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   Chapter 802 Your Beauty Doesn't Attract Me

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Zac's hand slowly swam down and returned to her flat abdomen. "You do not look like a mother who has given birth to three children." Her figure was as slim as a girl's, and her slim waist was as soft as willows.

"Thanks to the good gene and postpartum yoga." Raising her eyebrows complacently, Essie changed her tone and said, "If I don't recover well and my body is bloated, and my belly is round with loose fat and pregnant marks, will you hate me?"

"Maybe." Zac held the back of his head with ten fingers intertwined. "If you want to deformed your body, I have to consider changing my wife. Anyway, I have a way to control my hidden disease now. I don't need to worry about being a monk after leaving you."

Before he finished his words, Essie's beautiful eyebrows twisted into a ball. Men were indeed the same, superficial and lustful. She was just out of shape, and he would feel disgusted. Then when she got old, her skin was relaxed, and there were white hair and wrinkles, wouldn't he even lost the desire to look at her again?

"Zac, if you care so much about appearance, is it necessary for our marriage to go on? I don't want to be abandoned when I get old!" she said angrily.

"A sense of crisis?" A charming smile appeared on Zac's face.

"I know you must be the No. one playboy in Dragon City if you don't have a hidden disease. Even Fell will not be a match." She was so disappointed that she felt like she had met a bad guy.

Shaking his head, Zac sighed, "Honey, you're losing your sense of humor now."

Sense of humor? Did he make fun of her on purpose?

A cold light shone in her eyes. "I didn't know you were joking, but I felt that you were telling the truth!"

"Honey, what's the use of your beauty on me? No matter how beautiful you are, you are not as good-looking as me." Zac's words were like a night breeze, sweeping across her red lips gently.

In a mess, Essie felt nothing but speechless.

He was so narcissistic to the extent of sickness that he needed treatment!

"That's all you can attract me from top to bottom." She wrinkled her nose.

"Not necessarily. My strengths are all your weaknesses, and your strengths can be ignored for me," Zac said arrogantly.

He despised her so much!

"Since I'm useless in your eyes, why do you still want to marry me?" said Essie angrily.

"I was drunk." shrugging, Zac said honestly! If he hadn't been drunk, they wouldn't have gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage license.

"Alcohol is really harmful. Without it, I won't fall into the hands of you, the devil," said Essie, who suffered severe injury. If that were not happening, my life must be quite peaceful, happy and carefree now," she said angrily.

"This is fate!" Zac said word by word arrogantly. If she hadn't met him in the bar, she would have been tangled with Hanson by now.

"The Matchmaker must be drunk, or he wouldn't have tied the red lines randomly and tied us together

haracters of a horoscope to possess an astral vision."

Hearing that, Essie burst into laughter. "Do you really believe that you have seen a ghost?"

"I would rather believe that I saw a ghost than believe that I had an illusion because of my mental problem." Eva curled her lips.

"It's not likely that you have an illusion. The so-called illusion is a random and familiar thing. You can't always have an illusion about Janice, right? You don't know her." Essie shrugged.

"Your analysis makes sense. When I saw her, she didn't wear the vintage red dress of the bloody Mary, but a very fashionable dress." Eva recalled carefully.

"What kind of dress?" Essie leaned slightly, which obviously attracted her attention.

"A long black woolen dress, half lantern sleeves, neckline, waist and cuffs was decorated with white turquoise accessories, and a small pocket on the waist. It seems to be haute couture." Eva thought back.

The wheels in Essie's mind were spinning rapidly. As a fashion designer, she was most sensitive to clothes, especially high-end customized clothes. She took out her pad from her bag and quickly drew a sketch. "Is this it?"

"Yes, yes, that's it." Eva nodded immediately.

Startled, Essie said, "This is the main design of the spring and summer fashion show of Chanel three months ago."

"Really? Did Janet burn it for her?" Eva widened her eyes in astonishment.

Patting her head with her finger, Essie said, "Don't always be trapped in ghost circles. The one who can wear this clothes are much likely human beings!" After a pause, she continued, "Chanel's high-end customized clothes are all limited. I have a good relationship with the executive director of Asia. When I go back, I'll ask her to help me check who has customized this dress."

"Essie, you always have any idea." Eva chuckled.

A mischievous gleam flashed through Essie's beautiful eyes. She had to figure out her identity whether it was a human or a ghost.

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