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   Chapter 824 Motivation To Kill

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10686

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When they were asking, there was a knock on the door. It was Mili.

"Uncle Li, I'm also one of the suspects. I should also come in and accept the investigation," she said with tears in her eyes.

With a slight smile, Superintendent Li waved her in and asked, "Little girl, why are you a suspect?"

"Because when my mommy made the 'Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain', I was there all the time. I put the dessert for great grandma into the crisper, so I should be the suspect," Mili said, sniffing and tilting her head.

Superintendent Li stroked her head. "Did you see your mommy put peanut butter in it?"

"No." Mili shook her head. "If she put it in, I'll see. Kids never lie."

Mary rolled her eyes at her and said, "Other children won't lie, but you little girl has always been talking nonsense. She is your mother. Even if you see her do it, you will say that you don't see it."

"Grandma, you forgot that all the kitchens in our Rong family have installed a monitoring system, and there is no blind angle of three hundred and sixty degrees. Did my mommy put peanut butter in secretly? You can check the surveillance video," Mili said seriously, looking like a grown-up.

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched violently. She forgot it.

"You provided me an important information." Superintendent Li gave her a thumbs up.

Mili wiped the tears on her face and continued, "There must be a motive for murder. My mommy has a good relationship with great grandma. She won't hurt great grandma. Besides, she is a person with an IQ score of more than one hundred and sixty. Will such a high IQ person be so stupid as to poison someone in the dessert she made and make her the direct murderer?"

"Little girl, you have the talent to be a police officer," Superintendent Li praised.

"Can I listen to you? I must find out the murderer and avenge my great grandma." Mili clenched her fists in anger.

Superintendent Li nodded and Mili sat in the corner.

After that, Superintendent Li asked nurse Wang and nurse Zhang some other questions, and then Mrs. Rose. She had been staying with Irene in the villa by the lake in the morning. As for Mary, she was in the garden. She couldn't run around because of her injured legs.

After hearing the question, Mili jumped up from the chair and angrily pointed at nurse Zhang. "You are the murderer!"

The nurse panicked, "It has nothing to do with me!"

"First, you ask nurse Wang to call my mommy and ask her to make the 'Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain'. Second, you sent nurse Wang away to buy a roll of paper. Third, you are the only one who is by my great grandma's side when great grandma is in danger. You deliberately delayed it and inform the doctor when great grandma is out of breath," Mili said resentfully.

"I have no enmity with Mrs. Suzan. How could I hurt her?" said nurse Zhang.

"You are just one of the murderers. You must have been bribed by another murderer. She knows how to make 'Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain' and hates great grandma," Mili said and turned to Mary.

Mary was so angry that she almost spat out blood, "Little girl, don't talk nonsense here."

"I think her analysis makes sense. I'

e wrong. If my mommy wants to hurt you, she'll have a chance to put some peanut butter in your food. Why bother herself to hurt great grandma? There are only three people in the world who know how to cook the 'Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain'. You are also one of the suspects," Mili pointed at her and said.

"You little girl, you are as vicious as your mother." Mary really wanted to strangle her.

"There must be a motive for committing a crime. My grandma Rose is the kindest person in the world, so she won't harm great grandma. But you are different. You have a motive to hurt great grandma," Mili said.

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched violently. "Zac, take this little girl upstairs. I don't want to see her."

Zac pulled Mili over and said, "Be a good girl. Grandma is very sad now. Don't stimulate her anymore."

"No, I'm just telling the truth." Mili ran to the side of Alena and said, "Great grandma, let me tell you. As soon as great grandma Suzan saw grandma, she said she was Charlotte, not my own grandma, Mary. Grandma Rose is the one. The day before yesterday, when we went to see great grandma Suzan, she held grandma Rose's hand and said, "Mary, it's time to restore everything. Remember who you are. Go and take your home and your husband back."

Alena was shocked, "Baby, did your great grandma really say that?"

"Mommy, daddy and Dot are all here. They all heard what great grandma Suzan said." Mili nodded.

"Enough! Your great grandma Suzan has been confused for so many years. She can't even recognize Zac and Albert. How can she recognize me and Charlotte? She was old and crazy. Are you young girl crazy as well?" Mary was exasperated. She really wanted to rush over and throw Mili out. But how dare she do that since Alena was here?

"What if great grandma Suzan didn't make a mistake? If you are really not my real grandma, you have the motivation to kill her. You are afraid that great grandma Suzan will expose your identity so you kill her to keep the secret. Do you know that? Killing your own mother, you will be hit by the lightening and go to hell," Mili said angrily.

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