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   Chapter 864 Don't Like Other's Wife

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Zac choked, "A man like Alfred can be regarded as a wacko. Ordinary people can't compare with him."

"I think every man has a romantic gene in his bones. After all, you are single cell creatures that think with your lower body." Essie said with a smile.

Zac rubbed her head and said, "You mean an ordinary man, not a charming man like me."

"You are right, sir. You are from the divine world. There is still a difference between you and a mortal," Essie said, giggling.

"Idiot, you must have been cultivated yourself for ten thousand years to accumulate the bless so that you can marry me in this life." Zac raised his thick eyebrows.

"Zac, narcissism is a disease. You have to be cured." Essie rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm just telling the truth." Zac shrugged.

"Don't forget that the marriage between us two is equal in social ranks and everything. I'm not from an inferior family than yours. Back then, I was the most popular talented and beautiful girl in Dragon City. Even without you, Zac, I can still marry Jim or Fell, who are also outstanding," Essie said slowly.

"Can they compete with me?" Zac's eyes darkened. Obviously, he was unhappy.

"Jim is also a sage of love. If I had chosen him at that time, I wouldn't have been bad." With a smile, Essie pretended to ignore the gloom on the man's face.

"You are destined to be my wife. Don't expect to marry anyone else." Zac snorted.

"So you are lucky to marry me after thousands of years of cultivation. Otherwise, how could you marry a wife from a family of equal social rank and still have love in your marriage?" Essie's thick eyelashes flickered.

When the car stopped at a crossroad waiting for the traffic light, Zac pinched the tip of her chin and said, "Compare to Jim, I'm much luckier than him."

"It's true." With a sigh, Essie continued, "When he was with Janice, his family objected to his marriage and made Janice go abroad pretending to be dead. Now he likes Eva, and Eva has my brother. Even if brother really died, he might not be able to be together with Eva. After all, Janice was back. Their relationship is destined to be much more complicated than us before."

"In the past, your heart had always been tied to Hanson, but I still got it back." Raising his thick eyebrows slightly, Zac seemed to think that Jim should go all out to have a try.

"It's different. We are bound by a piece of certificate. Anyway, I am your nominal and legal wife. Besides, we have the same goal. We both want to drive Valery away, so we can be together. But Jim and Eva are different from us. Eva is now my sister-in-law, my brother's wife. She and Jim have no common goal other than shooting a movie together. How can they get together?" Essie analyzed thoughtfully.

"Sounds reasonable." Zac nodded, "But the marriage between Eva and Arnold is not legal. It's just a pure form.

f what Janice said had crossed his bottom line.

Janice sensed his displeasure and stopped talking, but she was extremely depressed. No matter what, she had to try her best to persuade Jim to promise her that she would give birth to a baby for him at any time.

After sending Janice back, Jim asked Eva to sit on the passenger seat.

Eva pouted, "Scum Jim, you and Janice are first love to each other. Don't you love her at all?"

"It's none of your business." Jim gave her a fierce look.

"We are friends now. Can't I show my care about you?" Eva wrinkled her nose at him.

"Are you caring about me?" Jim tweaked her ear.

"I don't want you to be trapped in the whirlpool of love triangle. Janice loves you, you love that beauty, and that beauty also seems to love someone else. Oh, my God, this triangle is very complicated." Eva stuck out her tongue.

"Heaven pepper, do you remember what I will do to you every time you say something so annoying?" Jim threatened.

Eva covered her mouth in a hurry, "Scum Jim, I'm a married woman. I have a husband. You'd better respect me."

A wicked smile appeared on Jim's face. "Heaven pepper, what are you thinking about?" There was an obvious hint of tease in his tone.

Realizing that he had been tricked, Eva was a little angry, annoyed and embarrassed. "You bastard, scum Jim!"

Jim smiled, "It seems that you still remember the way I punished you."

"Bastard!" Eva gave him a ferocious stare, and her mind went through the punishments and insults he had given her one by one.

"If I really want to act like a hoodlum, can you escape?" Jim sneered.

'I cannot escape!'

Eva answered truthfully in her heart.

"In fact, I'm not worried. Aren't you a neat freak? I'm already a married woman. You won't touch a married woman, will you?"

Jim was speechless. This woman's brain was made of mud.

She could even think of such a question!

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