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   Chapter 884 They Live Under The Same Roof

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10368

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Eva nodded slightly, feeling that Jim's deduction was very reasonable.

These things were premeditated. Ordinary people would not know her schedule, nor would they know her shooting content so clearly.

"I guess this person is a schizophrenic."

"He's dead for sure. I'll catch him!" said Jim, gritting his teeth.

After that, the two of them talked about some relaxing topics, such as delicious food and the newly prepared movie.

Eva fell asleep beside him.

Jim gently covered her with a blanket.

Looking at her beautiful and childish face through the moonlight, he couldn't help but want to kiss her.

This stupid woman seemed to have magic that made him intoxicated and addicted, as if he had been stuck in a swamp and could not extricate himself.

He lowered his head and kissed her forehead dotingly. At this moment, his eyes, heart and mind were full of her, as if with her, he had the whole world, and the others and things were all illusory.

The night was very peaceful and harmonious.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the beautiful night with her.

In her sleep, Eva looked for a source of warmth and a sense of security unconsciously, turned over and rolled into his arms.

His strong chest made her feel very warm and safe subconsciously. The nightmare had disappeared, and she had a sweet sleep.

Jim also took advantage of this opportunity to hold her in his arms, with an evil and attractive smile spilling over his mouth.

On the second morning, Eva was awakened by a bird's singing. She had a good sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome face clearly. She was so scared that she almost screamed.

She fell asleep in Jim's tent and even got into his arms.

God! Was she out of her mind?

She slightly twisted her body, trying to get rid of Jim's arms, and woke up Jim.

"Good morning!" His thin lips raised a charming arc.

"Good morning." Embarrassed, Eva blushed, "I'm asleep. Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Why should I wake you up?" Jim shrugged.

Eva was speechless. "If we are seen like this, we can't explain ourselves even if we jump into Yellow River."

"If you can't explain it, then don't do it. It's a waste of energy." With an evil smile on his face, Jim seemed to be eager for them to be involved in the gossip and be tied together, unable to clear himself.

Eva came out of the tent in a hurry. Fortunately, there were high walls around her yard, so others couldn't see inside from the outside. Otherwise, it would be terrible.

"You can go back first. I want to go in and sleep for a while." Without waiting for Jim's response, she ran into the house.

Looking at her back, Jim smiled mischievously.

For the next two days, Jim had been putting up a tent in the yard. It seemed that he had really decided to stay in her yard for a long time.

Eva was very regretful. She shouldn't have listened to Jim at the beginning. She opened the door on the wall of the yard that her yard and his yard shared. Only the fingerprints of the two could open the password lock so they could enter both yards freely. Now sh

Well, it's late. Go to bed now." Then she ran into the room, just like a snail retracting into its shell, daring not come out to face the real world.

Jim sighed slightly. He never minded paying for love, even if he couldn't get a return. Because love was a kind of happiness.

On the second day, Eva officially began to 'live with Jim'.

In the evening, after taking a shower, she walked through the small door into the yard of Jim with her pajamas in her arms.

Jim had decorated the room for her.

She liked the fresh Mediterranean style decoration very much.

Jim opened a bottle of La Romanee-Conti to celebrate the beginning of their 'living together'.

"Scum Jim, you can't tell anyone that I'm staying here, especially Janice," Eva reminded.

"What are you afraid of. The more mysterious you are, the more people will think you are guilty of something," Jim said calmly.

"Nowadays, people like to think wildly the most. A man and a woman alone will make people think about it. Even if it were brother and sister living together, they might be framed to have a messy relationship," said Eva.

Jim sighed, "Well, I will keep it a secret." He didn't want Janice to quarrel with him again.

He had changed, and so had she. She was completely different from before, as if she had changed into another person.

He didn't like her change.

"Scum Jim, do you also know that Professor Nicholas likes Janice?" After drinking a sip of red wine, Eva asked in a low voice.

Jim shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's a good choice for Janice to be with him."

"Professor Nicholas is a good man. He is a medical genius and a billionaire. He is handsome, not much worse than you," Eva said with a grin.

"Can he compete with me?" Jim grabbed her ear and seemed to be dissatisfied with her words.

"King Jim is a man of great power. You will rule the world of martial arts for thousands of generations. No one can compare with you," Eva begged for mercy in a hurry.

"That's good." Jim snorted. All handsome men were quite narcissistic.

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