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   Chapter 813 Is It A Bless Or A Misfortune

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10369

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"It's not your fault. I understand your feelings." Eva shrugged her shoulders and said, "We are relatives by marriage now. Don't be too restrained. From now on, you can call me Eva and I will call you Janice."

"Okay." Janice raised her beautiful eyes and nodded.

"Janice, you are weak. You should eat more. I'll ask someone to make you a midnight snack, okay?" Eva asked with a smile.

"The desserts here are very good. Have a try," Jim added.

"Then I will have a try." Janice nodded.

Eva took out three bottles of beer from the fridge. Seeing this, Janice waved her hand and said, "I'm sorry, Eva. I can't drink. Give me a can of coconut juice."

"Okay." Eva put a can of beer back and changed it into coconut juice.

Soon, the waiter served several famous desserts.

Eva picked up a pancake with pig oil for Janice and said, "Janice, have a taste of this pancake. Only our shop serves it in the whole Dragon City."

"Okay, thank you." Janice smiled.

Looking at the smile on Eva's face, Jim felt somehow awkward and uncomfortable. He didn't want to see her so happy. He wanted to see her depressed, disappointed, crazy, and... envy.

All in all, the more beautiful the expression on her face was, the sadder he felt. The worse her expression was, the more comfortable he felt.

He opened the ice beer and took a big gulp to calm himself down. Recently, he must have been possessed by various strange and terrible ideas.

The only person he loved was Janice. Now she was still alive and came back to him completely. He wanted to get rid of all the distractions and treat her wholeheartedly.

After Janice finished eating the pancake, he picked up a crystal shrimp dumpling, dipped it in sesame paste and sent it to Janice's mouth. "Try this. It's also delicious."

"Okay." Janice's eyes were full of happiness. She opened her cherry mouth and took a bite.

Looking at Jim, Eva joked, "As soon as your girlfriend came back, you began to show off your love. I don't know who used to mock others and say that they don't know how to keep a low profile."

"Do you have a complaint?" Jim rolled his eyes at her. What he did just now was intentional, completely controlled by his subconsciousness, which was beyond his control of his mind.

"I dare not." Eva stuck out her tongue and took out her phone. She seemed to be the third wheel at this moment. "I won't hinder you from showing off your love. I'll go with my Vinton to show off our love." Then she opened the WeChat.

"Eva, I've read your news on the magazine. Your fiancee is the eldest master of the Xu family, Vinton Xu, right?" Janice asked.

"Yes." Eva blinked, and a hint of cunning flashed through her eyes. "To be honest, although your boyfriend looks perfect and noble on the surface, he is actually very difficult to get along with. He was the combination of all evil and poison. Ordinary women could never control him. You must have saved the universe in your previous life so that you can purify and subdue this evil and poisonous fiend."

When she spoke, Jim's handsome face gradually darkened. "You

"It doesn't matter. At least you don't have this advantage." Eva smiled complacently.

Janice took a deep breath. She had known Jim for a long time, but it was the first time that she had seen someone who dared to provoke him so blatantly and fearlessly.

Most importantly, he didn't seem to be angry and was so interested in bickering with her. According to her understanding of Jim, if he was really angry, he would not have been so patient to reply to her and had already thrown her out of the window.

"Jim, I'm full. Let's go," she said in a low voice.

"You just ate a little. There are still a lot of food left." Eva looked at her. No wonder she was so weak after eating so little.

"Pack it up," Jim said in a low voice. She had always eaten little. It seemed that her appetite hadn't changed after so many years.

"No, I won't eat even if I take it back." Janice shook her head.

"Then I'll take them back for midnight snack," Jim said. Since he had meals with heaven pepper, he had developed the habit of not leaving food on the table. But it was the first time that he had packed it, because this pepper could always clean up the food on the plate, without even residue.

Eva helped them pack the desserts with the box. After they left, she quickly took out her phone and called Essie.

Hearing the news that Janice was still alive, Essie jumped up from the sofa, and Zac was also shocked.

"I've been wondering why Janet came back this time. It turns out that she is the prelude of her sister's play of returning alive," Essie said, touching her chin.

"I don't know whether it is a bless or a misfortune for her returning back," Zac said thoughtfully.

"Do you mean that the Jing family will still oppose their relationship?" Hearing that, Essie raised her eyebrows. Although Eva said on the phone that Janice had been cured, she still carried the gene of inherited diseases in her body, which was quite disadvantageous to her descendants. The Jing family couldn't accept it.

"Not just the Jing family." Zac shook his head.

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