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   Chapter 805 Dress Up As Essie

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Zac breathed a sigh. He put his hands on the back of his head, showing a lazy expression. "Look at your list. Is there a woman named Wendy Wong?"

Taking out her phone, Essie opened the e-mail and nodded, "She is..."

"Janice's English name is Wendy Wong," Zac said slowly.

"Is Janice really dead?" asked Essie, confused.

Zac nodded slightly with a certain expression.

"How did she die?" Essie asked.

"Suicide." Zac's voice became extremely low.

"Suicide?" "How could she commit suicide? Did she quarrel with Jim?"

"The Jing family is very against their relationship. It might put too much pressure on her," Zac said indifferently, with a gleam of reservation in his eyes.

Essie sighed. She had heard from Eva that Janice died in a costume of Bloody Mary. She must have done it on purpose. Her heart must be full of resentment.

"The person who died in red clothes will become a ferocious ghost, just like the one in the ghost yard. Do you think Janice really becomes a ferocious ghost to pester Jim?"

Before she finished speaking, she was flicked on the forehead by Zac. "You're overthinking."

"Then who did Eva see?" A big question mark stood between the eyebrows of Essie.

"Maybe Janet knows," Zac said in a low voice.

After thinking for a while, Essie said weakly, "Does Janet think that her sister was killed by Jim? So she came back this time to revenge on Jim, right?"

"Even she has the guts, she doesn't have the ability." Zac snorted.

"She couldn't shake Jim, so she vented her anger on Eva. She thought Jim had a special relationship with Eva, so she wanted to hurt Eva to deal with Jim indirectly," Essie said, rubbing her chin.

"That's possible." Zac's eyes darkened. Janet was indeed a smart psycho. She had noticed the difference between Jim and Eva.

Hearing that, Essie's black eyes twinkled. She turned to look at him and said, "Jim won't really treat Eva..."

"Eva is going to marry Vinton soon. It doesn't matter whether he really has a feeling for her or not," Zac said casually.

Hearing that, Essie pursed her lips. She had only heard that love begot hatred, but she had never thought the two enemies would have feelings for each other. If that was the case, it would be too weird. Jim was so evil and cruel that he even have a special kind of love than normal people?

"Janet has a high IQ and mental disease. Now she is still with Jade. If she really wants to deal with Eva, then Eva will be in danger!" Worry was written all over Essie's face.

"With her strength, it's no problem for her to protect herself. Don't worry too much," Zac comforted.

On the second day, Jim went to the small villa in the hill to look for Janet.

"The paradise I design for you will be completed soon. I'll show you around after the Spring Festival." His tone was as slow as a gust of breeze, but his warning was heavier than lead.

Janet kept silent, but soon

her sweet nor salty.

The Xia family was the richest clan in Yang City, and Hanson was the most popular golden Bachelor in Yang City. Countless Ladies wanted to be the hostess of the Xia family.

She was under great pressure.

Today, she came up with a new idea. She believed that she would succeed.

When she entered the CEO's office, Hanson's eyes froze.

She wore a white bubble skirt and a simple ponytail. The simple, fresh and energetic dress was engraved in Hanson's mind.

Many years ago, on the first day of the freshmen admission of Donghua University, Essie walked up to him in this dress. This well tailored fluffy skirt was designed and tailor-made by herself.

"Hanson, can I invite you to dinner tonight?" Ivy smiled, revealing two sweet dimples.

Hanson seemed to be lost in his memory. After a long time, he came to his senses and asked, "What are you doing, Ivy?"

"Hanson, do me a favor." Ivy puckered her lips. She had gone through a fierce struggle and made up her mind to dress up as Essie her college time. She didn't want to be a substitute for Essie and wanted to be herself, but the person he loved was still Essie, not her. After thinking about it for a while, she decided to go all out. As long as she could successfully invite him, it didn't matter who she pretended to be.

"Where did you get this dress?" Hanson frowned. He hated imitations most.

Of course, Ivy knew it clearly. She smiled and said, "Don't worry. This is the original version. Sister in law lent it to me. She said this dress was very memorable, so it has been carefully preserved. I have to wear it carefully. Don't get her dirty."


A glimmer flashed across Hanson's handsome face. This was not the first dress she made. Did the 'memorable' she said have anything to do with him?

Thinking of this, his eyes gradually melted.

After a while, he said in a low voice, "Wait for me in the parking lot after work."

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