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   Chapter 905 Deep Love

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"Half right." Jim lay on the stone with his hands on the back of his head.

"Sleep is a rest. What kind of exercise is it?" Eva rolled her eyes at him.

"Two people's sleep is an exercise." Jim grinned wickedly.

Eva blushed and knew that what he said must be something not serious.

Eva knew she couldn't win, so she ran away. "I don't want to talk to you anymore. Go to bed."

"Let's go together." Jim followed her.

Only then did Eva realize that she had done something wrong again.

Instead of getting rid of him, she got closer to him.

As soon as she entered the tent, she was hugged forcefully by Jim.

"Scum Jim, you... You... What are you going to do?" She was so frightened that her face turned pale. She felt like a reindeer pressed by a lion under its claws, and it would be eaten alive at any time, even without bones.

"Heaven pepper, I'm thinking for you. I don't want you to become an elderly pregnant woman, so I decide to reduce the four years to three months. Improve the speed and give birth to the baby," Jim said slowly.

Three months? Eva shook violently. It was too fast.

"No, I'm not ready yet."

"You don't need to prepare any more. Just marry me." Jim said, "We'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau three months later."

"No, I..." Eva wanted to say something more.

After all, she was a black belt of judo, which could resist, but Jim seemed to have been prepared for it. He pulled down the belt, raised her hand over the tent pillar, and made her completely unable to resist.

The tent for Zac was specially designed with two layers of protection. Even if the inside was turned upside down, it could not be seen by the outsiders.

Eva was really frightened.

"Scum Jim, you are completely harassing me."

"It doesn't matter. As long as I achieve my goal, that's enough." Jim shrugged.

All resistance was in vain.

Jim seemed to be determined to eat her up tonight.

In another tent, Essie was listening with her ears wide open.

"Don't worry. I have told the bodyguards not to disturb them no matter what happens." Zac smiled cunningly.

"Is it really appropriate for us to do so?" Essie curled her lips.

"With their current speed, we don't know how long it will take without some catalyst."

"You are right. Eva is too hesitant. If she had been more decisive and married my brother earlier, she wouldn't have ended up like this. I can't watch her ruin her own happiness," said Essie.

"Fate doesn't wait for someone. Once you hesitate and miss it, it may be a lifelong reg

friends and lovers on the ground.

"Do you think Vinton has become the brightest and blue star there?" she pointed at the shining star above her head and asked.

"Maybe, he will light you up and make you happy," said Jim in a low voice.

"Will he really not blame me?" Eva asked sadly.

"To love a person is to wish her happiness. No matter who she is with, as long as she is happy, then he will be happy." Jim's brown eyes twinkled in the starlight. "If you had married Vinton, I wouldn't have let you know my feelings. I would only silently bless you and protect you."

Eva's heart trembled. She remembered what Jim had said to her when she was drunk that day.

He said that he would never let her know that he loved her!

"Jim!" She turned around and looked at him, with a mist like expression overflowing from the bottom of her eyes.

"Why don't you call him scum Jim?" he teased.

"Because you are not a scum." She smiled.

There were some things that she couldn't deny. In fact, she had always been grateful to him after Vinton left, she was not alone, hanging in a shadow. Moreover, she could still have Jim by her side, never giving up.

"Thank you for accompanying me. Thank you for not leaving me," she said in a low voice.

"I will always be with you, stupid woman." Jim caressed her head lovingly.

She tilted her head and leaned against his shoulder.

With a charming smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "This place will always be your support."

"Okay, then I will rely on you and will never leave," Her voice was as soft as a mosquito's.

Above them, the moon was as gentle as water and the stars were as mist, giving a warm light to the tent.

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