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   Chapter 816 Fight For The Person Or The Noodles

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In the evening, they played bowling for a while and then went back to their rooms. Eva and Vinton lived in separate rooms, but Jim found that Vinton hadn't come out for a long time after entering the room of Eva.

His room was next to Eva's. If Vinton came out, he could hear the door open.

He looked at his watch. An hour had passed.

An hour was enough for him to finish what he wanted to do.

It was impossible for her to stick to her defense until her wedding night. She and Vinton might have done everything a couple should do.

Of course, it had nothing to do with him. He was not in the mood to care about others' affairs. He was just very upset, inexplicably irritable.

He went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out, he heard the sound of door opening next door. He ran to the door and opened it.

When Eva and Vinton were talking and laughing outside, he suddenly appeared and startled them.

Jim didn't get rid of the annoyance on his handsome face, but frowned. Seeing that, Eva thought he had a conflict with Janice, so she asked, "Where is Janice?"

"In her own room," Jim replied indifferently, looking around her subconsciously.

She was disheveled!

He came to a conclusion of these words.

They were a couple. It was normal even if they did it. Yet they deliberately booked two rooms. Did they try to prove their innocence?

"Did you have a fight?" Eva asked again.

"It's none of your business," Jim said gloomily, turned around and walked outside. Now he urgently needed a glass of whisky.

It seemed that they really had a fight. Eva sighed, guessing that it was because of Mrs. Kerry.

She went downstairs with Vinton. They had played Parkour for more than an hour, and she won because of Vinton's modesty.

Now the loser had to make the midnight snack for the winner.

Vinton had never done housework since he was a child. In order to pursue a foodie's wife, he specially learned a skill, making ham fried egg sandwiches.

It was simple, delicious and easy to learn!

Jim went to the bar counter and poured a glass of whiskey. When he was about to drink it, Janice came over and said, "Jim, I thought you were in the room."

"It's still early. Come down and have a drink." Jim shrugged.

Janice sat next to him and held his arm. "Jim, I'm a little hungry. I want to eat the Spaghetti Bolognaise made by you. When I was in America, I missed it every day. Can you cook it for me?"

"Okay." Jim nodded without hesitation, put the glass on the bar counter, stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Eva was sitting not far away. Her ears were good at capturing words related to eating. Her eyes lit up as soon as she heard the words 'Spaghetti Bolognaise'. Jim was the God of chefs. The Spaghetti Bolognaise he made was so delicious that she couldn't help but drool at the thought of it.

Subconsciously, she licked her tongue and looked at the tall and strong back of Jim. She knew very well that it was impossible for her to have Spaghetti Bolognaise made by Jim today. No, not only today, but also for her whole life.

Now that Janice


"Zac, are they fighting for noodles?" With her eyes wide open, Essie was a little frightened.

"Interesting. Let's stand aside." With a slight smile on his thin lips, Zac held her in his arms and sat far away from them. He watched the drama while eating love midnight snack with her.

Eva and Janet didn't let go of each other and confronted each other.

Jim's black eyes narrowed and looked at them in silence.

Seeing that pepper was working so hard for his pasta, he had an indescribable joy in his heart. But this happiness only lasted for an instant and disappeared, because she grabbed only his noodle, not him himself. In her heart, his noodles seemed to be much more important than him.

She also said that men could only think with their lower bodies, and she, a foodie, didn't think with her brain. No wonder she was brainless, because her brain didn't work at all.

While he was angry, Janice's voice came faintly, "Eva, haven't you eaten enough?"

As if being stabbed by a needle, Eva suddenly loosened her grip. Realizing that she was out of control, she quickly lowered her head and ate sandwiches to relieve her embarrassment.

"Honey, if you are not full, I'll make another one for you." Vinton caressed her head lovingly.

"I'm full. My hands were too greasy to stick to the plate just now." She smiled awkwardly.

"Really? Sister, I thought you were going to fight with me, a pregnant woman, for the noodles," Janet sneered, with a triumphant look in her eyes.

Eva didn't say anything. Seeing that she ate up the noodles bit by bit, her heart kept bleeding. It was time for her to say goodbye with Jim's delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise.

After eating the last sandwich, she stood up and said, "Vinton, I'm full. I'm going back to sleep." Then she walked out of the restaurant with her head down, making no secret of the sadness, depression and disappointment on her face.

Janice didn't care about her at all. She looked at Jim and said, "Jim, I'm full. Let's go upstairs together." She had the most important thing to do.

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