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   Chapter 901 The 'Red String' Pulled Together By The Matchmaker

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"From now on, two nannies and four bodyguards should be arranged for each child to protect them," said Albert.

Zac nodded slightly, "Charlotte has been in our Rong Mansion for so many years and is familiar with the security system here. Willi has a very powerful hacker, so we have to upgrade the security system in case of being hacked or destroyed."

Albert nodded. After taking a drag on his cigar, he said thoughtfully, "In your opinion, does this Willi have anything to do with the Qin family?"

The Qin family was the sworn enemy of the Rong family, and Albert had to guard against it.

"I haven't found any clue yet. The Qin family is also in Willi's scheme. He wants to use the Qin family as a cannon fodder to deal with us," said Zac. If Willi had secretly allied with the Qin family, he wouldn't have sent a fake Alice to marry Fell.

"We can't relax our vigilance," said Albert.

"Don't worry, daddy. I'll take care of it." Shrugging, Zac thought, 'The fake Alice is an undercover in the Qin family. I know everything about the Qin family.'

Essie knew that he had made a good move. Now that there was a big enemy, she could no longer tangle with the matter of Alice. She could only deal with Willi first.

After that, Zac took Essie to the garden for a walk.

"You little fool, don't be too nervous. It's just a matter of time. We did this only to guard us against the odds. Our Rong don't care about a dead mouse." He held Essie's hand.

"We have experienced so much. We have seen all kinds of ups and downs. I'm not afraid of them," with a gentle smile, Essie said indifferently.

"You deserve to be my wife." Zac's dark and cold eyes were full of love and tenderness. There was nothing else he wanted in the world since he had a good wife like her by her side.

"The most important thing for us now is to protect the children well. We can't let Willi's people hurt them," said Essie. If she was right, Willi was plotting a huge conspiracy again.

"Don't worry. I will protect them well." Zac put his arm around her shoulder and said, "You have to be careful too."

She was his Achilles' heel. Once she was caught by his enemy, he would be unable to fight back.

"For the sake of my children, of course I have to protect myself," said Essie with a smile. She was the umbrella for the kids. She couldn't fall down.

In the afternoon, the kids came back from school.

In the craft class, Rabi made a big sailboat and excitedly showed it to Essie and Zac. "Daddy, Mommy, look at the sailboat I made. Is it beautiful?"

"It's so beautiful." Essie gave him a thumb up and said, "Our Rabi is getting better and better."

Mili also had something to tell her parents. "Daddy, Mommy, I have to tell you something. Dot made a girl cry."

"What happened?" Before Essie finished her words, she heard Dot's unhappy voice from behind, "Big mouth, you are so annoying."

"I'm just telling daddy and Mommy the truth." Mili pouted.

"What happe

mforted her.

"It's all because of that devil. I want to kick her out of my body," Janice said while crying.

"I will hire the best psychologist in the world to help you," Nicholas said. Propensity for violence was indeed a bad problem. It must be treated.

This evening, Janice 'served' Nicholas wholeheartedly. The two of them were quite harmonious. She had to make good use of Nicholas as her backer and ATM, so that she could continue her plan of killing Eva and taking back Jim.

In the villa, Jim used his son as an excuse to let Eva sleep in his room.

Little Jell slept happily in the middle of the two.

He looked at Jim and then at Eva.

"I've made up my mind. You don't need to be his sworn mommy anymore. Just be his mommy."

"His mommy is Janice." Eva rolled her eyes at him.

"She is his Mommy, so are you. It's not a big deal to have two Mommy." Jim smiled wickedly.

Little Jell reached out his little hand to touch Eva's face. That mobilized all her maternal instinct. She turned around and kissed his little face dotingly.

"Baby, mommy likes you so much." She naturally avoided the word 'sworn'. It seemed that she was willing to be a mother.

Jim smiled. He knew that heaven pepper was duplicitous.

"Son, do you think daddy should work harder to marry Mommy back as soon as possible? I'll give birth to two more sisters and younger brothers for you." He picked up the baby and let him sit on his legs to play with him.

Eva's face turned a little red. She didn't know why she wasn't so resistant to Jim's ridicule, or perhaps she had never rejected it in her heart.

But he was too good, too excellent, too perfect, so stressful for her, making her feel inferior, unreal, and without a sense of solemnity.

"Scum Jim, you are a God. You can have any kind of woman you want. Why do you like woman like me who are ordinary and low in intelligence?"

"I have no choice. The Matchmaker has pulled the 'red string' together." Jim shrugged.

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