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   Chapter 819 You Are Also Suspicious

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"Little girl, just let her do whatever she wants. Just ignore her." Mary pretended to be indifferent. In fact, she really wanted to throw Mili to death.

The little fox was just lucky. If she couldn't have a son like Luce, she would have killed her long ago. How could she be threatened today?

Mili held Mrs. Rose's hand. "Grandma, we have hairy crabs at home today. Would you like to eat with us?"

Lady Rose stroked her head and smiled lovingly, "I have an appointment with your grandparents Lucy and Bob. Would you like to go with me?"

"Then I'll have some hairy crabs first and I will come to have desserts with you in the afternoon." Mili blinked her beautiful big eyes two times.

"Okay." Lady Rose nodded with a smile.

Mary looked at her with a malicious look flashing in her eyes. She had thought that she would leave Dragon City and go back to France after her last stimulation, but she didn't expect that she still stayed in Dragon City, which was challenging her patience.

On the way back, Albert was quite silent. The words of Mrs. Suzan kept lingering in his ears, like an iron hammer constantly beating his heart.

"Charlotte, do you like Durian?" he asked in a low voice.

Lady Rose was slightly shocked and nodded.

Albert's deep eyes flashed, "Yesterday, a batch of Musang King was just sent from Malaysia. I will ask Zac to send you two boxes."

"Thank you, brother in law," Rose said in a low voice.

Mary glanced at her and said, "It seems that you have changed a lot in the past twenty years. You even like durian. Time can really change a person."

"You have also changed completely," Albert said gloomily.

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched. "I've never changed. It's because you've changed that you think I'm different."

"Yes, you are right. Maybe I have mistaken you for someone else." Albert's voice was very low, as if he was talking to himself, but Mary still heard it. A violent spasm ran over her body.

"What do you mean? My mother is crazy. Are you crazy too?"

Albert didn't respond. His eyes were as cold as ice.

However, Mary didn't want to let him go easily. She sneered and said with resentment, "Although mom is confused and can't tell me from Charlotte, but there is one thing that she is not confuse at all. She still remembered that someone had an ulterior motive to replace me and occupy my family and my husband. In the past, I was too stupid to let her take advantage of the void. After that lesson, I told myself to be smart. No matter who you are, as long as you want to break up my family, I won't let you go."

Her tone was quite sharp. She said this not only to Albert, but also to Lady Rose.

Lady Rose clenched her clothes awkwardly. If she was really Charlotte, she would leave Dragon City without hesitation and never step in again. But Luce was right. The truth was only kept in her own mind. She had to stay and figure it out.

Albert's eyes swept across her face and fell on Mary. "Don't forget what you should do. You can't disobey my father's order. If you can't dissolve the resentment between you and Luce, I will draft the divorce agreement and send it to the yard you live."

Mary almost jum

li and Dot looked at each other and nodded obediently.

After returning, Zac sent people to pack up the hairy crabs and durians, one to the villa by the lakeside to Lady Rose, and the other to the parents in law who live in the villa of Phoenix Road.

Lucy asked them to have dinner in the afternoon, because Alice and Fell would come.

Although Essie didn't want to go, she finally agreed.

Her identity was exposed, and her life was held in the hands of Zac. The fake Alice was quite obedient now and tried her best to please Essie.

"Essie, this durian is very delicious. Have a taste." She took the biggest piece of durian and handed it to Essie.

"Thank you." A smile appeared on Essie's face. She should have added the word 'Sister', but she didn't say it out.

"I'm relieved to see you two get along so well." Lucy looked at his two daughters and smiled with satisfaction.

Essie's heart was full of guilt. The English name of Alice happened to be called Cherry. Perhaps her sister was destined to have a disaster. Heaven wanted Cherry Lo to play Cherry Xu.

Now, Alice was useful to the Qin family, and Fell was much gentler to her. He no longer fooled around with women as before.

Although they were in the same hall, Fell and Zac didn't say a word. Their family was their enemy, and the relationship between the two of them was like fire and water.

Noticing that, Lucy smiled gently and said, "Fell, Zac, I know the Qin family and the Rong family are competitors. But now one of you has married Essie, and the other has just married Alice. You are relatives. You don't need to be like an enemy in private, do you? "

Taking a glance at the table next to him, Fell said, "Zac, let's play the next round to see who is better in chess?"

A faint smile played at the corners of Zac's mouth. He stood up, walked to the table and sat down.

Seeing that the two were willing to play chess together, Lucy smiled with satisfaction. They were rivals in business, but they might not be enemies in private.

Looking at Fell, Essie wondered how angry he would be if he knew that he had been tricked by Zac?

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