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   Chapter 894 Protect The Child And Sleep Together

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"We just finished feeding Jell and he vomited. I was so scared."

The nanny came over with the baby in her arms. "It's not a big deal. The baby needs to burp after he is finished nursing. Mrs. Janice didn't burp after feeding the baby. Of course he spits up."

"I'm just worried. I'm afraid that he might catch a cold because I took him out to play in the daytime." Janice frowned.

"Janice, the nannies are all experienced. They are right. The baby is six months old. He is not so delicate," said Jim.

"I've read the parenting book. We can add some supplement for the baby since he is six months old. Tomorrow I'll go to the baby store to buy him some organic rice powder," said Eva.

"No, just ask the nanny to buy it," said Janice. She didn't want Eva to get involved in the child's affairs at all, but Eva didn't know how to observe people's words or play dumb. She always looked warm-hearted. It was really annoying that she had to get involved in everything.

Eva had never thought of what Janice was thinking, nor did she know that she had just played a tragedy play in front of her and Jim last time.

She always did things step by step. Since she decided to kill Eva, she had made up a way out for herself.

Now, Jim had known that she had stolen and replaced Eva's gift. In his heart, her image had fallen to the bottom. Only by doing so could she restore her image.

She pushed all the evils to her other personality, but she was still pure, kind, harmless and innocent.

Everyone would sympathize with her, feel sorry for her, and help her.

On the other side, she could make trouble unscrupulously. Anyway, they would eventually forgive her.

"Jell, you are my little angel. I'm so happy to have you." With a gentle and loving look on her face, she held her baby in her arms and kissed him again and again.

"I'm relieved that you're fine." Jim smiled and pinched his cheek.

Janice covered her nose and pretended to sneeze. "It seems that I caught a cold today. Jim, can you stay here and let Jell sleep with you? I don't want him to be infected by me."

Jim thought for a while and said, "How about letting him go to my place in the next two days? I'll take care of him. You can also have a good rest."

Hearing this, Janice was a little disappointed. She pretended to catch a cold so that Jim could stay. She didn't expect that Jim would take the baby away.

"Well, I'll go to see him tomorrow." She could only nod.

Jim left with the baby and the nanny.

Eva decided to take care of the child herself. Men were usually careless, so she had to leave the matter of taking care of the child to her.

"Heaven pepper, you can train yourself by this chance. So that you will know how to take care of the baby in the future." Jim smiled evilly.

Eva wrinkled her nose at him. This guy was so flirtatious.

She hadn't even been upgraded yet. How could she have a child?

After returning home, Jim gave her a big problem.

"Heaven pepper, I didn't prepare the baby cot for the bab

t she was thinking. He reached out his hand and stroked her head, "Time is not for regret. There is no medicine for regret in the world. It's better to gamble than to test it. If you place a bet on me, you will definitely win."

Through the dim night lamp, Eva looked at him.

She didn't know what to say. A myriad of feelings surged in her heart.

She had too much hesitation and worries in her relationship with her Vinton, so she had missed so many good times with him.

They could have a happy family and lovely children. They could have lived happily together.

But now, there was nothing but memory.

She didn't want to repeat the mistakes in the past. Jim had saved her so many times regardless of his life in the past, so there was no need to test him again.

She couldn't let go of Vinton and wanted to stay with him.

She didn't want to accept another man. She just wanted Vinton to stay in her heart quietly.

"Scum Jim, it's me who needs time now, not you. I don't want to test you. It's just that if I have Vinton in my heart, it's unfair to you."

"I've told you that I won't force you to forget Vinton." Jim said in a low voice, "I never want to compete with Vinton for you. I just want to take care of you on his behalf."

"Can you give me some more time?" Eva pleaded. If he pressed her too hard, she would be under a lot of pressure.

"Okay, I won't force you." Jim nodded. He didn't want to put too much pressure on her.

After a long time, the two of them finally fell asleep. They were like a family of three, very warm.

In the morning, before dawn, the baby woke up and cried to feed. When Eva was about to stand up, he heard Jim say, "Go to sleep. Let me do it."

"Can you do that?" Eva was a little worried.

"I should ask you this question." Jim glared at her.

"I'm a woman and I'm born to take care of children." Eva pouted.

"Then let me test you. How many spoons of milk powder do you need to put into one hundred and fifty milliliters of water?" Jim asked.

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