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   Chapter 812 See Janice Again

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Seeing that she picked up the phone, the woman on the other side seemed to have guessed what she was doing, and quickly flashed behind the tree.

"What are you doing?" Jim asked.

"Your ghost girlfriend's appeared again. I have to take a photo of her in case you don't believe me," Eva pointed at the street across the street and said in a trembling voice.

Jim turned around and looked at the empty street, "Where is she?"

"She seems to be hiding behind a big tree," Eva stammered.

"You really have the intelligence of a trilobite. Do ghosts need to hide?" After saying that, Jim stood up and rushed out like a hurricane. This stupid woman was so stupid that he was worrying.

It seemed to be true. The ghost disappeared casually. Was it necessary to hide? Eva thumped her head and followed him out in a hurry.

Seeing Jim come out of the restaurant, the woman hiding behind a big tree ran away. There was an alley at the corner of the street. She seemed to be familiar with it and quickly flashed into it.

But Jim wouldn't let her go. How could this woman compare with him in speed? He soon blocked her way. Eva followed them out of breath.

The woman turned her back to them. Her thin body was like a weak willow, and would shake when a strong wind blew.

Jim was so familiar with this figure that he couldn't be more familiar with it.

"Turn around." His voice was so low that it trembled slightly in the night.

The woman hesitated and turned around slowly.

Seeing her beautiful and pale face, a violent spasm swept over Jim's body. His eyes widened in astonishment. "Who the hell are you?"

Almost subconsciously, Eva hid behind him and asked, "Are you a human or a ghost?" she added.

The woman didn't answer. She stared at Jim without blinking, and a sad and beautiful smile slowly rose from her face. "Jim, do you really forget me?"

Her voice was very weak, as if she had been exhausted from the running just now.

The corner of Jim's mouth twitched slightly. The strong fear made his tongue stiff and unable to make a sound for a long time.

"Jim, just take me as I am dead," the woman said sadly and walked out of the alley slowly. Jim was like a wooden stake nailed to the ground, motionless. When the woman passed by him, she suddenly became weak and collapsed to the ground. Eva quickly supported her.

"She... is warm, warm, she is not a ghost," Eva exclaimed.

Hearing her voice, Jim came to his senses. He took the woman from her arms, lifted her up and walked out of the alley.

Entering the lounge of the restaurant, Jim drank half a bottle of iced water to calm himself down.

Eva poured a glass of water and fed the woman slowly with a small spoon. "Her temperature is normal. She should be fine." As she spoke, she put down the cup and spoon, took out a magnifying glass from the drawer, and fumbled around the woman's face while searching.

"What are you doing?" Jim looked at her strangely.

"I've heard from Essie that they can create a fake mask with the 3D printing technique. The o

attend it together. "

Janice showed a guilty look, "Miss Fang, my sister is naughty and stubborn. I apologize for what she has done. I'm sorry!" After saying that, she bowed to Eva, which made Eva a little confused.

"Miss Wang, you don't have to do this. In fact, I'm fine. It is just my brother. He married your sister and they are going to have a baby. I'm worried about them... " Thinking of Jade, Eva sighed.

"What?" Janice was shocked, "You said Janet married your brother and has a child?"

"Yes, don't you know?" Eva was slightly stunned.

"Janet didn't tell me. She just told me that she lived in the small villa in the mountain of Jim's and asked me not to worry about her. She has mental disorder. Every time she makes a call, she will talk nonsense. I don't know what she said is true or false, so I just don't ask," Janice said sadly.

"She and Jade have got the marriage certificate. She can't apply for a divorce during her pregnancy. We can only go and see what will happen next," Jim put his arm around Janice's shoulder and comforted her.

"I'm not with her. She must haven't taken the medicine on time. That is why she acts like this." Janice put her hand on her forehead with a sad face.

"It's useless to take medicine for her disease." Eva sighed.

"I also found experts to treat Janet during my treatment in America. Janet is taking a newly developed specific medicine. As long as she takes one pill every day, her condition will be under control," Janice said.

"What? It turns out that she has brought her own medicine." Eva raised her eyebrows in astonishment. If she had known it earlier, she would have asked Jim to force her to eat every day. Then she wouldn't have gone crazy to hurt her brother.

"Sorry, it's all my fault!" Janet lowered her eyes, and her thick eyelashes cast a sad shadow under her pale eyelids. "I don't have the courage to see Jim. I'm afraid that he has fallen in love with someone, so I asked Janet to look for him first. I didn't expect it to be like this."

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