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   Chapter 891 I Will Return Him To You

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"Janice, of course I hope you can come back. I'm very happy that you are still alive. I also hope that you can live a happy life," Jim said frankly. It was just that he was not the one who could make her happy anymore.

"Jim, if you want the weak and gentle me to come back, you must stay with me to protect me. Otherwise, that Janice will only die, because she is no longer suitable to live in this cruel world," Janice threatened.

"Maybe what you need most is not me, but a psychologist." Jim frowned and said, "I will only forgive the previous Janice. Now the person in front of me is just a stranger to me. So, if you dare to do anything to hurt heaven pepper again, I will not spare you."

The corner of Janice's mouth shook violently, and her beautiful face twisted because of the strong pain.

"You'll regret it, Jim. You'll regret it." She cried and ran out.

Looking at her back, Jim sighed deeply.

The second morning, he received a call from Janice again.

"Jim, can you come here? Please." Her voice was trembling, sounding quite terrified.

"I'll be right there." Jim hung up the phone and rushed there.

Janice curled up on the sofa, holding a pillow in her arms. Her face was full of extreme fear, as if she had seen a ghost.

"Jim, there is one thing I haven't told you. I have dual personality. Sometimes I will become another person," she said in a trembling voice.

"I know," said Jim in a low voice, staring at her face deeply. She looked really scared, not pretending.

"You know? When did you know?" Janice was shocked.

"Janice, do you remember what you have done these two days?" Jim asked with a sharp look in his eyes.

"I don't remember. My last memory is the night you told me you loved Eva at the riverside." Janice said, "After I went back, I cried for a long time and then fell asleep. I had many dreams. I dreamed that I was locked in a room. I wanted to escape, but I couldn't. I tried my best to call for help, but no one could hear my voice. I'm so scared. I'm so scared. I'm afraid I won't wake up again."

She held her arms tightly and buried her head in her knees.

Jim was shocked. As expected, the person who had appeared in front of him for so many days was Janice's secondary personality.

She had been existing for a longer time than Janice's master character. Did she want to completely replace the master character?

While he was thinking, Janice said in a low voice, "She replaced me, didn't she?"

Jim nodded.

Tears streamed down Janice's face. "In fact, I lied. She didn't appear until I was in America. She existed when I was sensible or earlier. We are like two souls living in the same body. No one knows my secret, and I never dare to tell any

n is not you, and she can't replace you, because I don't allow it."

"Thank you, Jim," Janice withdrew her hand, like a snail retracting into her protective shell. When a person exposed her dark side, her inferiority complex would be infinitely expanded.

Eva left after a while. She believed that what Janice needed was Jim. She was redundant here, which would only increase her pain.

That night, Jim didn't leave. He stayed with Janice all the time.

Janice didn't dare to sleep. She was afraid that she would never wake up once she closed her eyes.

"Go to sleep, Janice. I won't leave you." Jim stroked her head.

"I won't sleep. Jim, I've been sleeping for a long time. I don't want to sleep anymore." Janice shook her head and said, "If you're sleepy. Go to bed first. I'll read for a while."

Looking at her, Jim felt guilty and sorry for the first time.

He thought Janice would be able to face life bravely after she recovered, and even without him, she would still be happy.

But now he realized that he was wrong. Her mind was actually more fragile than her body.

"What are you reading?"

"Dream of Red Mansions." Janice said in a low voice, "My classmates used to call me Daiyu Wang, saying that I was like Daiyu Lin, arrogant and weak. I also think I look like her."

"No, you are not. You have recovered, just like a normal person." A faint smile played at the corners of Jim's mouth. Daiyu Lin was a tragedy. He didn't want Janice to have the same fate as her.

"In fact, she is luckier than me. At least she has a complete soul, and me, even my soul is incomplete. I think I'm more like the male lead in the 'Ancient Sword Fantasy'. Half of his soul is himself, and half of his soul is the soul of the evil sword."

Her tone was desolate and depressed, and [皓阳] could tell it.

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