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   Chapter 810 Do You Know How To Be Tender To A Woman

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"It's impossible that what Elizabeth does has something to do with my mommy," Zac said.

"Money and power are the root of all the evils. Elizabeth is a poor woman. Without the help of the young hostess of the Rong family, what can she do?" Essie sneered, making no secret of her mockery.

Zac fell silent. It was undeniable that what Essie said was reasonable. Without her mother's support, Elizabeth couldn't shake Luce, the young hostess of the Xu family.

"Let's find out the person first," he said in a low voice.

On the second day, Mary requested to visit Mrs. Suzan in Dragon City hospital. Walt had no choice but to send her to Dragon City hospital.

Zac and Essie were taking care of Mrs. Suzan in the ward with the children.

After a night, Mrs. Suzan became more conscious than last night. As soon as she saw Dot, she reached out her hand. Dot looked like Zac when he was a child. Obviously, she took him as her favorite grandson.

"Zac, look, great grandma still remembers you. I told you that she didn't have Alzheimer's disease at all. She was falsely diagnosed," Essie said. There was another sentence that she didn't say, that was someone wanted everyone to think that she had Alzheimer's disease.

Sitting on the wheelchair, Mary burst into tears as soon as she was pushed in. "Mom, you finally wake up. I thought you would never wake up in your whole life."

Mrs. Suzan turned to look at her without any response.

Seeing this, Mary grabbed her hand and said, "Mom, I'm Mary. Why don't you speak? Don't you know me?"

"Sister, mom is still in a coma. She doesn't recognize us yet," Mrs. Rose said.

Mary breathed a great sigh of relief, and the tense muscles on her face relaxed. "Did the doctor say when mom can completely recover?"

"The doctor said that it was a miracle that mom could wake up at such an old age, so..." Mrs. Rose lowered her head and sighed.

"Now the most important thing is that grandma Suzan has woken up. As long as she is confirmed that grandma Suzan is not really suffering from Alzheimer's disease, she can recover slowly," Essie comforted.

Hearing this, Mary turned to her with a ferocious look, "Don't shed crocodile tears here. It's all your fault that grandma Suzan has become like this. In order to take revenge on me, you have to vent your anger on the weak grandma Suzan. You can deceive them but you cannot deceive me with your vicious mind. Get out of here. I don't allow you to step in here. I don't allow you to get close to grandma Suzan."

Essie said calmly, "Mommy, grandma Suzan needs a rest. Please don't make any noise here. If you want to say something, let's go out first!"

Mary ignored her words and raised her voice, completely ignoring Mrs. Suzan who was still lying on the bed.

"Zac, take this woman out. I don't want to see her, neither do your grandma Suzan," she was almost roaring.

Mrs. Suzan was frightened and her heart rate rose sharply. Zac called the doctor in a hurry, and Walt pushed Mary out.

"Mommy, I shouldn't have let you come here if I had known that you would make a scene here," Walt said helplessly.

"Your grandma Suzan was lying inside because of this bitch. I got angry at the sight of her." M

was the new year, and it was after dinner time, there were not many people coming to the restaurant to have desserts. Eva moved her eyes and walked to Jim.

"Scum, let me eat with you." She smiled awkwardly.

"I'm not interested in you today." Jim looked indifferent.

"Forget it since you are not interested." When Eva turned around and was about to leave, Jim's light voice came from behind, "I've added one hundred times to your account book today. Pay it back slowly!"

"One hundred times?" Eva turned around in surprise, "I don't owe you anymore. Where did I get one hundred times?"

"You broke the Guinness record today. It is my reward you," Jim said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Eva was confused.

With a sinister smile on his face, Jim slightly leaned over and said, "You dare to stand me up, you are the first one in the world."

Eva was choked by his words. She quickly sat beside him and said, "Didn't I take the initiative to come to accompany you to eat?"

"It's too late." Jim uttered the words coldly, looking rather depressed.

"You... This is just an overbearing term." Eva's face turned pale. One hundred times. Oh God, the debt platform was going to be piled up as tall as the Himalaya Range!

"I'm the king. Don't you agree?" With his legs crossed, Jim looked like a domineering man.

"Hitler!" Eva thumped the table to vent her anger.

Jim's thick eyebrows were raised, and his eyes were filled with cruelty. "For the last time, don't compare me with that short man. He can't reach my shoulder even if he stands on tiptoe!"

"Being narcissistic is also a disease, and it needs treatment!" Sweat trickled down Eva's forehead.

"You have medicine?"

Jim reached out his big hand and pinched her earlobe hard. The pain made her scream, "Do you know how to be tender to women?"

"You are neither a beauty nor a gentle person. How can I cherish you?" Jim sneered.

"Why am I not a beauty? Why am I not a gentle person?" Eva stared at him angrily with her hands on her hips.

Jim pinched his chin and said with a mocking smile, "If you are the beauty, there will not be any ugly woman in this world."

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