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   Chapter 825 Show Me The Evidence

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An extremely sharp look flashed through the eyes of Alena, "Mary, God's mill grinds slow but sure. The chief culprit behind it must not be able to escape. We will not spare whoever it will be. Before the truth comes out, don't doubt anymore."

"I'll find the evidence myself. My mother won't rest in peace until the vicious face of this tramp is revealed," Mary said angrily.

"We will also find evidence to prove who is our real grandmother. We won't recognize the thief as our grandmother," Mili retorted, hiding behind Alena.

Mary was speechless with anger. The Rong family was too partial to Essie, which was far beyond her imagination.

The second day, a post in Dragon City was released on the Internet, instantly drowning the 'scandal' of Eva's assistant beating an actress.

"Because of the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Essie bribed the caregiver to murder Mrs. Suzan. The caregiver was already in prison and wrote in her last letter to testify Essie."

When Superintendent Li saw the news, he immediately called Albert to clarify, making sure that the news was definitely not revealed by the police.

Albert immediately asked the police station of Dragon City to issue a statement of clarification and arrest the person who had spread the rumor. The police found the poster according to the IP address. He was a paparazzi. When he received a call from a secret leaker, he wanted to grab the headlines, so he rashly released the post.

Albert concluded that it was the people in the Rong family who revealed the news.

Sometimes, although the rumors were cleared up, it was inevitable to cause all kinds of guesses and discussions.

The richest family, the Rong family, had become the gossip of everyone in Dragon City. Dragon City was originally a city of gossip, and the rich were the key point of the gossip, more eye-catching than the entertainment circle.

It was a certain fact that Mrs. Suzan was killed by others. Now, everyone was acting as a detective to infer this bizarre case.

Was this a murder caused by ulterior motive or by the conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

Everyone had their own conclusion.

Mili and Dot were pissed off. Every day, they would talk to the ill bred and those keyboard men who hated the rich online with their uncle's Hacker Union.

Essie didn't want to see these comments. She didn't care what those boring keyboard men said. The only thing she wanted to do now was to find the murderer to avenge her grandma Suzan.

She thought about it for a long time. Except for Mary, she really couldn't think of anyone else who would do this to an old woman. It must not be an accident that Mrs. Suzan fell down the stairs.

But she didn't have any evidence and couldn't infer casually. It didn't matter if Mili said it casually because she was a kid. Now she was a major suspect and was in the center of the storm. It was not appropriate to suspect like this.

Friday was the funeral of Mrs. Suzan.

Her husband, who was far away at the other side of the earth, couldn't come here because of his poor health. He could only come here to worship after his body recovered.

Mary cried to death. She pounded her

so angry that she almost fainted. At that time, the bad guy sent by Elizabeth was really useless. She should have kicked the bitch Essie to have an abortion, so that she wouldn't have such a bad bastard to oppose her.

Mili stood out from the back of Alena, rested her hands on her hips and stared at her fiercely. "I just won't shut up. You said you were my grandmother, and you said you gave birth to my father. What evidence do you have to prove your identity?"

"It's not the first time that the twins pretend to be each other. There is no evidence to prove a person's identity except DNA and fingerprints. Grandma, can you provide it? " Dot was supporting her sister.

"I don't need to prove it. I know who I am best in my heart. You said I'm not your grandmother. Where is the evidence? Where is your evidence?" Mary's face was overcast with gloom, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The two bastards were trying to prove Essie's innocence by grabbing this point.

"Great grandma Suzan says you are not. Mommy knows her child best in the world. She won't mistake her child for someone else," Mili said seriously.

"Of course she won't. But she has been confused for more than ten years. She doesn't even know your father. It's strange that she can distinguish us." Mary snorted.

"I don't trust you. I just trust great grandma Suzan. You insist that my mommy is the murderer. Now I also suspect that you are the murderer. Your motive for killing is much more serious than my mommy's. If my mommy wanted to hurt great grandma Suzan, she could do it when she was in a coma. Why did she have to wait until great grandma Suzan woke up? Besides, you are the one who is in conflict with her. She could have killed you directly. Why did she make such a troublesome murder?"

"Don't argue with me here. I don't want to hear it. I only believe in the evidence. The letter of caregiver is the evidence," Mary said firmly.

"Then I insist that what great grandma Suzan said is true. You are not my real grandma. You are Charlotte," Mili said firmly. She was fighting fire with fire.

"Do I care what you think?" Mary glared at her.

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