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   Chapter 804 It Is Mine Since You Have Given It To Me

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Essie was good at gauging people's mind. She could see that Jim was deliberately hiding something. Since he didn't want to say, she wouldn't mention it. Anyway, it was enough that Zac knew it.

Eva had always been careless. She thought that Jim really didn't find anything wrong, so she pouted and said, "Maybe she is wearing a fake."

"Before everything is clear, you'd better keep a safe distance from Jim," Vinton said slowly.

Jim glanced at him coldly.

In the past few days, he didn't have this appetizer on the table. He had a bad appetite and was in a bad mood. So he asked the servant to buy a can of real red pepper, put it on the plate and let him watch. But it didn't seem to work well.

He had been too merciful last time. He should have asked her to make it up for one hundred times at time she failed to show. So that this woman would be in debt for a long time, so that she could always be his appetizer.

Eva took a sip of the cocktail in her glass, silently calculating the debt she had slowly built up after she had managed to flatten half of it. If things went on like this, could she really pay off all the debts before marriage?

"Scum Jim, I think you should go to the Huang Temple to worship when you are free. Draw a lot and see if you have been trapped by a female ghost recently."

Jim grabbed a black grape and put it into her mouth rudely. "You're talking too much nonsense." If there were not so many people around, he would definitely use his best and most effective way to stop her annoying little mouth.

Vinton was a little dissatisfied with his action, "Jim, my wife is also your sister-in-law. Can't you be gentle to her?"

"It's a little difficult," Jim replied bluntly. He didn't even bother to be gentle to women, not to mention that she was not a woman.

"It doesn't matter. We have been enemies for three lifetimes. I'm used to his barbarity. It will be scary if he changes his nature one day." Eva shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Vinton thought for a while and thought that it made sense. If Jim suddenly became gentle to his wife, then there must be something wrong!

Jim squinted his charming eyes and sneered, "Don't worry. There won't be such a day."

Zac looked at him with a mysterious smile. The so-called enemy was a tragic relationship that should not be happened!

At this time, an extremely beautiful woman came over and boldly wanted to invite Jim to dance. Jim's eyes almost subconsciously fell on Eva. Looking at the interlocking fingers of the two people, a fire flashed in his eyes. He stood up gloomily and took the woman into the dance floor.

Looking at their backs, Eva sighed slightly, "It is time for scum Jim to find a woman to seriously date with. No matter how good Janice is, she is a ghost. They have different road with human."

"How can Jim lack of women? If he wants a woman, he can wave his hand and a lot of women will come to him. Don't worry about it." Vinton smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. The two entered the dancing floor together.

There were

"I know you are not afraid of anything, but when people and ghosts are together, the magnetic field is inevitably affected, and a lot of negative energy is produced," Eva said seriously.

"Heaven pepper, have you read a lot of messy books recently?" Scum Jim sneered.

"Yes, I have seen a lot, but it's not a mess. It's some orthodox psychic books," Eva corrected him seriously.

Jim frowned and suddenly became a little worried. How could the trilobite tell whether it was true or not with its intelligence quotient? It would be strange if it was not brainwashed.

"Are you going to be a godly stick in the future?"

"Forget it." When Eva curled her lips and was about to take back the amulet, Jim changed his mind in a second and grabbed it with his big hand. "Since you give it to me, it's mine."

Eva smiled and thought this young master was arrogant and awkward.

Jim stroked the amulet in his hand, which was still warm from the woman's body. He quickly put it around his neck and hid it in his shirt, as if he wanted to keep the warmth.

After a short silence, he asked in a low voice, "How is the engagement party going?" He remembered clearly that their engagement day was after the New Year.

"Engagement is not a wedding. We don't need to prepare too much." Eva grinned.

"Didn't your mother-in-law make trouble for you again?" Jim said casually.

"Maybe she has accepted the reality." Eva shrugged her shoulders. Baron and Vicki both agreed. It was useless for her to object alone.

"That's good." Jim nodded slightly.

In the VIP rest room, Essie found that every time they did it, she was always tired, and the man was so energetic.

"I'll let you go first. We'll continue after we go back." Zac grinned wickedly.

"Bastard!" Essie glanced at him coquettishly.

"Don't you like me like this? You enjoyed it very much just now." Zac pecked her red, swollen and bloodshot lips.

"Let's get down to business." Although she had been tortured by him for more than an hour, she didn't forget the point.

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