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   Chapter 814 Get Married As Soon As Possible

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"Who else?" Essie asked in confusion.

Zac didn't answer. The key to the question was Jim himself. 'Lookers-on see most of the game'. Perhaps Jim, the person involved, was still in the fog, but as his best friend, he had already seen it clearly.

Janice left when he loved her most and came back when he forgot her. She had missed the fate to be with him.

Essie didn't expect this. With a slight smile on her face, she continued, "I think as long as the two of them really love each other, any difficulty can be overcome. Jim is willing to give up everything for Janice. Now it should be the same, right?"

Zac's mouth curled, but he did not smile.

The news that Janice 'returned to life after death' was soon exposed online by the paparazzi, which caused a great uproar in the entertainment circle.

Ignoring the gossip news, Jim held a small party for Janice in the Melville Villa. He didn't invite too many people, only Zac and his wife, Eva and Vinton, Jade and Janet.

"Zac, long time no see. I didn't expect you to be a father." Janice looked at Zac with a smile.

"You made a big joke with all of us." A playful smile appeared on Zac's charming thin lips.

"I didn't expect to come back one day." A hint of sadness flashed across Janice's face, and was hidden in her bright smile like the moonlight in an instant.

Essie looked at her up and down secretly. She was more beautiful and charming than in the photo. In front of her, the four ancient beauties, who were said to be the most beautiful women in the world, would feel ashamed.

Janice also looked at her. "In the past, Zac didn't like women. I was wondering his sexual orientation. It turns out that he has been waiting for you, his childhood sweetheart fiancee," she said with a smile.

"For so many years, Jim has never forgotten you. You two have finally been together." Essie sighed. Anyway, she sympathized with Janice. She had fought against the sick for so long, and finally when she recovered, she was unexpectedly strong.

While they were talking, Janet and Jade came over. As soon as they saw Janice, Janet leaned her head on her shoulder like a child. "Sister, I've always said that you're back. They don't believe me."

"You are such a naughty girl. Why didn't you tell me such a big thing happened?" Janice poked her forehead.

"Sister, Jade is very kind to me. I like to be with him very much." Janet gave a harmless smile, which was typical of her. In Jade's eyes, the smile was breathtakingly beautiful, but in Essie's eyes, it was creepy. She was like a time bomb. If one day her mental disease broke out fiercely, Jade would definitely die.

Eva was the last one to arrive at the villa. As soon as she saw her, Janet naturally pricked up her sharp thorns, showing a state of attack.

"Why did brother Jim invite her here?" She pouted angrily.

"Janet, since you have married Jade. Eva is your sister. You should treat her as you treat me. If you dare to disobey and make Eva angry, I will let cockroaches bite your nose at night," Janice scolded.

"No." Janet covered her nose in a hurry. She was not afraid of anything

. She just glared at her.

Eva sensed the coldness in the air. She expected that Jim would say something to break the ice. She didn't expect that he was unusually serious and silent. It seemed that he had no intention of getting married at all.

That's right. The two of them had been separated for so long, and they must need time to adapt. Marriage was indeed too hasty.

"It's okay. You have passed the life and death test, and the problems of your clan can definitely be overcome. When I was with Vinton, I was also stopped and persecuted by his mother. Now we are together."

Jim glanced at her and held Janice's hand. "You are still weak. The key is to take good care of yourself. We still have a long time."

Janice nodded and forced a smile.

Vinton came near noon. Janice and Vinton had met each other many times when she followed Jim into the celebrities circle of Dragon City. At that time, Arnold was still a playboy who always hugged different women all day long. She didn't expect that he would become a faithful lover when they met now.

"Janice, it's good that you are still alive. Don't play tricks to scare my wife anymore." There was a touch of reproach in Vinton's tone.

"I'm sorry. I just want to see Jim. I didn't expect to be found by Eva," Janice said apologetically.

"Then why do your photos always popped up in my wife's phone?" Vinton raised his eyebrows.

Janice was slightly stunned. She turned around and glanced at Janet. Janet curled her lips and said, "I just got a virus on her phone. Nothing else."

"I'm sorry. I'll apologize to you on behalf of Janet," Janice pleaded.

Eva waved her hand and said, "It's all over. It's all right. We are relatives in law. Don't be too calculated on this trivial matters." She was always careless and never cared too much.

Janice smiled.

Janet's face darkened. This woman was an actress and good at acting. She had to remind her sister not to be fooled by her.

When they were about to go to the dining room, an uninvited guest came to the villa. Seeing her, Janice felt a pang of fear.

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