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   Chapter 876 An Accident

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"I think Professor Nicholas will also like the Janice who has her own nature. You don't want her to be devoured by the deviated personality," said Essie.

Nicholas slightly raised his thick eyebrows and said, "I like Janice to be gentle. Of course I won't let such a thing happen."

"So, Professor Nicholas, you have to work hard, so that even without Jim by her side, Janice can still be fine," said Essie.

"As Janice's doctor, I will not only ensure her health, but also protect her mental health." Nicholas said, "In this way, Miss Fang can rest assured to date with King Jim."

"Professor Nicholas, first of all, I prefer you to call me Mrs. Xu. Secondly, I and King Jim are just ordinary friends. We are not in a relationship,"

Eva said very solemnly. Even if she really considered to date with Jim, it would be four years later. Now she just wanted to stay with Vinton and be the wife of Vinton.

Nicholas smiled and said, "It seems that King Jim is in the same situation as me. Both of them are still in a failed state. We have to work hard."

Taking a sip of red wine, Essie said, "Professor Nicholas, under some special circumstances, you can consider my previous suggestion, in case that Janice will be too disappointed because of the baby."

Nicholas smiled weirdly. "I will think about it."

On Monday, the second season of the mysterious play of Jim and Eva officially started.

Janice came to visit them early in the morning.

Eva was trying it on.

"Eva, I find you look great in this light yellow ancient costume," Janice said with a smile.

"This is the dress for Glowing Shadow Dance tomorrow night. I think it's very beautiful, so I want to try it on to have a look." As Eva spoke, she took out her phone and took a few selfies. Then she took it off and began to put on formal makeup.

The staff put the costume into a vacuum bag and hung it in the clothing room.

Janice looked at it, and a strange color quietly flashed through her eyes.

After taking the first break, she walked up to Jim and asked, "Jim, do you need any extras here? Let me play two roles as a guest, okay?"

Jim thought for a while and thought that they could play a maid in the court drama in the afternoon.

So he nodded.

Janice was very happy.

In the afternoon, she came here with Janet.

Seeing Janet, Eva hurried over.

A miscarriage was equivalent to sit the month. She had only rested for a few days and was not suitable to go out.

"Janice, why did you bring Janet here? She hasn't fully recovered yet. She is not fit to go out."

"She had been lying at home for a few days. She said she was going to get mold and wanted to go out. I had no choice but to take her out." Janice looked helpless.

Janet sat on the chair and pouted, "Sister, you said that you would take me out to play because you wanted to see brother Jim and sis Eva filming."

It seemed that she was not interested.

Janice smiled, "I'm not asking you to watch them shooting but watch me shooting. I'll be a guest perform

"There is an accident in the crew these two days. I have a lot of things to deal with. You can ask Professor Nicholas to go with you," said Jim.

Janice lowered her eyes. Her long thick eyelashes cast a shadow of loss under her fair skin.

"Jim, we haven't been alone for a long time. Can't you accompany me? I'm so lonely."

"Janice, it's the first time that Professor Nicholas has come to China. You should spend more time walking around with him. After all, he is your doctor and your Savior," said Jim.

"Nicholas and I are just ordinary friends. I have told you that he likes a man and he is a gay. Why do you always misunderstand me?" Janice said discontentedly, depressed.

"Janice, I didn't misunderstand you. It's just a suggestion. You are a host here," Jim said calmly.

Sitting next to them, Eva didn't know what to say. If she was in Jim's house, she would leave as soon as possible without disturbing their private space. But now she was at her own home, so she couldn't leave.

A drop of tear fell from Janice's eyes. "Jim, do you think I'm annoying now?" she asked.

"I didn't mean that." Jim sighed. He didn't like to see Janice like this. He did not want to see her crying. Anyway, she was the one he cared about. He wanted her to be happy, not to become painful because of him.

"Then why do you distance yourself from me and even don't give me time to be alone with you?" Janice asked plaintively.

"Janice, something happened in the crew. I'm not in the mood to go to sea now. I have a lot of things to deal with." Jim felt helpless. Janice was not like this before. She had never been stubborn, nor had she been at a loss for words. Now she had changed a lot.

"You don't have time to accompany me, but you have time to accompany others, eat with them, and make her happy. You deliberately want to distance yourself from me." Janice's eyes became insidious, and every word was full of accusation. It seemed that her love for Jim was gradually growing in the direction of hatred.

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