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   Chapter 806 Fooling The Matchmaker

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Ivy was overjoyed.

She knew it would work. Under the great pressure of the competition, she couldn't care too much. As long as Hanson could accept her, it didn't matter even if she became the No. two of Essie.

When she came out of the CEO's office, she hummed a song and smiled like a flower.

As soon as it was time to get off work, she began to pack up her things on the table. At this time, her phone rang. It was a call from Hanson. He had a temporary transnational meeting and couldn't attend it.

Ivy, who was floating in the clouds, was kicked into the abyss. All her excitement and enthusiasm were frozen like a cold current from Siberia.

She fell down on the table, tears gushing out. She had thought that she had succeeded, but she didn't expect that her efforts would be in vain in the end.

She didn't want to leave. She tried her best to cheer herself up. It was not that he refused her this time. It was just a temporary matter, so she couldn't give up.

Hanson's meeting lasted until eight o'clock in the evening. When he came out of his office, he saw that the light in the Secretary office was still on, so he walked over and had a look. Sitting in her seat, Ivy was reading the group's fashion manual this year.

"Why are you still here?" Hanson asked. Tomorrow was the New Year's Eve. She should go back to Dragon City.

"Brother Hanson, have you finished the meeting?" Hearing his low and magnetic voice, there was a glimmer of light in the dim eyes of Ivy. She stood up from the chair and looked at him with a smile. "I'm waiting for you."

Feeling a little helpless, Hanson glanced at the biscuits on the table and asked, "Have you eaten yet?"

"No." Touching her belly, Ivy looked pitiful and said, "Brother Hanson, I'm so hungry."

Hanson sighed, "I'll take you to dinner."

She immediately followed him like a rose blooming with shower gel after she dried up. "Let's go, brother Hanson. I want to eat barbecue."

Hanson took her to a Korean barbecue shop.

Although she was so hungry, as soon as Hanson sat opposite her, Ivy forgot herself and began to roast for him attentively.

"I've had dinner. I'm not hungry. You help yourself with it." Hanson put the beef back on her plate.

With a smile, Ivy said, "Brother Hanson, you don't hate me, do you? You just haven't fallen in love with me. I will try my best."

Looking at her, a faint light flashed through Hanson's eyes. "Ivy, you don't need to disguise as Essie. Just be yourself."

"I just want to increase my success rate. In this way, I can take the advantage to win you." Ivy smiled awkwardly.

Hanson leaned against the chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and said with a faint smile, "Ivy, what do you like about me?"

Ivy's eyes full of obsess wandered around him, "I like you who is so handsome, gentle and talented. Anyway, I like every part of you. You are super perfect in my heart. I think you are the reincarnation of the God of sun, because as soon as you appear, the sun will fall from above my head, making me particularly comfortable and warm," she said frankly.

Hanson sm

y quiet and harmonious," Mili said seriously.

Baron stroked her head and said, "If she dares to bully Mommy again, you can call me and I will back you up."

"Okay." Mili nodded.

After dinner, Mrs. Vicki called everyone to the meeting room. "It's rare for you to gather together today. I think it's necessary to choose the next leader of our Xu family. Our family had experienced a catastrophe. Because the heir was in suspension, we were almost taken advantage of by people with ulterior motives. It's good for the Xu family to settle it down as soon as possible," she said sincerely.

Holy cast a sidelong glance at Elizabeth, and his intuition told him that this bad woman was playing tricks again.

Baron lit a cigar and said with a gloomy face, "Mom, I've thought about it, but it's not the right time yet. Let's talk about it after the wedding of Vinton and Eva."

"Baron, Vinton has done a good job in the development of the market in South Asia. You should be relieved, right?" Elizabeth said in a domineering tone.

"Yes, Vinton is the eldest grandson of our Xu family. He is indeed a suitable successor. Although he used to be naughty, after the disaster of the Xu family, he turned around. He is ambitious and responsible. You should give him a chance," Mrs. Vicki said.

Elizabeth turned to look at Essie and said, "Essie, you have made a contribution to our Xu family, and you have a say in the matter of the heir. Which one do you think is the most suitable for the heir, Vinton or Holy?" She deliberately gave the hot potato to Essie. She was a hundred percentage sure that Essie would not support Vinton.

With a faint smile, Essie said, "Auntie Elizabeth, the matter of the heir is of great importance. Only Mr. Baron has the right to make the decision. I will support both my brother and Holy."

"Well, you really good at talking nicely. Don't you always support Holy? Why did you change your mind and stop supporting him?" Valery snorted. This time, if she didn't create a crack between her and Vinton or Holy, she wouldn't let it go.

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