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   Chapter 823 Mrs. Suzan Passed Away

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Jim came in and found that Vinton was also here to protect his fiancee. He had contacted and sealed up the Internet cafe where the message was posted last time. However, Dragon City was so big that there were countless Internet bars. If this one was blocked, the troublemaker could go to another one.

The video of Avis slapping Lina was released from another Internet bar.

Jim had given an order to find this bastard. There were many gangsters who went to the Internet bar, and they could keep an eye on it.

"I have interrogated Veronica, but she didn't order someone to do so."

"I have kept a low profile recently. I have never offended anyone except for stealing her female lead!" Eva was confused.

"You are so careless that you won't know even if you have unintentionally offended others." Jim sneered.

"Those who dare to touch Eva must want to die!" Vinton's face showed an expression of cruelty. If he found out that she was in the entertainment circle, he would definitely block her to death. Although the Xu family did not step into the entertainment circle, it was easier to block a person than to kill an ant.

"People who don't know me might think that I'm deliberately hyping for the new play." Eva sighed.

"You are the queen of gossip." Vinton rubbed her nose and smiled dotingly.

Looking at the two of them, Jim felt that it was not the right time to come today.

"Well, I'm here to tell you not to affect the shooting next week because of this." Then he stood up and left. He didn't want to be the LED light bulb to light them and darkness himself.

In the hospital, Mili and Dot were chatting with Mrs. Suzan.

Seeing the pad in Mili's hand, Mrs. Suzan smiled and said, "How did you play it? Teach great grandma how to play it."

"Okay." With a smile on her face, Mili told Mrs. Suzan everything about the software.

"Can I record it?" Suzan asked.

"Well, just a click and the recording will begin," Mili said.

"How long can it record?" Suzan asked.

"My pad has 256G of memory. It can record for several hours." Mili grinned. This was a customized version that her father gave her.

"Mili, how about lending it to great grandma for two days?" Mrs. Suzan stroked her head.

"Okay, here you are, great grandma." Mili put the pad in Mrs. Suzan's hand.

"You can teach me more so that I can be more familiar with it," Suzan said with a smile.

"Okay." Mili nodded obediently.

In the past few days, Essie, Mrs. Rose took the children to visit Mrs. Suzan every day.

On Friday, they arrived. Not long after Mary left, Mrs. Suzan sat in front of the window in silence.

"Mom, I brought you durian and mangosteen," Mrs. Rose said with a smile. Durian and Mangosteen were couple fruits. One was heaty, and the other was to reduce the heatiness. The two fruits were the most nutritious and healthy.

Suzan held her hand and said, "My child, it's time to restore everything. Remember who you are and take your home back." Her tone was heavy and sad.

"Mom." Mrs. Rose buried her head into her mother's arms like a child.

Looking at

mmediately called Police Superintendent Li.

As soon as he heard that it was Mrs. Suzan who had an accident, he rushed here almost at the speed of sound. Together with him were the top forensic experts in Dragon City.

"Superintendent Li, arrest this vicious woman. She killed my mother. She is the murderer," Mary shouted.

"Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Essie can only be one of the suspects. All the people who have come into contact with this dessert are suspects," Superintendent Li said.

"I invented the 'Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain'. Except me, only my sister and she can cook it. There is no third person who can cook it," Mary said.

"Are you sure?" Superintendent Li asked.

"I'm sure," Mary said firmly.

"Then you and Mrs. Rose may need to cooperate with our investigation." Superintendent Li turned to Albert for his opinion.

Albert nodded.

Mary was slightly stunned. "Do you still suspect that my sister and I are the murderers?"

"Calm down, my lady. We just need you to cooperate with the investigation," Superintendent Li said.

After that, the dean of the hospital arranged a meeting room for Superintendent Li in the administrative building.

According to the doctor's deduction, Mrs. Suzan was in the hospital, and even if she was allergic, there was enough time to rescue her. When they entered, Mrs. Suzan had no heartbeat, which meant that she had delayed informing them.

Hearing this, nurse Zhang hurriedly said, "I was in the bathroom at that time. When I came out, I found that Mrs. Suzan had an accident. I quickly rang the alarm."

"Where is nurse Wang?" Superintendent Li asked.

"Nurse Zhang said that there was not enough paper. She asked me to go out and buy it, and I went there. The paper without fluorescent agent was only sold in Walmart. I had to take a car, so I asked the driver to send me there," nurse Wang replied.

"When you took the desserts from the Rong family, you also took the car of the Rong family?" Superintendent Li asked.

"Yes, this car is for Mrs. Suzan," nurse Wang replied.

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