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   Chapter 904 Exercise At Night

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"Baby, there are too many people here. Magpies won't build the bridge here. If everyone is watching, it will affect the reunion of the Cowherd boy and the Weaving girl," said Essie with a smile.

"Then where will they go to cross the bridge?" Rabi tilted her head in confusion.

"The north pole or the South Pole. There is no human interruption there," said Essie.

"Isn't that where Santa lives? Santa will disturb them," Rabi pouted.

"The Santa Claus is in the north pole, and they are in the South Pole. In this way, they won't be disturbed," said Essie, stroking his head.

"Oh, the south pole is so far away. Only penguins live there, so I can't see the Cowherd boy, the Weaving girl, and magpies." Rabi was a little disappointed.

Mili was speechless about her mother's explanation. She was just coaxing a child.

Was it really good to make up such a lie?

Wouldn't it do harm to brother's mental growth?

When Rabi went to Zac and gave the roasted meat ball to him, she said hurriedly, "Mommy, you should tell brother that the fairy tale is fake. There is no Cowherd boy nor Weaving girl, no matchmaker, no Santa."

"Baby, fairy tales and legends can arouse people's imagination. Do you know why some people can become the inventors and create new things that humans have never seen before? It was because they were imaginative enough. Everyone knows that fairy tales are deceptive. Novels and movies are made up, but they still like to read and watch, because they can fill in the blank in life and make people have dreams."

"Well, let's continue to make brother think that the Cowherd boy and the Weaving girl will really meet on the lunar July 7th. And there is really Santa in the North Pole." Mili shrugged.

Dot patted her on the shoulder and said, "You can't think about our peers who are different from us in the same way. Our task at this age is to explore, and their task is to fantasize."

"That's right. We should adjust the measures according to local conditions and teach according to a person's talent. Different people have different education methods. If I were you two, I would tell you that there is no Goddess of the moon, her admirer, or Rabbit on the moon, and there is no Emperor in the Heaven. These are all legends," said Essie with a smile.

"Not necessarily. Maybe aliens have been spying on us somewhere in the sky all the time. In their eyes, we are just like the little white mice in the lab." Mili giggled.

"The universe is vast. There must be somewhere else that nurtures life than earth. Life did not have to rely on soil, oxygen and water. Maybe they are breathing carbon dioxide, but oxygen is poisonous to them."

"The food they provide for their lives is something we don't know at all. We can't treat aliens with our limited thinking. We can't blindly think that only a planet with the same environment as the earth can have life. Maybe they have the ability to bear extreme high temperature and extreme cold," Dot said seriously.

"That's right. Maybe aliens will die if they inhale oxygen, drink water, and eat food on the earth. The earth

over with Mili and Dot.

"Great! Let's catch fireflies together." Mili hurried to find a plastic bottle to drink up the juice.

Then the three children began to catch fireflies in the grass.

"I caught one," Rabi said happily.

"I caught one too," said Dot.

They put all the fireflies into the plastic bottles.

"In the evening, we will hang fireflies bottle in the tent as lanterns," Mili said happily.

Lying on a big stone, Essie enjoyed the cozy night.

"My favorite things are camping and going to sea," she said in a low voice.

"Okay, then we'll go to sea next week," said Zac. As long as it was his wife's suggestion, he would try his best to meet it, even if he had to pluck the stars in the sky.

The two babies had fallen asleep. The nanny put them into the tent.

It was hot summer now, but the night at the top of the mountain was cool.

The night wind was blowing.

The tent was equipped with a mosquito proof window gauze, which could let the air in, so it was not stuffy at all.

Eva was not in the mood to watch the stars anymore.

She was worrying about how to sleep at night.

She was a little nervous at the thought of staying in the same tent with Jim.

Although they had slept in the same room and on the same bed before, they were separated by their little babies.

Jim seemed to have read her mind. He frowned and said unhappily, "Heaven pepper, I find you stupid woman very sentimental. After all, we have slept on the same bed for so long. We are an old couple. It's not awkward to sleep in the same tent together."

"No, I'm not. I'm watching the stars." Eva found that Jim had a pair of sharp eyes. He seemed to know what she was thinking. Could she have some privacy?

"What do you think is the biggest sport in ancient times at night?" Jim blurted out abruptly.

"Watch the stars." Eva pouted. It was an excellent entertainment project without cost.

"Watching the stars is an exercise?" Jim scratched her ear. What a brainless woman.

"Then it is sleep." Eva glared at him. Was this a Brain Twister?

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