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   Chapter 818 Guard Your Home

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The engagement party of the sister-brother of the Xu family was held in the most luxurious five star hotel in Dragon City.

Seeing the fake Alice in a white and beautiful dress holding Fell's arm happily, Essie felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. Her real sister's life was in a dire situation that she did not even know if she was alive or not, but this fake was enjoying all the happiness and sweetness here.

Zac put his arm around her shoulder, lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Honey, if you can't bear it, great plans will be messed up."

Noticing that no one noticed them, Essie raised her foot and kicked his calve. 'Damn it!' What a cold-blooded man!

Zac felt wronged. He could foresee that he would go to the gym to spend the long night of tonight.

Eva was wearing a diamond dress designed by Essie, which was lively, nifty and charming. Vinton was in a black suit, tall and handsome.

Eva held his arm and smiled happily.

"I think it's unnecessary for us to get engaged. We should get married directly," Vinton kissed her gently and said with a smile. He couldn't wait to be united with her as one.

Eva glanced at him coquettishly. "There are a lot of things to prepare for the wedding, of course we can't be casual."

"That's right. I want to give you the most perfect wedding." Vinton smiled dotingly. At this time, his eyes, heart, and mind were all filled with his most beautiful fiancee, and all the things in the world and all the guests had turned into nothingness.

In the guest seats, Jim kept staring at them, with his eyes fixed on them. Janice sat beside him, holding his arm all the time, as if she was afraid that he would run away.

"Eva and Vinton are a perfect match," Janice said with a smile, "They love each other so much that even the end of the world can't separate them."

Jim remained silent. His heart ached so much that it was clear and inexplicable, as if a big hand was holding his heart tightly, trying to stop it from beating. He didn't want to figure out the source of this pain. He should be sick, or crazy, or his heart had been empty for too long and had an illusion that he shouldn't have.

"Jim." Janice leaned her head on his shoulder and said, "I really hope that day will come for us."

Jim held her hand. She was the one he loved, and it was impossible for him to fall in love with others. He persuaded himself in his heart.

The wedding of Alice and Fell was set in May, and the wedding of Eva and Vinton was set in June. There was a month between them.

The engagement party also made the cooperation between the Xu family and the Qin family closer. This was what the Qin family wanted the most.

After the engagement party, the cold war spread between Essie and Zac again.

It had been three days since Essie last said a word to Zac.

After Mary was discharged from the hospital, she took the initiative to ask to live in another house. There was neither noise nor disturbance, which made Essie feel weird.

Mrs. Suzan recovered very well. She could remember everything

mper at this time and had to endure it. "Well, well, you are sick. You can say whatever you like as long as you are happy."

Mrs. Suzan turned her head to Mrs. Rose and said, "Mary, you are a pure child from childhood. That's why I can rest assured that your father will take you to live in the United States. Even if Charlotte is your sister, you should be on guard against her. You can't trust her. You need to guard your family and your husband," she said earnestly.

A mist rose in Rose's eyes. "Mom." She squatted down and buried her head in her mother's legs.

Mary's eyes were full of malice and coldness. "Mom, she will keep your words in mind. What kind of person she used to be? Only when you speak it out can she be real."

Casting a sidelong glance at her, Essie walked up to Mrs. Rose and said, "Auntie, grandma has been out for a long time. It's time to go back and have a rest."

Mrs. Rose nodded, stood up and pushed Mrs. Suzan back to the ward with her.

When they came out, Mili ran over and hugged Mrs. rose. "Grandma." She deliberately dropped the word 'Rose'. "Great grandma said you are my real grandma. I believe great grandma. You are my real grandma." Then she turned to Mary and pointed at her, "You are my aunt Charlotte!" she said it word by word, loud and clear. There was obvious provocation in her words.

Mary wanted to strangle her. This little bastard was just like Essie and Luce, a scourge.

"Now I finally know why you are so bad. You don't like us and never treat us as your grandchildren. So you are not our real grandma at all. You are a fake, a fake grandma!" Ignoring her sullen face, Mili continued.

Mary was so anxious that her internal organs were almost burnt by anger, but she still tried her best to hold it back. "Alas, you are all crazy! Both the elder and the young." She shook her head and sighed helplessly.

Zac pulled Mili over and said, "Well, stop it."

"I'm not kidding. You don't believe great grandma, but I do," Mili said seriously, crossing her arms across her chest.

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