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   Chapter 801 Vinton's Thoughts

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"Mommy, she is a good friend of Essie. Now no matter what we say, she won't believe that Essie is using her. When we tear up the mask of Essie and let her see it clearly, she will understand," Valery said.

"Well, don't always judge a gentleman by your own vicious heart. Anyway, without Essie, I can't marry such a good wife as Eva. She is my matchmaker." Vinton chuckled and put his arm around Eva's shoulder.

Valery rolled her eyes at him. In her eyes, her brother, who valued a beauty more than a country, was just a useless fighter.

After coming back from the Xu family's manor, Vinton sent Eva back to her apartment.

"Honey, since Jim has been haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend, you'd better keep a distance from him in the future. I don't think that woman is a good person," Vinton said, holding her in his arms and sitting on the sofa. As soon as he came back, Eva told him that she had seen a ghost.

"Vinton, I'm still worried that you think I'm insane." Eva rested her head on his broad shoulder.

"Even if you are insane, what you see is an illusion related to yourself. It can't be his girlfriend. You have nothing to do with her," Vinton said seriously.

"That's right. I'm a normal person. How can I have an illusion? Janice was wearing a cos Bloody Mary red dress when she died. I heard that the person who died in red would become a ferocious ghost. Maybe she would become a very terrible ghost. " Eva pouted and continued, "There are many unsolved events in the world."

"Honey, no matter what it is, it makes me feel that it has a bad intention. Janet has been chasing after you and pestering Jade. I guess her sister is not as simple as you think. " Vinton frowned with worry.

Eva pointed at her finger and said, "They probably have some problems here. They always bind me and scum Jim together. I have nothing to do with him. After paying his debt of gratitude, we will go on separate road. I'd better not even meet him. From then on, we'll be strangers!"

"That's good. Or I will worry about you." Vinton smiled evilly.

"What are you worried about?" Eva turned to look at him and asked, "Vinton, have you been hiding something to yourself that you don't believe me?"

"Honey, I trust you a hundred percent. I don't trust Jim too much. What if he takes a fancy to you and wants to be my rival in love?" Vinton pinched her chin.

"Don't worry. I don't like him a little bit. And he probably dislikes me a hundred times more. The standard of his choice is the weak, sick beauty like Janice, not a tough woman like me! In his eyes, I'm not a woman, but a third kind of person," Eva said resentfully.

"That's because he has no taste. My Eva is the best woman in the world."

Eva grinned and put her arms around his neck, "My little Vinton is also the best in the world."

After t

, no matter how good she is, she is still my auntie," Zac seemed to understand what she meant. He said it clearly and forcefully.

"Auntie takes you as her own son. It's too inhuman to say that." Essie glared at him.

All of a sudden, Zac turned over and said, "The elders solve their own problems. We don't need to get involved. The key is to deal with our own affairs."

"Stomachache," Essie pushed him and protested in a low voice.

Zac sighed and turned over. He put his hand on her belly and continued to rub it clockwise. "Are you going to keep your mood until the new year?"

"Since I left the Xu family, I have never had a reunion dinner with my sister, and my family has never been reunited. You have a happy family since you were a child. You will never feel my pain. " A trace of sadness appeared on Essie's face. On the happy festival, more than ever we thought of our relatives far away. The closer to every festival, the less happy she was.

Zac kept silent for a while, and a domineering look rose from the bottom of his eyes. "I don't care. The cold war must be over before the New Year celebration. No matter what kind of mood you have, you must collect it for me. You can vent it after the New Year." The new year was coming. He liked to have a good start.

Essie was speechless. "Zac, can you be democratic and not so arbitrary?"

"For you, only a dictatorial is the most effective." Zac pinched her chin.

"Well, if you are satisfied with your illusion, I can cooperate."

"True or false, false or true." Zac raised his finger slowly. She shook off his hand and lay down. "I'm sleepy. Let's sleep."

"Are you feeling better now?" Zac's low voice came from above.

"I can bear it," Essie said sourly.

"Can you bear it? Aren't you afraid of pain the most?" Zac asked.

"It's so painful to give birth to a baby. I can bear it," Essie muttered.

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