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   Chapter 815 Who Do You Want

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"Mommy, why are you here?" Jim was slightly shocked. His intuition told him that his mother came for Janice.

Eva took a deep breath. Just now, they were still talking about whether the Jing family could accept Janice or not, and Mrs. Jing came. No wonder they were the family who was in charge of the media industry, and they were more well-informed than anyone else.

It was the first time that she had seen Mrs. Jing. She was born in the royal family of Europe. With a natural noble temperament, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Ordinary people only dared to look up at her.

Her real name was Kerry Windsor. After she married into the Jing family, she took her husband's surname and gave herself a Chinese name. In addition to the title of Mrs. Jing, the outside world was more used to calling her Mrs. Kerry, which was different from other daughter-in-laws in the Jing family.

Mrs. Kerry fixed her eyes on Janice. Although her eyes were neither cold nor fierce, Janice still subconsciously shivered. She shivered and moved backwards behind Jim, as if trying to hide herself.

Noticing her fear, Jim held her in his arms and asked, "Mommy, what can I do for you?"

"Why can't I come to see my son?" Mrs. Kerry said in a low voice.

"Aunt Kerry, have you had dinner? We are going to have dinner. Would you like to go to the dining room with us?" Zac hurriedly eased the atmosphere.

Upon seeing him, Mrs. Kerry's face softened. She nodded slightly and walked towards the dining room. Others followed her silently.

Eva stuck out his tongue at Vinton. Her intuition told her that Mrs. Kerry was not an easy going person. The mother-in-law of a rich family was so powerful.

When they entered the dining room, Mrs. Kerry took a seat first, followed by others. The atmosphere was very serious.

Noticing that, Mrs. Kerry's brown eyes swept across the table and a gentle smile appeared on her face. "It's not the first time you have seen me. You don't have to be so reserved."

"Aunt Kerry, you should call us in advance so that we can welcome you," Zac said in a playful tone.

Mrs. Kerry sighed. "Before the new year comes to an end, Jim has disappeared. If I told him before I came, I wouldn't have any chance to see him."

"Mommy, I'm very busy. The new play is about to begin," Jim said casually.

"Is it the play with Miss Fang?" When Mrs. Kerry asked, she looked at Eva.

Eva was slightly shocked. She didn't expect that Mrs. Kerry would mention her. She hurriedly explained, "No, the second season of the play between Jim and me won't start until April."

Jim's beautiful thick eyebrows frowned slightly. When this pepper called him Jim rather than scum Jim, it seemed that they were just passers-by. It sounded awkward and alienated.

"You should often cooperate with each other. I like watching the cooperative play between you and Jim the most. There are few good girls like you in the entertainment circle," Mrs. Kerry said slowly.

Eva didn't know whether Mrs. Kerry was praising her personality or her acting skills. But she was really happy to be praised. "I just like acting." She grinned, revealing two cute dimples.

y have a good relationship. I'm going to be a daughter-in-law of the Xu family soon. Of course Mrs. Jing will be polite to me. This is called social tricks. But you are different. You are going to be her daughter-in-law. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been very complicated. I don't have a good relationship with my mother-in-law. She always wants to separate me from Vinton."

Hearing this, Janice felt better.

Eva handed the plate to her and said, "Eat more fruit. You are weak and you must eat more. Don't be afraid of getting fat. Anyway, you are so beautiful. Even if you gain some weight, you are still beautiful."

"Eva, you are so good at joking." Janice smiled.

"I'm serious. With such a beautiful girlfriend like you, scum Jim loathed other women. Do you know how he describes me? He said that Eva was just like her name. You were all ordinary. You were average in appearance, figure, intelligence and even hair quality. Besides men and women, there is also a third kind of person in the world, called tough women. You are the third kind of person who is the weird existence." She imitated Jim's mocking tone. She didn't know that when she was talking, Jim had already come in and stood behind her with a gloomy face.

Janice looked at him and smiled coquettishly, "Jim, why did you say that to Eva? It's too hurtful."

"I'm just telling the truth." Jim threw up his hands.

Sitting on the sofa, Vinton was a little unhappy. Even if he didn't like his wife, he didn't have to be so sarcastic, did he?

"I think my wife is the most beautiful woman on the earth. I like her toughness. She is hot enough," he said word by word clearly and forcefully.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Covering her mouth with her hand, Essie chuckled and cut in.

"All of us went out together with our beloved one today. Is it a good news for everyone?" Jade grinned.

A charming smile appeared on Janice's beautiful face. Today everyone planned to stay at the villa. She had made a plan. She would hand herself over to Jim tonight and become his woman.

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