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   Chapter 898 Suffer From Vomiting And Diarrhea (Part One)

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"Janice, only when you learn to control your second personality can you become a normal person."

"Every time I feel desperate, things will change. But there are a lot of things that make me feel depressed and tired." As Janice spoke, she stole a glance at Jim. She said this specially for Jim to hear.

Jim was playing with Dawny and Jell and didn't notice her.

Patting her on the shoulder, Essie said, "There are always bad things in life. Look at this world. Most people are working hard for their lives. Many people can't afford a house all their lives. Some people are struggling with food and clothing, and they can't even afford to send their children to read."

"We already belong to the people at the top of the Pyramid. We don't worry about money. We live in a villa and have servants to serve us. What else can we be depressed and complain about?"

"God has already left the best to us. We are lucky. If we even feel too depressed to leave, will those ordinary people commit suicide?"

Essie said earnestly.

Janice gave her a feeling that she was too pessimistic.

'Love is not everything. Besides, this man doesn't love you anymore. Why do you insist on torturing yourself and others, ' she thought.

But Janice didn't think so. The only thing she cared about now was love. She came back to start a new life with Jim and marry Jim.

"Essie, I'm different from you. I'm a person who cares about love. For me, love is everything. I can live for love and die for love," Janice said firmly.

Essie sighed.

"Janice, as long as two people love each other, it is called love. Besides, in the world of our rich and influential families, even if those who are in love, they may not get married. Marriage

While feeding Jell, Janice was thinking about her own trick.

If the baby was sick again or hurt somewhere, she had a reason to stay and take care of him.

But she had to be careful and couldn't be found again.

After she left, Megan sighed, "I hope Mrs. Janice don't go crazy again. Fortunately, we brought the child here, or you would be scared every day with her."

"Yes, her personality changes faster than the weather. Sometimes she is kind, and sometimes she is like a devil," said Sage.

"It's okay. Be careful and take care of the baby," said Essie.

In the evening of the second day, Janice came.

Jell just woke up and shouted to be nursed. Janice went to dilute milk powder into water quickly and put a piece of Phenolphthalein Tablet she brought in secretly.

The Phenolphthalein Tablets was purgative, which was forbidden for babies and would cause stomach and intestine function disorder.

But Janice couldn't care that much. She smashed the tablet and blended it with milk powder into water to the baby without anyone noticing. The purpose of this child was to help her pull Jim back, or else what was the use of him.

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