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   Chapter 803 Found Something

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After a while of silence, Eva changed the topic.

"Essie, can I ask you something?"

"What?" Essie took a sip of coffee.

"The next leader of the Xu family hasn't been decided yet. What do you think?" Eva asked cautiously.

An imperceptible sharp look swept over the dark eyes of Essie. She smiled and said in a joking tone, "Young hostess, you start to care about your family matters so soon?"

"We have to face this matter sooner or later. The rich family is a small kingdom. With many children, yet they are not born by different mother. There is bound to be a struggle." Eva sighed. She could see that Vinton really wanted to be the leader. She wanted to be a good wife and didn't want to be a drag on him.

Essie stirred the coffee in her cup. Although Eva was an actress and good at acting, her mind was written on her face when she didn't act. She saw through it at a glance.

Baron had long appointed the crown prince of the Xu family, but he hadn't announced it because of her suggestion. She didn't want to hurt her bestie and brother, but the reality was cruel.

"Your husband is my brother, and Holy is my brother. If I want to support you, I'm sorry for Holy. If I want to support Holy, I'm sorry for brother. Besides, it doesn't matter whether my brother or Holy will be in charge. So I have to remain neutral on this matter. I won't give Mr. Baron any advice or opinion. It's all up to him," she expressed her stand.

This was what Eva wanted to hear. She came here to convey this to her.

She nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, "That's the best. I don't want you to be caught in a dilemma."

Essie shook her head and smiled, "Eva, with your evil mother-in-law around, it's impossible for me to stay out of it. She will definitely get me involved in this family competition. If Mr. Baron gives the position to my brother, she will definitely tell Holy about my dirty deeds, saying that it is all my credit and my suggestion to Mr. Baron. If Mr. Baron gives the position to Holy, my situation will be even worse. She will definitely say that this is my conspiracy. I'm pretending to please my brother and win him over, in order to paralyze him and push Holy to the position of crown prince. It's all my fault that I have influenced Mr. Baron's decision to pass the throne to Holy. "

Eva patted the table gently and said, "Essie, you're right. That's what she said to us. She's trying to alienate you from us."

With a sneer, Essie said, "In fact, my brother's biggest drag is Elizabeth. He is the eldest grandson of the Xu family. If he is not the son of Elizabeth, he will be the leader of the Xu family. "

"Why?" Eva was slightly stunned.

"Elizabeth succeeded in driving my mother away with her brother's son. On the surface, she won, but in fact, she had never won Mr. Baron's heart. Mr. Baron only went back to the Xu family's villa once a week. He lived in the villa outside the villa for the rest of the time, with a lot of lovers around him. Elizabeth was so lonely that she had

. No wonder she had only the intelligence of a trilobite.

"I've explained it one hundred times. It's not my illusion. Are you unwilling to believe it or not?" Eva rolled her eyes at him and her question inadvertently hit the nail on the head of Jim.

To be honest, he didn't want to believe it, nor did he want to believe it.

Now he had an idea to bury his past with Janice and never open it again.

This idea was firm, so he didn't want to pay attention to this nonsense anymore.

"Don't mention Janice in front of me anymore," he warned her word by word.

"Do you think I want to? I'm afraid of ghosts the most," Eva murmured to herself.

"Jim, I know how you feel, but I have to ask you a question." Taking a look at Jim, Essie took out her phone from her pocket and took out a picture. "This is the main design work of Chanel's spring and summer fashion show three months ago. The female ghost that Eva saw was actually wearing it. Don't you think it's weird?"

Jim was shocked. He stared at Eva and asked, "Are you sure she is wearing this dress?"

Eva nodded, "When she stood downstairs of the hotel, there was a street lamp next to her. I saw it clearly. It was this dress. If I had an illusion, I wouldn't have an illusion of this dress since I have not seen it before."

Touching his chin, Zac said with a sharp and deep look, "You have to deal with Janet again."

Essie opened the e-mail on her phone and said, "Yesterday, I asked the executive director in Asia area of Chanel for a favor and asked her to send me the list of customers who ordered this dress. I hope it will help."

"Let me have a look," Jim said in a low voice.

Essie handed the phone to him.

He checked them one by one, and soon his eyes fell on a name. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and a strong astonishment flashed through his eyes.

Glancing at the phone screen, Zac was as shocked as him.

"What did you find?" Eva and Essie said almost at the same time.

"Nothing," Jim said casually.

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