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   Chapter 860 Shameless

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"How did you know that?" Mili asked immediately.

"As soon as uncle Vinton and aunt Eva had an accident, sworn father went to Country M. If he hated aunt Eva very much, or if they were just ordinary friends, why did sworn father go to Country M to see her? And during the two months they had been in Country M, sworn father had also stayed there and hadn't come back. In fact, what happened to uncle and aunt has nothing to do with him. He cares so much about them, of course he did it for aunt."

After a pause, Dot continued, "If you keep looking at it, he move to live next to aunt Eva as well. I don't believe such a coincidence in the world. He found a new house and happened to live with aunt Eva's house. How is that possible?"

"Oh my God, you are right. Sworn father fell in love with aunt Eva. They are like a happy enemy. They will fall in love with each other after playing and joking," Mili said with a smile.

"Aunt Eva certainly doesn't know sworn father likes her. She won't have the mood to fall in love with someone now. She loves uncle Vinton. Unless she can forget uncle Vinton, she won't accept it." Dot sighed.

Mili lowered her head. "If uncle Vinton is still alive, I still hope he can be with aunt Eva. I don't want uncle Vinton and sworn father to become rivals in love. After all, the first comer should get the upper hand. Our uncle was there before our sworn father. So uncle should have the priority."

"What if uncle Vinton is really gone?" Dot asked.

"Then let aunt Eva and sworn father be together. In fact, they were a perfect match. If we play together, our house will be very lively and we will never worry about being bored," Mili said seriously.

"But what about aunt Janice? You said that the first comer should get the first hand. She is sworn father's first love, much earlier than aunt Eva," Dot said.

"It seems so. Love is so complicated. Adults always trap into love triangles. She loves him, he doesn't love her but her. It has become a magic circle," Mili raised her chin and said worriedly.

"Adults are not decisive at all. Didn't Daddy and Mommy do the same before? They almost got divorced." Dot shrugged.

"Do you think we will do the same when we grow up?" Mili frowned and became a little worried.

"No, I won't. If I like her, I will love her. If I don't like her, I won't love her, I won't keep in touch with her," Dot looked like an adult and said seriously.

"But according to the book, love is a very complicated thing. There is no formula and no conclusion. One plus one may not be equal to two. It was an X and could change at any time. Sometimes you think you have fallen in love with this man because you think you are happy to be with him. But when you meet another man, you find that it was just a misunderstanding, not true love." Mili sighed, confused.

Of course, Dot didn't understand either. He was different from Mili. She liked to make things complicated, while he liked to make things simple.

"In fact, love is very simple, without

you came here, I was discussing with my sworn father to ask him to make my future wife as soon as possible."

"Really?" Janice smiled. "Dot, you call him sworn father, why don't you call me sworn mother?"

"Because aunt Eva used to be our sworn mother. If we all call you sworn mother, we can't distinguish you two," Dot explained seriously.

"Well, then you can call me sworn Mom, not sworn Mommy, okay?" Janice smiled.

"Well, you are sworn father's girlfriend. Let's call you sworn mom." Dot nodded.

"Good boy." Janice smiled and touched his head.

Taking a sip of tea, Essie asked, "Janice, has your doctor, Professor Nicholas returned to America?"

"Not yet. He's doing a new research. He's going to separate the genes of the inherited diseases from the carrier's DNA, so that people with a history of hereditary can have a healthy child free of the hereditary disease. He decided to do this research in China with the support of Dragon City Medical School. I'm going to be the first group of volunteers," Janice said.

"Great! If the test is successful, it will be a great breakthrough in the history of human medicine," Essie said excitedly.

"Professor Nicholas is really a genius in medicine." Eva sighed, "I hope he can succeed as soon as possible, so that I don't have to worry about the health of Janet and Jade's child."

"You don't know how long this research will last. Don't expect too much." There was no hope on Jim's face.

"Not necessarily. Didn't he cure Janice? In fact, this is a major breakthrough," Eva said.

"Yes, I would have died if it weren't for Professor Nicholas." Janice nodded.

Looking at Jim, Eva chuckled and said, "You must haven't seen your wife's savior, have you? I'm telling you, I was shocked when I saw him. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, handsome and young, which is totally different from what we imagined."

Jim glanced at her and turned to Janice, "When will you invite Professor Nicholas to dinner? He saved you. I should thank him."

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