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   Chapter 892 The Arrival Of A Little Angel

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The more depressed she was, the more likely she would be replaced by a secondary personality.

The multiple personality was a hysterical separation mental disorder. Many people with multiple personalities had encountered misfortunes in their childhood, which caused them to split into another consciousness.

It seemed that he had to find more psychological experts to consult with Janice's problem.

Eva didn't sleep well last night. Early in the morning, she called out Essie and told her about Janice.

"So, during this period of time, the person who get along with us is always the secondary personality of Janice?" Essie was shocked. "The secondary personality has existed for a longer time than the main personality. This is very bad."

"What a poor girl! What if she completely becomes that horrible woman?"

She shuddered at the thought of the sparrow whose neck was twisted off in the birthday gift box.

"Yes, if she does something wrong, Janice will be punished with her." Essie sighed.

"I hope that scum Jim can get her back." Eva was worried.

"It's not a permanent solution to rely on Jim. After all, he can't stay with Janice for the rest of his life. And now, Janice has exposed her problems. She will feel very self-abased, and unconsciously feel that Jim is sympathizing with herself. She is afraid of losing, and these psychological problems will be more serious," said Essie thoughtfully.

"Besides Jim, who else can really help her now? Professor Nicholas? She doesn't love him," Eva raised her chin and said worriedly.

"I have an idea. If we want to restore her fighting spirit, we have to let her have a long-term spiritual sustenance." Essie's thick eyelashes flickered, revealing a hint of secret.

"Essie, tell me quickly. Don't keep me guessing." Eva was anxious.

"Kid," Essie said the word slowly.

Eva broke into a slight sweat, "It's useless two say that. Do you want Janice and scum Jim to have a baby now? Professor Nicholas' experiment hadn't succeeded yet. What if their child was not healthy? They will suffer the physical and mental pain that ordinary people can't bear, just like Janice and Janet."

"I didn't ask them to have a baby. I meant to ask them to adopt one. She didn't have to give birth to the baby by herself. It was good to adopt one. As long as she has a child, she will have a place in her heart that can replace Jim. In this way, her master character will be expected to restore," said Essie slowly.

"But a child is not an item. Once it is adopted, it must be responsible. Will she agree? And what if her secondary personality explodes and hurts the child?" Eva was a little worried.

"Leave the baby to the nanny and arrange bodyguards to protect him. Then, we don't have to be afraid. Only if Jim is willing to adopt, Janice will definitely agree."

"Then I'll discuss it with Jim." Eva nodded.

After returning home, she told Jim about it.

"There ar

ister. There are many boys at home, and no girls play with me." Michelle pouted.

"Since you want a sister so much, let your daddy and Mommy have another one." Janice smiled and stroked her head.

"Yes, I do, but daddy said that he wouldn't let mommy have another baby. He is very domineering. Mommy is pregnant and can't play the game of fighting with mommy at night for nine months. So he doesn't want to put the baby in mommy's belly." Mili glared at Zac unhappily.

Zac was sweating and felt speechless.

His daughter just kept shocking others by her words.

"Little girl, don't you know how hard it is for mommy to give birth to a baby? It is like she has to walk with a big watermelon every day. Isn't she tired?"

Essie was speechless with the metaphor.

But it was easy for children to understand.

"Is the baby in the belly as heavy as a watermelon?" Mili asked in confusion. Of course she was tired walking with the big watermelon in her arms. But when Mommy was pregnant with Dawny, her belly was not as frightening as a big watermelon.

"It's almost the same weight. Even if it is not a big watermelon, it is a small one." Zac pinched her ear.

"But daddy, do you really want to have another daughter?" Mili continued to ask.

"It is enough for daddy to have you little princess." Zac caressed her head lovingly.

"But you know I will be lonely without a little sister. From now on, if brother, Dot and Dawny will fight against me three to one. What should I do? I need a helper. You have to take care of your baby daughter and give birth to a sister for me," Mili said seriously.

Jim smiled, "Your wife has only given birth to twice. It doesn't matter if she gives birth to a girl again. You just gritted your teeth and put up with it."

Zac glared at him. "Take good care of your son and leave me alone." How could he create a kid to occupy his wife for a year.

His wife was his, and even his child couldn't occupy her!

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