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   Chapter 808 The Possibility Of Repentance

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After coming back from the Xu family, as soon as Essie entered her room, she sat on the sofa and sighed with a sad face.

Zac thought that Essie thought of Alice again and felt uncomfortable. He came over and put his arm around her shoulder. "Idiot, I'll help you find Alice as soon as Cherry and Fell get married."

"I'm not worried about my sister." Frowning, Essie said, "I'm worried about Holy."

"What's wrong with that little guy?" A smile played at the corners of Zac's mouth. It was good if it had nothing to do with Alice. The cold war had just stopped for three days. He didn't want it to break out so soon.

"Today, Elizabeth egged on Vicki to propose the establishment of the successor. I know she came for me. I only cared about not letting her destroy my relationship with my brother, but ignored Holy. I didn't publicly express my support for him. It seems that there is a gap between us. " She said and sighed. Today, they were still defeated by Elizabeth and Valery.

Zac picked up a cherry and put it into his mouth. After eating it, he said slowly, "If I'm not wrong, this little guy must be the heir in Baron's heart."

Essie nodded and said, "Mr. Baron wanted to announce this matter before, but I stopped him. It took me a lot of effort to involve Vinton in. If Mr. Baron announces his decision, Vinton will definitely come back to Elizabeth. Then my efforts will be in vain. "

"It's indeed not the right time." Zac said in a deep voice.

"In fact, I really hope that Vinton can help Holy manage the Xu Group. When Holy becomes the chairman and Vinton can be the second largest shareholder, then everyone will be happy." Essie picked up the milk on the tea table and poured a glass.

Zac raised her hair with his finger and played with it with interest. "Honey, it's not me who hit you. Your idea is unrealistic."

"Why?" Asked Essie in confusion.

"As long as Elizabeth is here, the two brothers will definitely guard each other and it's difficult for them to get along well with each other. The second largest shareholder of a financial group must be united with the chairman of the board, otherwise he would become a great threat. Mr. Baron probably doesn't accept your suggestion. " Said Zac slowly.

"Can you keep a low profile and don't guess everything correctly?" Essie rolled her eyes at him.

"Honey, business is a war field. Don't be emotional." Zac stroked her head.

"Mr. Baron wants Vinton to be an idle shareholder. Isn't it too unfair for Vinton?" Essie rubbed her forehead in distress.

"According to the current arrangement of Mr. Baron, he should be planning to hand over the market of the Southeastern Asia to Vinton. At that time, he and Holy will be separated, one is in the domestic market and the other is in the Southeastern Asia. The well water will not interfere with the river water, and they will be safe with each other." Zac analyzed.

Leaning against the sofa, Essie took a sip of milk and said, "If my brother isn't Elizabeth's son, he should have been in charge of the Xu family long ago."

"The most unique skill of Alice is to create Holy.

e seventeen years old when you went to college, but you're not eighteen yet. It's still early for you to fall in love with daddy Hanson."

It was Essie's turn to be embarrassed. Did her daughter just jump out of the strange circle of mistress and break into the magic circle of early love?

Holy grinned, "My sister seems to be precocious. I heard that she would tease handsome men at the age of three. Jim, Fell and your daddy had all been teased by her. "

"Oh my God, mommy, you're awesome." With her eyes wide open, Mili looked at Essie with new eyes.

Essie was in a mess. She just appreciated beauties. She was born to have beautiful eyes. After eating a piece of orange, she put her arm on Zac's shoulder and said, "Icy guy, I remember that every time I want to appreciate a beauty, there is always a guy who will make trouble. Do you remember who he was?"

Zac's cold eyes twinkled. Of course he remembered, because that guy was him. Since she was born, he had regarded her as his exclusive "little toy". As long as he saw her play with other boys, his strong possessiveness would flare up and he would take her away.

"Are you out of your mind?" He said in a low voice.

"Did I make a mistake?" Scratching her head, Essie blinked her big eyes in confusion for two times and nodded slightly. "It's possible. I was too young at that time and got amnesia. Perhaps my memory is chaotic."

Holy drank the juice and smiled, "Without Elizabeth, you two would have gotten married earlier than now."

"Not necessarily. Maybe we broke up halfway and regretted our marriage." Essie shrugged.

"Honey, you know what? Even if you don't leave the Xu family, there is only one possibility that you will regret your marriage. " The corners of Zac's mouth were slightly narrowed, and his expression was solemn and a little dark.

"I know you are the only one who has the right to repent of our marriage. We wouldn't break up unless you want to rid of me." Essie wrinkled her nose at him. She thought the same possibility. But to her surprise, Zac shook his index finger.

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