word, so Rose had to put on her clothes and left. She clenched her fists tightly. She had never been so angry.

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