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   Chapter 885 The Knot In The Child's Heart

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In the Rong Mansion, a flash of hatred flashed through Leila's eyes when she saw Essie.

Now she had transferred her hatred for Zac to her, and she hated her twice.

Walt was sitting on the sofa and playing with the little baby.

The baby liked him very much. As soon as he saw him, he would stretch out his hand and call him 'Uncle'.

He thought this was the connection between father and son.

After all, the baby was his son.

Essie brought his favorite fruit paste to him.

As soon as he saw her, the baby jumped on Walt's legs happily. "Mommy, eat fruit, eat fruit!"

"Fruit is here, baby." Smiling, Essie was about to take her son over.

"Let me feed him," said Walt with a smile.

Essie nodded and handed him the fruit pulp.

The baby couldn't wait any longer. He opened his mouth wide and said, "Eat fruit. Eat fruit."

"Here comes fruit, my little glutton." Walt looked at him dotingly and fed him a spoon of fruit paste.

The kids came back from school.

Rabi lowered his head, looking very depressed.

"Baby, what's wrong? Why do you look unhappy?" asked Essie, squatting down and looking at him.

Rabi blinked his eyes, and a drop of tear fell down from his eyes. "Baker said that both my brother and sister are prodigies, but I'm a fool. I don't look like my parents. I must have been adopted, not your own child."

Hearing that, Essie trembled violently and held him tightly in her arms. "Mommy's baby, you are very smart. You can dress yourself, wash your hands, tuck yourself in, recognize many words and recite many poems. Baker is talking nonsense. Don't listen to him anymore."

"Yes, brother. Baker is nothing like you. He said that because he was jealous of you." Mili was very angry. It seemed that the bad boy Baker deserved to be beaten. How dare he bully her brother.

"But I'm not as smart as you. You're all geniuses, and so is little Dawny. Only I'm not." Rabi lowered his head, looking self-abased and depressed.

"Brother, the three of us are smart like Daddy, and you are kind of like mommy. Didn't Daddy call Mommy little muddle-headed fool?" said Dot.

"So I'm not smart because I am like Mommy?" Raising his head, Rabi looked at Essie.

"Yes, if you are all smart like Daddy, Mommy will be so lonely. Fortunately, you are like Mommy. Mommy is too happy." Essie kissed his little face.

"Yes, just because you are like Mommy, Mommy loves you the most," Mili said with a smile.

"So, I'm Mommy and Daddy's biological child?" Rabi asked with his eyes wide open.

"Of course you are. We are brother and sister." Mili and Dot walked towards him and held him. "If Baker dares to bully you again, we will beat him together."

"Okay." Rabi smiled through tears.

Seeing his brothers and sister hugging each other, little Dawny reached out his hands and said, "Brothers, sister, hug. Let's hug each other."

When the children saw their younger brother, they ran happily to him and hugged him.

Looking at the children, Essie breathed a sigh of relief. She had to tell Rabi's identity until he grew up. If she told him too early, it would cast a shadow in his hear

er, this happy family would have belonged to him. How could it be Zac's turn?

Why did Zac take away everything he liked and wanted?

The heir of the Rong family and Essie, should all be his.

Since both of them were equally powerful, why God had to make them be born to the same family?

Leila went downstairs.

At the sight of Zac, her eyes were filled with love again.

She had the same thought as Walt.

If it weren't for Essie, Zac would definitely be hers. Essie was a thief. She stole the man who should belong to her and locked him so that she couldn't take him back.

Such a vicious woman shouldn't have lived in this world.

If one day she fell into her hands, she would let her die a horrible death.

"Walt, since you like children so much, why don't we start to plan to have our own baby?" she said with a faint smile.

Walt was choked heavily. He glared at her and said, "I don't plan to do that this year. Let's talk about it next year."

Leila pouted, "Why are you not in a hurry at all? I'm getting old. If I don't give birth, I'll become an elderly pregnant woman."

"Yeah, brother, it's time for you and sister-in-law to make a plan. Don't always be so dandiacal," said Essie in a joking tone.

"It's good to have Dawny with me now. It's too troublesome for me to give birth to a baby my own. I will wait for a while." A look of impatience appeared on Walt's face.

Leila cast a sidelong glance at him. She really wanted to make it real with Walt so that she could save her position as the young hostess of the Rong family.

She didn't want to leave Zac. Even if she couldn't be his wife, she had to stay with him for the rest of her life, watching and guarding him.

She knew that even if she took revenge one day and drove away Essie from Zac, he might marry her.

Therefore, the position of the young hostess of the Rong family was very suitable.

As for Walt's thoughts, she couldn't care about them anymore. People always lived for themselves.

Walt stayed downstairs for a while and went upstairs. Leila followed him immediately.

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