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   Chapter 807 Succeeded In Sow Dissension

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Valery's words had more or less affected Holy. Since the marriage of Eva and Vinton was settled, he began to worry that Essie would change her determination to support him and protect him because of her relationship with Eva.

His eyes fell on Essie, sharp and deep.

Shrugging, Essie said, "Sister, you think too highly of me. Mr. Baron must have a scale in his heart. I can't change his decision."

"I'm just afraid that you pretend to not involve in openly but do something secretly." Valery sneered.

"Sister, you don't have to sow discord here. I'm not you. I don't treat my brother and sister as enemies. Brother and Holy are both my brothers. I will remain neutral on this matter. As for what you say and what you think, I don't care. " Said Essie in a cold tone, as if ice and ice were colliding.

Valery glared at her and wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Elizabeth. "Valery, you really should learn from your sister. Don't be too straightforward. You should be more tactful and not offend anyone. "

"Mommy, she is hypocritical and insidious. Only Vinton, that idiot who can't tell right from wrong, believe her and fall into her trap." Valery spat on the ground.

Hearing this, Vinton was furious. As soon as he came back from the coffee shop that day, Eva told him the original story of Essie. Now it seemed that only his mommy was not enough to drag him down, and his sister had to make up for it.

"Valery, can you say something nice? Why are you always jealous of the past? Even without Essie, Zac won't fall in love with you. Wake up! "

"Vinton, I'm your sister. Only I will be on your side. If you trust her, I will see how you die. " Valery was so angry that her face turned pale.

"We are family. Why should we be so clear about it? You are afraid that the world won't be in chaos!" Baron said gloomily.

"We have to discuss the matter of the heir today. Don't go too far." Vicki put her walking stick on the ground.

Seeing this, Elizabeth winked at Valery. Valery understood and said slowly, "If daddy can't make a decision in a short time, why don't we vote and put forward our suggestion for you to consult?"

"That's good. Valery and I think Vinton is the most suitable one. Although Holy is smart, he is too young. No one can tell what he will look like in the future. Now only Vinton can be your assistant." Elizabeth said earnestly.

Vicki nodded, "Vinton has passed the age of rebelliousness and is going to get married. He has a stable character and mind, and is suitable for shouldering heavy responsibilities. After all, he is the eldest grandson. It's better for him to be the next leader. "

After she finished her comments, Valery turned to look at Essie and asked, "What's your opinion?"

"I quit." Said Essie flatly.

Valery deliberately heaved a long sigh and said, "Holy, you are so pitiful. Your beloved sister abandoned you. She won't be on your side anymore. You have to rely on yourself!

ou? Brother is not your enemy. He is different from Elizabeth and Valery. You should try to get along well with him. "

"Anyway, he is Elizabeth's son." When Holy spoke, a trace of hatred flashed across his face.

"Eva will help him make the right choice. Don't worry." Essie comforted.

"I'm sure that Eva also hopes that you can be the leader of the Xu family." Holy curled his lips.

Looking at him, Essie had never been so worried like this. Holy also looked at her with deep and sharp eyes, "Sister, can you answer me a question frankly?"

"What?" Said Essie.

"If one day I have a conflict with brother, who will you help?" Holy said seriously.

"I will try my best to resolve your conflicts. You are brothers, not enemies." Said Essie calmly. Holy was not satisfied with this answer. He hoped that Essie would be on his side.

"I miss Alice and the former you so much. Now you have all changed. " He said sadly and suddenly quickened his pace, like an injured little animal, trying to escape.

"Holy!" "I haven't changed. I won't let anyone hurt you. I will protect you well," said Essie.

"Why do I grow so slow? Why haven't I grown up yet?" Holy blamed himself. He had to be the head of the Xu family, so that he could avenge his mother and let Elizabeth pay for her blood debt.

"Holy!" "Listen to me. The reason why Elizabeth and Valery proposed to appoint a successor this time is because of me. Their purpose is to alienate me from you and brother. Don't fall into their trap," Said Essie, grabbing his hand.

Holy stopped and turned to look at her, "Sister, you are too broad-minded. You hope me to be good, and you also hope your best friend, Eva, to be good. If possible, you definitely hope that there will be two stewards of the Xu family, so that you can balance yourself and we can be harmonious. But you have forgotten that you can't get both the fish and the bear. "

"I..." Essie wanted to explain, but she didn't know what to say.

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