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   Chapter 820 Love Is A Habit

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Mili and Dot squatted aside to watch the battle. Although their surnames were Rong, they had never regarded Fell as an enemy. In the past, when Fell pursued their mother, he treated them very well.

"Uncle, didn't the Qin family and the Rong family become relatives by marriage before? Why did you become an enemy?" Mili asked curiously.

"It is said that the marriage had resulted in the animosity," Fell shrugged and said casually.

Hearing that, Essie's heart skipped a beat. If the Qin family found that Alice was a fake, would their relationship with the Xu family be completely stiff?

She glanced at Zac. Was that what he was thinking? If the Xu family broke up with the Qin family, they would be 'loyal' to be the union of the Rong family. Maybe they would work together to deal with the Qin family and destroy the Qin family!

She took a deep breath secretly. The cooperation between the Xu family and the Qin family was indeed a win-win one. With the help of the Qin family, the Xu family's exploration of the market in South Asia was quite smooth. If this marriage broke up and the Xu family and the Qin family turned against each other, the Xu family's business in South Asia would suffer a heavy blow, and the hundreds of billions of investment might be in vain.

She would never allow such a thing to happen. As the daughter-in-law of the Rong family, she had the obligation to protect the interests of the Rong family, but as the daughter of the Xu family, she was more responsible to protect the interests of the Xu family.

If that was what Zac wanted, she must find a way to resolve the crisis.

While she was thinking, Mili's voice came again, "Isn't marriage a good thing? Why does it turn each other into an enemy?"

"At that time, your father and I were not born yet. I don't know what happened exactly. But I heard that your elder grandfather and my aunt died a horrible and weird death. Your elder grandfather used to be the crown prince of the Rong family, and my aunt was the only daughter of my grandfather. She is the apple of his eye and is very valued. My grandfather always said that it was your Rong family who killed my aunt. I believe that your Rong family also thought that it was my aunt who killed your elder grandpa, so the two families became enemies." As Fell spoke, he glanced at Zac and asked, "Is what I said reasonable?"

Zac didn't answer, as if acquiesced.

"If my elder grandfather is still alive, my grandfather won't be the leader of the Rong family," said Mili with a sigh.

"So it's a good thing for your family." Fell sneered.

"Is my elder grandfather stronger than my grandfather?" Mili asked, tilting her head.

"I don't know. I only know that your elder grandfather used to be the No. one playboy in Dragon City." Fell giggled.

"Uncle Fell, so you are better than him." Mili covered her mouth and snickered.

"In fact, I feel a little humble of myself compare to him." It seemed that the deceased elder master of the Rong family was more romantic than him.

Zac's face darkened. "Are you trying to prove yourself innocent?"

"I'm just

ny comfort. She came back to save her love, but she found that things were completely different from what she had expected before she came back. Jim had really changed.

"When I was in America, I had been watching all the news about you. You had a lot of girlfriends..." She stopped on purpose.

"It's not a real relationship. It's just a game," Jim explained.

"I know. I just think that we are not young men and women. Don't be too reserved," Janice said in a low voice.

"It seems that you have also changed a lot in America," Jim said in a low voice.

"I'm just influenced by my ears and eyes. You're the only one in my heart. I can't make friends with other men," Janice said in a hurry. When she spoke, her eyes flashed as if she wanted to hide something.

Jim stroked her head and said, "Janice, after all, we have been apart for so long. It takes time to know each other again. If we are too anxious, it will destroy the beautiful past."

'Will it?' Janice was shocked. She was too afraid of losing him. Only when she became his woman could she feel at ease.

"Jim, we will never be apart again, right?"

Jim nodded, and a shadow came to his mind.

Recently, this figure often came out of his subconsciousness, like a ghost, wandering with his spiritual sense. Deep in his soul, there seemed to be a wave of desire surging, trying to tightly wrap that shadow and forcibly occupy it.

He was very clear who this figure was. He was irritable, distressed and depressed. After these emotions combined, they became a strong melancholy and loss, making his mood always lingering under the freezing point.

"It's too late. Let me drive you home," he said in a low voice.

"It's still early." Janice looked at her watch.

"Didn't you sleep on time at half past eight every day before?" Jim said.

"That was in the past. Now I'm a healthy person. I don't need to sleep all night." Janice pouted. She wished she could stay with him twenty-four hours a day.

"It's a good habit for healthy people to go to bed early," Jim said as he held her hand.

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