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   Chapter 883 Living In The Yard

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Hearing this, Eva was in a mess. "Are you kidding, scum Jim? I'm a married woman, and you are a married man. How can I move in with you? Besides, we are all public figures and the paparazzi always try to take photos of in secret. If the paparazzi know that I live with you, the entertainment circle will not cause a twelve magnitude earthquake."

She wouldn't be so stupid to give him a chance to take advantage of them being in the same room.

Besides, she had promised Janice to keep a distance from him. She wouldn't break her promise.

"When did I become a married man?" asked Jim, his handsome face getting closer.

"Scum Jim, you have Janice now. Don't be double minded, okay? You and Janice are a perfect match," said Eva.

Jim frowned and a hint of anger flashed through his eyes. "Don't match me randomly. I've made it clear to Janice that we are just friends from now on."

"Scum Jim, love can't be erased by a word. She loves you very much. You can't be so cruel to her. You should give you and Janice a chance to start over," Eva tried to persuade him.

A malicious look swept across Jim's face, and he frowned. What Eva said irritated him, and he was extremely unhappy.

"I just don't want to hurt her, so I decide to make it clear to her. She should find her true love, not waste her love and time on me," Jim said calmly and seriously.

"Scum Jim, don't waste your time on me. I won't leave Vinton," said Eva in a very low voice.

The corners of Jim's mouth twitched slightly. "I want to do that. It's none of your business," he said coldly with anger in every word.

Eva felt a little dizzy. She was the one involve in it, how could she not care?

"Scum Jim, you are so good. You can have any kind of woman you want. I'm just an ordinary woman with a brain of a trilobite. I don't deserve your attention."

"Heaven pepper, if you keep talking nonsense, don't blame me for being rude." He had an impulse to gag her now.

'This woman just needs a lesson. If I don't teach her a lesson, she will turn the tide, ' he thought.

Eva stepped back two steps in a hurry in case he swallowed her.

"Anyway, I don't want to be a mistress. I hate mistress the most. I don't want to be regarded as a mistress and wronged."

"I'm single. Why do you think you are a mistress? You'd better behave yourself, or I will teach you a lesson," Jim slowly threatened her word by word. He didn't mind forcing her.

Eva shivered. She was not as strong and skillful as him. It was better not to provoke him.

"Well... I thought about it carefully. If it weren't Janet, I really couldn't figure out who else wanted to hurt me. I don't think I have offended anyone so much."

She changed the topic and stopped talking about 'living together' with him.

Jim touched his chin. He didn't know who the bastard was for the time being, but foxes always showed their tail

pic quietly and didn't want to talk about these serious and annoying things anymore.

Before she finished her words, Jim pulled her ear hard and said, "Heaven pepper, everyone on the earth knows what zodiac sign I am, but you don't know?"

Eva stuck out her tongue and said, "I know you are a Leo. Just like Essie, Essie is also a Leo."

"Why do you ask?" Jim glared at her.

"I was just kidding." Eva grinned.

"Do you have anyone with that zodiac sign?" Jim asked slowly.

"No, but I know someone who is a Scorpion. Isn't your best friend Zac the Scorpio?" Eva said with a smile, "When we were at school, everyone joked that women of the year of snake who are Scorpions are the most terrifying. Because the combination, they had the heart of a snake and a scorpion which is the most vicious one."

"It seems that we have to be careful when we meet such a person," Jim teased with a smile.

"Not really. My senior, Nicole is in the year of a snake, and a Scorpion. She is not a vicious at all," Eva said seriously.

"You have a good relationship with Nicole?" Jim asked casually.

"Yes, she has always taken good care of me. She used to introduce many roles to me," said Eva.

Jim touched his chin and thoughtfully said, "Heaven pepper, do you have any enemies in the entertainment circle?"

"There is no special enemy. I keep a low profile. How can I offend someone?" Eva pouted.

"You are so stupid. Even if you offend others, you won't know," Jim sneered.

"No matter how stupid I am, I can still feel who is hostile to me, and deeply hostile to me. Even if I can't feel it, my agent can." Eva said seriously and turned to look at him, "Scum Jim, do you suspect that the person who hurt me is in the entertainment circle?"

"At least it has something to do with the people in the entertainment circle. Otherwise, how could he know your location of shooting so clearly?" Jim said thoughtfully.

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