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   Chapter 1 Fire In The Hotel

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6914

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After all these years, H city seemed to be as clear and gentle as it always was.

After a sixteen-hour flight, Amanda got a little tired. She turned on her phone and wanted to check if she had booked a hotel. Suddenly, her shoulder was hit and her phone fell to the ground.

Getting very angry, she looked at the man who just bumped into her and said, "Hey! Do you have eyes? Don't you see anybody here?"

"What's wrong with you? Who would be so stupid to stand in the doorway?" The man who bumped into her was dressed in a dark colored suit. His features were charming; his eyes were deep and cold, but the corners of his eyes were slightly raised, which gave him an unruly wild nature. His pink thin lips were slightly pursed, showing his unhappiness.

The man noticed the young man was looking at him carefully. He curved his lips and said in a sarcastic tone, "What? You want to talk to me by such a lame excuse? You'd better forget it. I don't like women like you."

Amanda was not a wuss at all. She rolled her eyes at him and said, "No worries. I was not trying to pick up you. After all, I can meet a lot of guys like you in the nightclub."

The man was speechless. This woman was so arrogant. He had no time to argue with her now. He sneered, "You are really brave. Next time you see me, let's have a good talk then." Then he left in a hurry.

"You are so dead next time! I will teach you a lesson bu then!" On the other hand, Amanda was in a hurry. After more than ten hours of flight, she still had a lot of work to do. Fortunately, her phone was wearing a protective shell and didn't get broken.

When she arrived at the hotel she had booked, Amanda took her room card and went upstairs to rest. When she woke up in the evening, she decided to go out for dinner.

The elevator rose slowly. It stopped at the twenty second floor, and the door opened slowly. Inside the elevator, there was a sweet couple still clinging to each other in the elevator. Amanda said coldly, "please make way for me. Everybody should get into the room if they have something to do. Don't get in the way of others."

The man looked up, and Amanda was startled for a second. This was really a small world. It was the one who had run into her.

"Mr. Darren, it's all your fault. I was seen again." The woman in his arms snuggled up to him in a lovely and sweet way, and inadvertently her face showed up. It turned out that she was Rose, the most popular ancient actress in the current film industry.

Darren held the woman in his arms tightly. He looked at the woman with his sharp eyes and said, "get out of here."

"Why do you ask me to get out? This hotel is not yours." She was not a soft-hearted person, and intended to have a quarrel with this ridiculous man.

"Mr. Darren, I'm sorry to interrupt your pleasure. Miss, please leave now. We will compensate you with three times your room charge." The hotel manager came in a hurry. On one hand, he smiled at the man and turned to urge Amanda to leave.

"Why do you want me to leave? It's not about money." She pushed the manager away and added, "This is the so-called best hotel in H city. And that's the way you serve your guest?! Huh?"

"Wait." Looking at the way she was cursing, Darren' eyes moved slightly. "Let her continue to live here."

"Yes, yes, Miss. You may continue to live here." The manager of the hotel immediately called Amanda in.

"What tricks you ar

e playing now? Whatever, I just live here. I'm not afraid of you." Then she went back to her room and slammed the door.

"Who is that woman?" Asked Rose, lying on the bed and looking at the man in front of her.

As a proud man, he would never save dignity for anyone. That woman dressed simply and behaved rudely. Mr. Darren just wanted to change another taste, which made Rose jealous.

"Just a passer-by." Said Darren flatly.

In fact, he just found it interesting to see such a woman who could get him angry.

He was not a kind person, and he liked to say some sweet words to others when they were unhappy, and then depressed them. Human nature was funny, which made his game more interested.

After a long journey, Amanda was sleepy. She took a quick wash and went to bed directly.

In the middle of the night, she found it difficult to breathe. She panted heavily and her nostrils were burning. She opened her eyes and saw the room turned orange. The white mist filled the room and the noises outside were loud and chaotic.

"What was going on?" Amanda took the cup on the table, soaked the pillow towel into the cup and covered her nose.

When she ran outside, smoke was rising. A man fell on the ground in the corridor.

"Hey, wake up. Are you okay? It's on fire. Get out of here quickly." Amanda tried to pull the man up, but she couldn't, because his body was extremely heavy. With her mighty force, she tried to drag the man's body. The elevator was red, and she could only take the stairs.

She endured the pain of the snort, and her eyes were red from the smoke. When she finally reached a place without smoke, she sighed in relief, and her throat was dry.

But soon she got confused. 'If the fire is on, why is the whole building so quiet? Is the smoke alarm off?' She noticed that the thick fog was going to spread, so she dragged the man downstairs at once. However, her hand slipped and the man fell down, knocking the wall hard downstairs.

Amanda was startled. Then she took a look and it turned out that the man was a dummy, inflatable doll, which was filled with something inside.

A fake person in the corridor? It was totally a trick.

When she saw the thick fog, Amanda immediately ran downstairs. She ran down the building in one breath as soon as she came out. Someone pressed the timer at the exit of the staircase and said to the person next to him, "twenty six minutes and thirty seconds."

Darren leisurely moved from the VIP room to the sofa in the hall, with a glass of red wine in his hand, swayed it and said, "a minute later than expected, but your strength is pretty good."

"What are you doing?" Amanda was sitting on the soft floor disgracefully, her legs trembling out of tiredness. She pointed at Darren and gasped, "what are you doing? You want me to stay just to fool with me like this? Is it fun to set fire? "

"Of course," said Darren flatly. It seemed that her half dead look pleased him. He took a sip of the wine and stood up. "Finally, the price is back. Let's go to other places."

Looking sympathetically at Amanda, Rose said, "Mr. Darren, she's so pitiful. We went too far just now."

"Don't be so kind to her. All right, give her ten thousand. That's her hard work." He pinched Rose's face and turned away.

"What's wrong with the dummy?" Amanda stood up and asked, "It's midnight. Why did you release a fake person to deceive me in the corridor?"

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