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   Chapter 903 Where Is Magpie Bridge

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"Essie, don't you think we need one more tent?" she asked immediately.

"No, I don't think so. The kids and the nanny have two tents. The bodyguards will take turn to be on guard. So one tent is enough for them. For the two double tent, Zac and I will share one, and you and Jim will have the other one. It's perfect," said Essie seriously.

"Why should I sleep in the same tent with Jim?" Eva felt she was going to faint.

"Eva, don't be shy. We all know each other well. Besides, I know that you have moved to Jim's villa and slept in the same room with him and Jell." Essie chuckled.

Eva was in a mess. "Essie, it's not what you think. I sleep on the left, he sleep on the right, and Jell sleep in the middle. We abide by the boundary and did nothing."

"What?" Essie touched her forehead and looked at Jim. He didn't move even with such a good chance. Did he want to wait for the cooked duck to fly away?

Zac patted on Jim's shoulder with a worried look on his handsome face. His best friend's speed was really worrying.

"Be quick and accurate to deal with women. Do it when it's time. Don't hesitate for a moment!" Then he leaned over to his ear and said in a low voice, "If you can't subdue her, then sleep her in first."

"Is this how you conquered Essie?" said Jim, choking hard.

Zac shrugged and said, "It took me a few hours to get the marriage certificate and the finished what should be done in the bridal chamber. This is the speed of the twenty-first Century."

Essie peered at him with a pout. If she hadn't been drunk, how could she let him break it so easily?

After eating the roast goose, Mili wiped her mouth and looked at Jim and Eva. "Sworn Daddy, don't you lock yourself in the room like my daddy and mommy and play the game of two goblins fighting with sworn Mommy?"

Jim gave her a weird smile. It was not appropriate for children to talk about such things.

Mili knew that it was a 'no', so she said with a low sigh, "So you didn't secretly put the baby into sworn Mommy's belly, did you?"

Jim was choked and drank the cocktail to breathe smoothly.

"Then you haven't started to make my brother's wife, my sister-in-law yet?" Mili pouted.

Dot was angrier than her. "It's really turtle speed, no, it should be snail speed. I guess it will take a long time for my wife to be born."

Jim found that he seemed to be the target of public criticism.

It was not that he didn't want to force her to do that. He wanted to break the heaven pepper every minute, but he wanted to win her heart first, because what he wanted most was her heart.

Mili decided to give him an ideological lesson.

"Sworn Daddy, you know what? Women were duplicitous. When they said they didn't want to, in fact, they were willing to. Sworn Mommy said she didn't want to play the game of two goblins fighting with you at night, but in fact, she was very eager in her heart. If you insisted, she would definitely surrender. And she told you that she didn't want you to secretly put the baby into her belly. In fact, she really wanted to have a baby, and she wanted to be a mother. Look, her eyes are shining with maternal g

and all the meatballs were all burned.

"It seems that we two can only eat brother's meat balls." Dot curled his lips and smiled with self-mockery.

"Let me roast them for you." Rabi happily took up the responsibility of barbecuing meat balls for his brother and sister. As their elder brother, he was finally useful.

While eating, Mili praised him, "Brother is brother. The meat ball roasted by you is really delicious. You are really awesome."

"So, it's good to have an elder brother." Dot nodded.

Rabi grinned. He finally looked like a big brother.

"Mommy said that if people display their own specialties, they could succeed. I think my specialty is to cook, so I should be a cook when I grow up."

"Brother, if you say so, daddy will be unhappy. He is counting on you to take over the Emperor for him in the future," said Mili.

"But my talent is to cook." Rabi scratched her head, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Boy, you can go to buy some restaurants and merge them into the Emperor. Anyway, Emperor hasn't entered the catering industry yet, so you can develop this project." Zac stroked his head.

Rabi didn't understand what he meant. He didn't know what the catering industry was, but he could do whatever his father said. He was the most powerful person, and he was definitely right.

So he nodded and said, "Okay, I'll do whatever daddy asks me to do."

"Good boy." Zac smiled with satisfaction.

Essie put the roasted beef ribs on the children's plate.

After finishing eating, Rabi looked up at the stars in the sky and said, "The teacher has told the story of Cowherd boy and the Weaving girl. She said that many magpies would be built on the bridge on the lunar July 7th, and the Cowherd boy and the Weaving girl would meet on the bridge. But why didn't I see a magpie? Don't they want to build a bridge for them this year?"

"It's just a fairy tale. They are the two stars in the sky," Mili explained.

Essie knew that she wanted the children to have their own fantasies, as if she wouldn't tell them the truth that there was no Santa in the world.

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