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   Chapter 866 He Loves You

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"Jade, you must help me drive away the devil together. Don't let her bully my sister." Janet grabbed his collar.

"Okay, but let me tell you, only the devil will order Janice to hurt my sister. Your real sister is very kind and won't do anything to hurt anyone," Jade said.

"Okay." Janet nodded.

Looking at the two people, Eva was worried that Janet would hurt Jade, but now she saw that Jade seemed to have found a way to subdue Janet and made her obedient.

'There is indeed one thing in the world that can conquer another.'

In the evening, Eva and Essie went to the Xu family's manor. The man who came back from Country M brought back Vinton's belongings, which might be his remains.

"This is what the salvage team found in the nearby sea." Pointing at the wallet and watch on the table, Neil said with great regret, "They basically guessed that young master Xu was killed. His body might be eaten by sharks or other fish."

As if being hit by five thunders, Eva's head was buzzing. Although she was ready to lose Vinton, there was more or less a glimmer of hope in her heart.

What Neil said was like a ruthless fire, devouring all the remaining hope in her heart, leaving only the boundless lifeless burned land.

Tears gushed out of her eyes like a torrent, and then she burst into tears.

Essie cried with her.

Elizabeth was also crying. Of course, she cried for herself. Vinton was her life-saving straw. Without Vinton, the Xu family would have no place for her to stand.

Her plan and plot were going to be destroyed and go bankrupt.

Valery also felt sad. Without Vinton, the Xu family would be Holy's from now on. He had been her sworn enemy since childhood. It was a miracle that he could make her live a good life in the future.

Mrs. Vicki was still lying in the hospital. Baron didn't dare to tell her the bad news. He only dared to tell her that Vinton was still alive and just disappeared.

"How could this be? My son is fine. How could such a thing happen?" Elizabeth thumped her chest and vented her anger on Eva. "You are a jinx to my son. It's all because of you that Vinton suffered such a disaster. Why didn't you die? Why are you still alive?"

"Sorry, sorry..." Eva also felt that it was her fault. If Vinton hadn't given her the only life-saving vest, nothing would have happened to him.

"Auntie, this is a natural disaster. What does it have to do with Eva? Eva is already very sad. Don't stimulate her anymore." Essie glared at her.

"Now that something has happened to Vinton, you and Holy should be the happiest ones. You are eager to see something happen to Vinton, so that you can take over the Xu family openly," Valery said angrily.

"That's enough. We

anyone else, nor will I date anyone else. Besides, scum Jim has already had Janice. The person he should love and care about should be Janice, not someone else."

With a sigh, Essie said, "Eva, I know that my brother has just left. It's impossible for you to date with others so soon. I just hope that you can give Jim a chance. If you have time, you can slowly test him and see if he can love you wholeheartedly and treat you as my brother does."

"He used to love Janice so much, but he has changed his mind. He must be a unreliable guy at first sight." Eva pouted angrily.

"Eva, it's not Jim's fault. Love needs to be maintained. At that time, he thought why couldn't he love her again after he thought that Janice died? And according to icy guy, at that time, Jim's feeling towards Janice was more pity than love," Essie persuaded.

"You've made love too complicated. True love? Fake love? In most cases, love doesn't need to be vigorous. Ordinary and peaceful love is also love." Eva said haltingly, "Those who like to pursue vigorous and passionate must be restless and not too single-minded about love."

"You, didn't you also think my brother was a playboy and said that you wouldn't date him? In the end, it still proved that you were wrong." Essie patted her on the shoulder.

Eva sighed, "Essie, I won't be a home wrecker. Janice is a poor woman. She has suffered so much. She deserves her own happiness. Scum Jim has the responsibility and obligation to take good care of her."

"Eva, you are wrong. Love can't be forced. If Jim doesn't love Janice anymore and insists on being with her, the two won't be happy. They will only torture each other." Essie frowned.

"Since they loved each other before, why can't they love again?" Looking out of the window at the night, Eva smiled bitterly.

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