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   Chapter 878 What Magic Power

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"Little girl, you should pay more attention to your study." Hanson pretended to be angry and squinted at her.

"I am worried about you. Robert's 'attack' is very fierce. My aunt may not be able to withstand it." Mili frowned.

"Little girl, love can't be forced. If he likes her, he would have accepted her long ago. Why does he have to wait so long?" Poppy said.

"Auntie Poppy, don't make trouble. I just want daddy Hanson to propose to Auntie Ivy and marry her as soon as possible." Mili glared at her.

Poppy sneered. She could tell at a glance that Hanson hadn't accepted Ivy at all. Mili was just talking nonsense.

Hearing what Poppy said, Ivy felt very uncomfortable. Since Hanson kept silent, she felt even more uncomfortable.

"Robert is a good man. He was nice to me when I was in America," she said angrily.

A hint of gloom flashed across Hanson's deep eyes. He suddenly held her hand and asked, "Is it better than me?"

Ivy trembled, and a current instantly passed through her body. "No... No." She shook her head like a rattle drum. She loved Hanson so much. Any response from him would make her excited and cheered.

A satisfied smile appeared on the corner of Hanson's charming mouth. He held her hand and said, "From now on, keep away from other men."

"Okay." Ivy nodded her head wildly. Her heart had been put on the wings of an angel and flew into the sky, to the clouds, to the hot sun.

Sitting next to them, Mili giggled and covered her mouth. She knew that if she encouraged her daddy Hanson with a whip, he would take actions, not as indifferent and careless as before.

Poppy was unhappy to see this. There seemed to be some feelings between Hanson and Ivy. It was estimated that Hanson was trying to win over Ivy. After all, she was the daughter of the Rong family, and Hanson would definitely not want to go against the Rong family.

"Mr. Xia, your relationship is getting more and more complicated," she said jokingly.

"It's my privacy. I don't need others to know it," Hanson said slowly.

"That's right. Is it necessary to let everyone know that my daddy Hanson is in love? My daddy Hanson is a low-key person. He doesn't like to show off their love in a high-profile way," said Mili.

Poppy pouted. It didn't matter even if they were in love. As long as they were not married, everyone had the right to pursue.

She took out her iPad from her bag and said, "Mr. Xia, let's talk about the cooperation plan of the fashion business city in A City first."

"Okay." Hanson nodded and invited her to sit down at the round table at the bow.

Ivy and Mili were sitting behind her. She couldn't get involved in business.

"Auntie Ivy, don't worry. My daddy Hanson won't like this Poppy. She is not my daddy Hans

Irene couldn't believe it.

Essie shrugged. As long as she could give up on Zac and marry a man willingly, it didn't matter to make up a cover.

"Then how to solve this?" Irene asked hurriedly.

"No solution!" Shrugging, Essie continued, "He can only touch me for the rest of his life, and no other woman has the chance to do so. So I don't worry about him at all, unless someone is willing to live as a widow and play Platonic with him. But even if a woman is willing to, the man won't."

Irene's beautiful features slowly twisted, and her whole body convulsed violently, causing her shoulders to constantly tremble slightly.

What Essie said was like a bolt from the blue to her. Like the cold current from Siberia swept away all her hopes and enthusiasm.

If Zac couldn't touch her, what fun did they have? What else could she attract him?

No, she had to find a way.

Essie must be worried that she would detox Zac and make her unable to be his only one, so she lied to her that there was no cure.

She sat on the sofa for five minutes before she came to her senses.

Essie saw the change of her expression.

She hoped that it was a strong medicine to bring her back to reality and stop loosing herself in the wild dreams.

After a long time, Irene finally came to her senses. "Sister in law, why don't you teach me how to put magic power to man so that I can keep the person I like?"

"You haven't had a boyfriend yet. Don't worry. We'll talk about it when you have one." Essie waved her hand.

"There will eventually be one. You can teach me," Irene said hurriedly. Only after figuring out what she had done could she find someone to solve it.

Essie's big black eyes twinkled. She didn't expect that Irene was so naive. She really believed what she said. She really believed that she had put magic power to Zac.

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