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   Chapter 907 I Am Your Mommy

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The baby was a little hungry. He opened his mouth and looked like he was about to be nursed.

Then Megan went to get him some milk.

"Let me feed the baby." Janice took over the feeding bottle. Children were all recognizing those who fed him as his mothers. If she fed him a few more times, he would like her.

Eva nodded.

She put the bottle in front of the baby's mouth.

The baby opened his mouth and sucked. He wouldn't recognize anyone when he ate.

Janice looked at him. She couldn't like a child without blood relation with her, but for the sake of Jim, she had to pretend to like him very much.

She had realized that her previous plans on him were stupid and had touched the bottom line of Jim. Therefore, she had to change her strategy to make everyone think that the master personality Janice had come back.

"Baby, you should eat more so that you can grow up healthily," she said with a smile.

Megan pursed her lips secretly. Last time he get diarrhea because of her. The baby had lost a few pounds, but it hadn't recovered yet.

Looking at her thin face, she felt sorry for her.

"Miss Wang, please don't change to your old self. You are so frightening that you can't recognize anyone and so ruthless." Megan shivered.

Janice hated her very much. Her plan was almost ruined by this hateful nanny. She also went to Jim's face to accuse her of being evil. She would get even with her sooner or later and drive her back to the Rong Mansion.

"Megan, I'm the real me now, not her. Professor Nicholas has hired the best psychology professor from America to treat me every day. I won't be her anymore."

"Miss Wang, in fact, the most terrible thing about you is that we can't tell whether you are normal or not. After you have an attack, you are still very calm, and you don't seem to change at all. You are totally different from ordinary mental patients. It was simply impossible to guard against you. As long as those people have a relapse, they can be seen at a glance," said Megan seriously.

"Megan, I'm not insane. I just have dual personality. Don't mix me with a mental patient." Janice wanted to kill her.

"Normal people don't have any dual personality. This is also a kind of schizophrenic. It is just a different way to call it," Megan mumbled. She had been wary of Janice in all ways.

After the baby finished his milk, Nicholas went to play with him.

The baby boy was curious about him, because he had blonde hair and blue eyes, different from others. He even said a bird language that he couldn't understand.

He reached out his little hand, pinched his face, and scratched his hair. Then he laughed, as if he had found something very funny.

Nicholas was also amused by him and laughed. "He looks so cute. I also want to adopt a child."

"If you want to adopt a child, you'd better wait until you go back to the United States. Otherwise, you will take our child abroad," Jim teased.

Nicholas shrugged and said, "Austin." He called out the English name of Jim, "If I remember correctly, you are a double citizenship with one t

f our family is too complicated. Even if others can succeed, we may not necessarily succeed. We need more chances to test it."

"That makes sense." Eva nodded. She decided to persuade Janet and Jade to do the test when she went back. Otherwise, even if the child was healthy, their grandson would have a problem.

"Nicholas, will this experiment take more than ten years?" Jim asked casually.

"I'm a genius. How could it take so long? But three to five years is possible. So I suggest Margret to store the eggs first and then use them later." Nicholas shrugged.

"I'll ask Janet to freeze some too. If you take too long, it will be terrible for her to become an elderly pregnant woman," said Eva. She was concerned about the happiness of her brother and sister-in-law.

Nicholas sighed, "In fact, Janet is much happier than Janice. She is healthy, but there is something wrong with her spirit. As far as I observe, it's not a serious problem. She has been normal in the US for eight years. She has a clear mind, proper behavior and has never been mentally ill."

"Really?" Eva was slightly stunned. Why did she become insane as soon as she came back? She had a relapse all day long and talked nonsense?

Would the soil in America be more suitable for her than in China?

"The most unfortunate person in our family should be me, right?" Janice smiled bitterly. In fact, she had been jealous of Janet and even hated her since she was a child. Why did she become so normal? Why did the family's disease burden her?

Her mother said that the reason why she gave birth to Janet was that she wanted someone to take care of her in the future.

But what she wanted more was a sister who had the same problem, not a sister who was better than her in everything, which could only make her jealous and hateful.

Eva put her arm around her shoulder and said, "Don't worry, Janice. You're fine now, aren't you? You are a healthy person now."

Except the psychology.

She was a little worried now. Her family's mental disease was inherited to Janice.

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