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   Chapter 822 Who Is Playing Trick With Me (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-06-29 21:33

Eva was speechless.

Jim didn't leave until the two episode TV series that released at eight o'clock was finished. No one would have thought that he would be photographed in secret.

On the early morning of the second day, someone sent a message on a forum, 'Jim visited the apartment of Eva at night and stayed there for two hours.'

"Which bastard doesn't want to live?" Eva cursed angrily.

Jim immediately sent someone to check the IP address. It was sent out in an unlicensed underground Internet bar. Obviously, it was premeditated.

At this time, if he deleted the post and blocked the news, he would look guilty.

Eva sent these words on micro-blog, 'A clean hand wants no washing.'

Then, her agent issued a statement to clarify that she was talking about business with Jim, and that she would replace Veronica to play the female lead of 'the Nine Sins'.

Eva was the holy girl of the entertainment circle and the young hostess to be of the Xu family. If there was a rumor that Eva was having sex with Jim, no one on earth would believe it. Therefore, another rumor spread that the young hostess to be of the rich family, Eva, took advantage of her power to bully Veronica and stole her female lead.

For a moment, thousands of waves were stirred up on the Internet.

Being replaced, Veronica felt depressed. She was young and energetic, and liked a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger. In a fit of anger, she posted on micro-blog, 'Young hostess from a rich and powerful family can't be provoked!'

This sentence only stayed on the micro-blog for a minute, and was ordered to delete by her agency. But it was too late, and it had been forwarded one hundred thou

as a mistress for five months, and you only earned one million dollars. How cheap you are! "

Lina and Gina were so angry that they almost fainted. They all knew that Eva was a black belt of judo. If she fought back, they would definitely suffer losses. They could only cover their faces and run away dejectedly.

Avis spat behind their back. They didn't even have a chance to be famous even they accepted the hidden rules. They'd better get out of the entertainment circle as soon as possible.

What they didn't know was that a pair of eyes were staring outside the window and secretly photographed this scene.

It was not over yet. She wouldn't stop until she ruined Eva.

That afternoon, a video was uploaded. Eva ordered her assistant to beat and scold the actors arrogantly.

What the hell!

Eva wanted to curse, but she could tell that someone was deliberately against her.

Could it be that Veronica, the leading actress, was robbed and found someone to revenge on her?

Jim also noticed that and rushed to her apartment.

"Are you stalked by paparazzi?" Eva pouted. He was the source of the trouble.

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